Monday, 28 July 2014

First School Shoes

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

That's what I'll be hoping Miss C does when she starts school in just three weeks time, wearing her beautiful red patent Lelli Kelly shoes. Well, maybe not the world, but at least Primary 1.

Shoe shopping is one of my favourite things to do and whilst I am itching for a pair of the famous red soled shoes (aka Louboutins), Miss C was adamant she wanted red patent (glittery) shoes for school. Luckily the shoe shop had a pair in her size and, whilst not totally glittery, they come with interchangeable straps that do have a bit of sparkle in them. Miss C was so excited to get them, she immediately wanted to wear them and show them to her best friend...pretty much what I like to do with new shoes too.

Aside from the first school shoes, the most important pair of shoes in a girl's life are her first shoes. Here is Miss C sporting her first pair of Clarks shoes when she was 15 months old. 

I can't believe she's about to start Primary 1 in just three weeks!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Week That Was #28

Last Sunday, I took Miss C to horse riding for her lesson. Her horse, Jocky, had been a bit naughty that morning so Miss C got to ride a horse called Jack. He was a bit more sprightly than Jocky so she needed some help with guiding him round the school. The kids also had swimming lessons and then it was home for tea of homemade chili. It was delicious.

On Monday, it was back to work for me and back to club for the kids. In the afternoon, the kids played outside until Bello arrived. He arrived to stay for a few days. The kids were very excited to see him as they haven't seen him in over a year. They played outside with Z's new putting machine.

On Tuesday, I picked the kids up after work from their club and it was a really hot day. I was sweating by the time I got to the club and was ready to jump in a cold shower by the time I got home. We enjoyed a chilled out day at home. Miss C was loving her Soreen chocolate loaf that we, finally, found at our local Tesco.

On Wednesday, I picked the kids up from club and we went to town to pick up Miss C's school shoes. She was really excited and delighted with her red patent Lelli Kelly shoes. Their patent shoes wear really, really well and Miss C loved the look of the interchangeable straps. After town, we headed home to relax in the coolness of the house. It was another scorching day! Perfect weather for the Commonwealth opening ceremony!

On Thursday, Miss C went to play at her friend's house for the day so Z and I had a day together with Bello. We went in to town to get some shopping and then went for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant that was really yummy. Miss C had a brilliant day with her friend and wasn't too impressed when I came to pick her up!

On Friday, we went to the shops in the morning to get our food shopping. We had lunch with Bello before he had to go to the airport to fly back home. The kids enjoyed playing Minecraft together whilst I got on with some housework. After dinner, we all settled down to watch The Golden Compass.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning. In the afternoon, we went in to town to get Miss C some new shoes and to get Z a haircut. After dinner, the kids watched Home Alone and were in hysterics!

My Sunday Photo / The Black and White Photo Project #3

Another one of my favourite Black and White photos which I'm linking up to the Black and White Photo Project.

I love this picture of Z and I. Apart from my roots. Black and white is clearly not a good look when it comes to needing your roots done!


Saturday, 26 July 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 201 - 207

Day 201 - A spot of putting practise
Day 202 - Krispy Kremes...enough said
Day 203 - Enjoying some chocolate Soreen
Day 204 - New school shoes
Day 205 - A spot of math 
Day 206 - Rocking the Ray-Bans
Day 207 - Happy new hair

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Summer Week 3 #CountryKids

It started off nice and sunny
We had fun times at our club
We played lots of sporty games
We had yummy packed lunch grub

As the week went on
And on Mum's day off
It started to rain a lot
And we were all in a huff

We couldn't visit the park
As much as we wanted to
We had to stay indoors
And read a book or two

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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