Monday, 29 August 2016


I seem to blink and the weekend is over. Monday again and it comes around so fast! 

At least the sun was shining as the kids headed to school and I went to work. It was such a fast day too. Hopefully the week will fly by and it will be Friday night before we know it. 

Have a good week!

Project 366 2016 - Day 244

Sunday, 28 August 2016

I Do Love My Horse - Day 243

We went for our horse riding lesson today and Charlotte decided she wanted to ride Jocky. She hasn't been on him in awhile, and she did a brilliant job on him. We went out for a hack, a canter in the field and then back to the school for some more canters.

Once we had finished and she knew Jocky wasn't going to be used any more that day, she took off his tack and gave him a brush. She really does love her horses.

366 Project 2016 - Day 243

366 Project 2016 Days 236 - 242

On Sunday, after a late start, we decided to take a trip to the city centre for a nosey. We ended up getting quite a few things including a special treat for myself. The kids love visiting the city centre and it was a beautiful, sunny day there. We arrived home after 7pm, ate a quick dinner and headed to bed for an early night.

I was up through the night with what I suspect or what I know is a urinary tract infection. I've had them before and they are not pleasant. Husband ended up going for cranberry juice at 4am so I could try and flush it out of my system. I still had to get up at 6am and get ready for work though. Thankfully it eased off during the day and I was feeling better by dinner time. The kids managed to enjoy some sunshine after what started as a miserable day!

Tuesday was another miserable day although the rain held off for a little while. We didn't get home until after 5pm so it was a good job I had already made our chicken curry for dinner the night before. My stomach started getting really sore again so an early night was needed.

It was a foggy start on Wednesday morning and I knew this meant it would be a lovely sunny day later on. The kids weren't feeling this and asked if they could wear hats and scarves to school! It did brighten up, as I knew it would, so I was glad I convinced them not to wear them. We had a very healthy dinner of roast potatoes, veg and salmon and the kids burnt off some energy by taking our neighbour's dog for a walk.

Thursday was another quick day at work. I made myself a very healthy pasta salad whilst Husband and the kids had macaroni with sausage through it. The kids played outside for a little while after dinner and Charlotte had fun trying on my new shoes. She's her mother's daughter!

On Friday, Husband picked the kids up from school so they were already home when I finished work. We got the house tidy, put all the school washing on and out to dry and, after dinner, Husband took the kids to the fun swim. Charlotte's front tooth was ready to fall out but she didn't want to pull it out herself!

Husband had to work on Saturday so it was just the kids and I. We were up early to go to the supermarket for the food shop and then dropped Zachary off at Karate. After putting the shopping away, picking Zachary up and having lunch, I set about tackling the massive load of ironing I had to do. Charlotte wanted to do some crafts whilst Zachary read his book. It took me all afternoon and I felt it earned me a nice bath after dinner...which the kids gatecrashed part way through. Charlotte's tooth finally fell out! I don't think she'll have a gap for long though as the adult tooth is already coming in!

He Was a Beautiful Butterfly


Friday, 26 August 2016

Finding the Balance

It's scary to say this but for most of my working life, I have worked part time. I started working full time at the age of 17 but by the age of 21, I was on my first stint of maternity leave. I returned to work after having Zachary on a part time basis, doing only 15 hours a week. 

Once I had Charlotte, I increased my hours to 16 per week, working a 4 day week with every Friday off and working every second Saturday. I was lucky we were in the position to afford for me to work part time but it was also a necessity with having no family to care for the children in order for me to even do 20 or 25 hours per week, never mind full time. 

During my two years at college, I was still only doing 20 odd hours a week, including my study time. I had a day off every week which meant I could pick the kids up from school. I took them to school every day. If I needed to take time off college, it didn't affect me financially because I didn't get a bursary. 

But now I'm back to working full time, 36 hours per week. Thankfully I don't work weekends because of where I work, and I get to spend those two days with the kids and Husband (unless he is working). I don't get to do the school run or the school pick up; I'm lucky and so grateful to the wonderful person who helps me out with this, allowing me to be at work on time and to stay on until work stops. My Father in Law helps out, now he has retired, whenever he can too. 

I started blogging when Charlotte was born in 2009. I've loved keeping my blog and having all of these memories recorded to look back on. Fun times together, photos of our adventures and free time to do whatever we pleased. Whilst we still have this time, it is even more precious because it is limited to two full days per week. 

I'm not giving up blogging, but I do think I have to limit the time I spend on my blog. Most evenings I sit down at my computer and think of a blog post to write. Before, the content came so easily because we were always doing something. But, you may have noticed recently, the posts on my blog have been fewer and my weekly updates are quite repetitive. I don't enjoy writing the same old, same old but because we have this routine of school and work for 5 days, there really isn't anything more I can write. I also need to concentrate on work stuff as I have a required number of hours per year of post qualification training to do which includes research and further reading. 

So I've decided that, after this week's update, I will no longer post a weekly update on my blog. I want to finish my 366 Project for this year so I'll post a photo a day on here with a short description and from the new year, I'll post it on my Facebook Page and Instagram account. 

I'll still be sharing our days out and adventures, special achievements, funny stories, recipes and so on but these will be posted as and when they happen. I'll also be concentrating on getting a weekly video up on my YouTube channel. I love my blog and how much it has grown over the years, and I want to continue to build it for the kids to read back on in the future. But I also want it to be interesting to our readers, old and new.