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31 Day Blogging Challenge Me & Mine 2016 - March

I decided to dedicate my last day of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge to my little family because they are the most important people in my life...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My April on Instagram

April was such a busy month for us between travelling to Edinburgh to visit the family, horse riding and Karate camps. Definitely meeting our new niece was the highlight of the month and the photo of Miss C giving her a cuddle is one of my favourites.

As always, cake featured a lot too!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Playing Pie Face with Pork Farms

Last week was National Board Game week hosted by Pork Farms. We love a good board game in our house and will often dedicate a Sunday afternoon to playing some of our favourite Hasbro board games. One game we didn't have in our collection was Pie Face, which Hasbro very kindly sent to us so we could take part in a Family Board Game night. You can find out more about Pork Farms National Board Games Championship here.

Pie Face is just as it says on the box; you'll get a Pie in your Face. You need to buy the cream to use in the game but everything else is included in the box.

The aim of the game is to be the first person to score 25 points. On your turn, you spin the spinner and whatever number you land on, you have to turn the handles connected to the big purple hand that number of times. You just don't know when the hand will pop up and splat you in the face with squishy cream! If you manage to avoid a Pie Face, you double the number you landed on and that becomes your score.

We made a video of the fun we had playing Pie Face. It's such a simple game but really good fun.

We received Pie Face for the purposes of a review. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Well That Looks Yummy

A very ordinary moment that Miss C and I share just now is our love of Masterchef. I record it in my bedroom because it's a longer trip to the kitchen from my bed than it is from my living room. And once I'm cosy, well, I don't really like to move far!

Yesterday morning Miss C came into my room just before 7am. Husband had woken me when he got up for work and I couldn't fall back asleep so I decided to watch Masterchef. Miss C crept out of her room, sneaked through and climbed into her Daddy's side of the bed. It wasn't even cold yet!

We cuddled up and watched our favourite show to watch together. Miss C always comments on what food she thinks looks "yummy!" and what doesn't look so yummy. I think it's really sweet that she loves watching it and it's something we can do together that we both enjoy. Because, as much as I love Disney films, I can't cope with Adventure Time and the Amazing World of Gumball that the kids just seem to be infatuated with these days!

I'm linking this post to Katie's Ordinary Moments at Mummy Daddy Me.

366 Project 2016 Days 115 - 121

On Sunday, we woke up in our hotel room and wondered to ourselves why we actually decided to spend the night there. The kids had wakened quite early which woke us of course. They were up and down like yo-yos and Husband hadn't slept most of the night. After a shower, we met up with my Stepdad in the reception and headed to the restaurant for a big breakfast. The kids had cereal and pancakes whilst Husband and my Stepdad tucked in to a full English breakfast. I had some cereal and a croissant with a latte; I don't eat fried breakfasts even if they are grilled. We headed back home to have a chilled out afternoon of movies and cake. After dinner, it was time for my Stepdad to head back to the hotel and get ready for his flight the next morning. We were sad to see him go.

On Monday, I started my day off with a yummy smoothie. It was back to placement and school and, as always, the day went in quickly which I think is a sure sign that you enjoy what you do and I really do love going to placement. I'd rather go there four days a week than do two days at college. My dream is a reality this week as I'm actually going to be working in a nursery two days this week! Proper work with proper money at the end of it. I can't wait!

Tuesday was another quick day. It was so cold though, I had to put the heating back on. We had our favourite dinner of spaghetti bolognaise. It was delicious! Husband had to work late and didn't get back home until I was in bed!

It was my day off on Wednesday so I dropped the kids off at school and spent the morning doing college work. In the afternoon, before I had to pick the kids up, I caught up with Hollyoaks. When we got home, Miss C decided she wanted to do some STEM related activities and built her little guinea pig a two-storey paper apartment. She did a pretty good job considering what she was working with.

On Thursday, I had my first day of proper work in almost two years. It went quick and I really enjoyed myself. Husband had taken the day off work as the builders were finally back to start work on our bathroom again. The house was a mess when I got in but the bathroom did have four new walls, ready to be tiled! It's progress! I made salmon pasta for dinner which was delicious!

On Friday, I was working again! Just for the afternoon but it was still fab. The builders were in again to sort out the bathroom. The plumber came in and sorted out all of our pipes and fixtures and put our bath back in. The painter also arrived to paint my downstairs bathroom and office. We chose two different colours from what was already in there and, when I came back from work, I wasn't sure if I liked them. We'll see if they grow on us. We played a game of Pie Face after dinner which caused much hilarity!

On Saturday, Husband had to go to work with no time as to when he would be home. So the kids and I spent the day doing the chores, getting the shopping, going to Karate and taking a big walk into town to visit the library. We were knackered by the time we got home! We had our pizza for dinner and then watched Monsters Inc. I had a snooze on the couch!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - April

April started off so beautifully weather wise which got us all very excited for day trips at the weekend and playing outside after dinner every night. Now, as I look out my living room window, it looks like it could snow. What is going on with the weather?!

Our photos this month were taken when we went on a fairy trail at a park we had never been to before. It really was a gorgeous day although still a bit chilly so we had to wrap up.

I've not had my usual busy month of college work because I had two weeks off for Easter holidays, plus a long weekend at the beginning of the month. The life of a student! Having said that, I did have work to do which all got done thanks to plenty of activities for the kids and a very understanding Husband. The Xbox may also have helped out too. I had my first two days of paid work which was brilliant. I loved it and can't wait to do more once I finish up college in June.

Husband enjoyed the long weekend but he didn't have the same luxury of two weeks off a week later. He's been working hard, as always, and even doing some DIY work for friends. He was very excited that Game of Thrones started back up again this week!

Z has had a brilliant month in terms of Karate. He got his brown belt and did well at a youth development day, fighting against children from other Karate clubs. He loved the Karate camp, especially when they learned a new Kata. Kata is probably his favourite part of Karate because it's very precise and it's something to master which is Z all over. He auditioned for a part in the school's Summer show, something he would never have done last year, and got a part which he is thrilled about.

Miss C adored having Jocky for a week during the Easter holidays. A full week of horse riding is Miss C's idea of heaven. In fact, she loves horse riding so  much she said to me this week whilst doing her homework, "why do I have to do this rubbish when I just want to ride horses all day?" I mean, I can see her point in a way but I did explain to her that if she wants to be a horse vet when she's older, she'll need to go to university so she has to stick in at school.

Hopefully as the clock turns at midnight and we welcome a new month, the month of May, the weather will start to improve again. May is an exciting month for us because we have quite a few birthdays in the family, the arrival of (another) new baby and, most importantly, our little girl turns 7.

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