Monday, 22 September 2014

The Week That Was #36

Last Sunday, we all woke up after 9am! We must have needed the sleep. We got ready for horse riding and Husband and Z came to watch Miss C. She did so well and even attempted cantering! Of course, she had people beside her and pulling her horse along but she loved it and went three times. After lunch we relaxed before going to swimming lessons.

On Monday, it was back to school for the kids and back to college for me. I had classes on Children's Rights and Legislation, Children's Health and Working with Children. I found it easier to take in and I enjoyed all the tasks we had. Z and Miss C were playing when I got home. We received some new Orchard Toys games in the post, which we will be reviewing shortly, and the kids were excited to colour in the box they came in!

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to college. Today it was more theory and curriculum lessons. After college, I headed in to town to pick up some Dollars for Z's best friend who is off to Florida next week. I went to Greggs for a sausage roll and a biscuit treat for the kids. I picked them up from school, really ready for a coffee and a sit down!

On Wednesday, I didn't have to go to college but I did have homework that took me pretty much all day to do. I picked the kids up after school and because it was a really nice day and they didn't have any homework, we went to the park. I told them to take off their school shoes and put their gym shoes on though! After the park, we went home for dinner and then played in the garden until bedtime.

On Thursday, it was an in-service day at school so the kids were off. I decided I'd take them out for lunch as Husband was in bed sleeping from his night shift. We went to one of my favourite Chinese restaurants and then headed to the park to meet friends. It was a lot of fun and we were very tired when we got home. After dinner, we watched some TV and then had a nice, warm bath to relax using some of the JOHNSON's Baby FIRST TOUCH All-in-one-Wash. It's fragrance-free and really gentle on the kids' skin so it's ideal for making a fun bubble bath without having to worry about it irritating their eczema. It's so gentle because it has been developed for Mums to use on their newborns without having to worry about what they can and can't use on their new baby's skin. There are lots of other products in the range including wipes, shampoo and moisturising lotion.

On Friday, the kids were off school for the September weekend. Z was going to his best friend's house for the day. They were off to the cinema to see Tarzan and then going to play badminton. Miss C and I had a house day. We played with her Palace Pets and watched Lady and the Tramp.

On Saturday, Z had karate in the morning. He was very tired after his day out yesterday. After lunch, we had a relaxing afternoon, playing a game of Can you Guess? which is a new game from Orchard Toys. It was a lot of fun. After dinner, we got snuggled up on the couch to watch Xfactor.

The First Canter

Miss C absolutely loves horse riding. I could never have imagined just how much she would enjoy horse riding lessons when she started them at the beginning of the year. She told us she wanted to go for awhile and we decided to take her, fully expecting her to freak out and want off as soon as the horse started moving. She didn't. She was beaming for the whole lesson.

She is really confident on her horse. She doesn't take any nonsense from him and tells him off if he pulls his head down. Her rising trot is really coming on. She still needs to hold on to the saddle to get her started but once she has her balance, she lets go and rises whilst holding her reins.

She is so brave on her horse. She wants to try new things all the time. Last weekend, she decided she wanted to canter. A canter is faster than a trot but not as fast as a gallop. But given Miss C's size, I'm pretty sure a canter would feel like a really fast thing for her.

Her teacher encourages Miss C to try new things. She doesn't say no because she's too small. She wants her to feel comfortable riding. There will be a time when Miss C comes off her horse; it happens to everyone. It's part of learning to ride. The key is getting her to a stage where she will get up, brush herself off and get back on the horse.

So last weekend, Miss C did her first canter. Of course, she had people beside her to help keep her on Jocky and another was pulling him along to get him in to canter. Jocky is a fast pony even at his grand age of 32 but Miss C isn't strong enough to get him in to canter or control him herself...yet.

We watched as they started to get Jocky running and in to canter and Miss C's face was a picture. She was loving it. I thought she'd hate it because it is very bouncy and if you haven't got the strength to really sit in to your saddle, it can be sore on your bits. She loved it so much, she asked to go again and again. Poor Jocky was knackered.

Here's a video of her lesson. She really is becoming quite the little rider.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Sunday Photo / The Black and White Photo Project #11

Eerie or peaceful?

I can't decide.

Linking this up to PODcast Black and White Photo Project.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 257 - 263

Day 257 - A cuddle with Felix
Day 258 - Walking to school
Day 259 - Practising using her ruler
Day 260 - Fun at the park
Day 261 - Playing with Palace Pets at the park
Dayy 262 - Z waiting for his friend to arrive for a day out
Day 263 - Ready to blast off

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Park Adventures in Film #CountryKids

Taking a break from taking photos of our adventures in the park, I decided to film them on my phone. Photos are great for capturing moments in a second but film is great for capturing the build up, the moment and the aftermath.

We had such a fun day in the park a few weekends ago and this video just shows how adventurous the kids are, especially Miss C, who is growing in confidence day by day.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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