Monday, 22 December 2014

Miss C is Mary

A few weeks ago, I went to watch the school nativity. I love watching the school nativity as the children are always so entertaining to watch. You can see how hard they've worked and how bedraggled the teachers are. It also gets you in to the Christmas spirit.

We found out Miss C was playing Mary in the nativity. Husband was delighted and hoping that this would be a role Miss C would adopt for life. Personally I was wondering how she managed to get this role but was very excited to see her.

The show started off with the older children in Primary 2 and 3 performing ways different countries celebrate Christmas. They were really fantastic. After watching 6 classes, it was time to see the younger children; the Primary 1 children.

Well, I was holding back tears as soon as Miss C came on to the stage carrying the baby Jesus. She didn't have any lines but she did so well cuddling the baby Jesus and rocking the baby Jesus and kissing the baby Jesus. She was delighted when Joseph put his arm around her. She was loving being Mary.

The kids all did so well. Having experienced how a nursery show is put together and the amount of work that goes in to these things from both the kids and staff, I know how hard they will have all worked to put on such an amazing Christmas show.

Husband went to see Miss C the following day and he too was almost in tears watching her.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Week That Was #49

Last Sunday, we had a long lie as we were all feeling a bit poorly. We managed some breakfast around 10.30 and then spent the day lazing about. I did some Christmas present wrapping whilst the kids watched Rise of the Guardians.

On Monday, we were up early for the last Monday at school and college of 2014. Exciting! Miss C had her Christmas party at school and, knowing I wouldn't be able to collect her at lunch time to get her ready, I made sure she had on her party tights and a dress she would be able to get on easily by herself. My friend picked the kids up from school and when I picked them up from her house, they were happily playing together. Z didn't want to leave! We, eventually, got home and had stovies for dinner.

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to college for my last day of 2014. I got to leave early as all my work was finished and handed in for marking. I came home and started wrapping the Christmas presents. Z had his Christmas party at school and he told me all about the kids dancing to traditional Scottish music which I thought was fab.

On Wednesday, it was placement day. We were having our Christmas parties and we got to have a yummy Christmas lunch. When I got home, the kids were watching TV. Miss C received a present from her best friend and wanted to make a video for her telling her what a great friend she is. We sent it to her on Whatsapp and Miss C got one back. They are just so cute!

On Thursday, it was my last day of placement before the holidays. The kids were arriving home as I was so we ran in before the rain started again and got cosy for tea time. The kids were excited to get to bed for their last day at school on Friday.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the shops to get my food shopping. I came home, unpacked and then wrapped the rest of the Christmas presents. Husband had a half day from work so he brought me home some lunch. I got my nails done in a candy cane pattern for Christmas. Z had his best friend over after school and Miss C and I watched TV together. We watched the last of Tigers about the House and decided we want to go to Australia to meet Spot and Stripe someday.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling rubbish so we decided to stay at home and have a bit of a clear out. Miss C's room was a disaster zone when I left to go to a friend's house for a coffee. I came home and finished clearing it out so she could sleep in her room. We read a Christmas story from a lovely book we received to review before bed.

My Sunday Photo / The Black and White Photo Project #23


Saturday, 20 December 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 348 - 354

Day 348 - Haggis Scotch eggs from the Christmas market
Day 349 - My gorgeous Christmas wreath
Day 350 - Miss C playing before breakfast
Day 351 - An elf in the Playmobil advent calender
Day 352 - All the Christmas chocolates
Day 353 - Candy cane nails
Day 354 - Apple crumble and custard

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Me & You #12

This is the last Me & You of 2014. Husband and I have had a year of plenty of highs with just a few lows. It's tough being in a relationship sometimes. You get stuck in the same routine and it can be hard to move away from that. This year we've tried to spend more time both in and out of the house together, just the two of us. It's been great. There have been times where we've wanted to strangle each other but that's part and parcel of being married.

Husband has been a bit of a bear recently as he has stopped smoking. I'm really proud of him even if his moods are warranting a good slap. He has smoked for over 15 years and hasn't had a cigarette in a month so I can only imagine it has been really tough for him but he's doing so well! Long may he continue!

These photos were taken when we went to the city centre with the kids and our good friends. We must have looked like right numpties to the people on the balcony watching but we didn't care. It was a bit of fun and that's the true spirit of our relationship: fun and silliness.

Here's hoping that carries on in 2015.
dear beautiful

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