Saturday, 4 July 2015

Bike Riding

The summer holidays are here and the kids have been loving having the time to ride their bikes more. Miss C decided to be brave and have her stabilisers taken off her bike and she took to two wheels like a duck to water. Z was pretty much the same when we took his off.

We started off practising on the grass and I shared a video of her on my YouTube channel. She really didn't need long to practise though and was soon on the pavement riding like she had been riding her bike for years.

Every day this week, the kids have been out for a bike ride. We're lucky that we live in an area with lots of places to cycle but there is also a massive pitch that is completely flat that was perfect for Miss C to gain confidence on.

She hasn't perfected braking or starting herself but she's getting there and it's been great to see them outside enjoying their bikes. My Sister and I used to love going for bike rides when we stayed at my Gran's during the summer holidays.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Countdown to Florida - Month 3

We are now only 92 days away from getting on a plane to travel to Orlando for our family holiday and we are getting even more excited. Who knew that was possible?!

I haven't been doing much in the way of booking stuff but that's because we've booked everything we wanted to do dining wise and I can book my Fast Passes from 60 days so I'll be able to tell you how successful that was next month. 

What we have been doing in abundance is watching YouTube video after YouTube video of Disneyworld Vlogs. There are literally hundreds on there but here is a list of a few of my favourites:
  1. Louise from Sprinkle of Chatter with Meeting Disney Princesses
  2. Gillian from Gillian at Home with Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party
  3. Niklas Ekman with his quick overview of all of the parks
  4. Charlotte from LilMissChickas with her Disneyworld Vlog
  5. The SacconeJolys having Breakfast with Minnie Mouse
  6. Get Binky have a great collection of vlogs from their trip and their Disney trailer is great
  7. Lucy and Lydia with Our Disney World Adventure
  8. A time lapse video of A Day in the Life of Walt Disney World
These are just a few of my favourites that we have watched so far and we keep looking for more. Some people might think it's a bit crazy to watch all of these videos before we go as it will ruin the surprise but I disagree. I think it builds the excitement even more and with the size of a place like Disneyworld, I think it's good to be prepared and know a bit of what each park looks like for getting around. 

We are definitely going to vlog some of our trip and I'm on the hunt for a few SD cards for my camcorder as I think we'll need more than one! 

If you have a Disneyworld holiday vlog that you'd like to share with us then let me know in the comments below or find me on YouTube, twitter or facebook!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me & Mine 2015 - June

June. The month our eldest celebrated his 8th birthday.

It seems like ages ago because this month has really flown in but Z turned 8 at the beginning of the month.

This month also saw me finishing my first year (well 9 months really!) at college. It was a hard time but it was worth it to be able to say I am now a qualified Early Years Practitioner. I can still go on and complete another year to gain a higher qualification which I am going to do and then I can go on and get my BA in Childhood Practice. It's going to open so many doors for me career wise including going in to the NHS and working with babies and young children in the wider community which is something I would really enjoy but thought I would need a nursing qualification for. In fact, through the job I would gain a qualification that would enable me to carry out immunisations and help support parents of newborn babies with things like feeding, milestones and taking care of a newborn which I would love. I'm excited!

Husband has continued to work hard at work but has enjoyed getting back in to the gym again and watching Game of Thrones. He can't believe the series has finished until next year!

Z turned 8 this month and celebrated his birthday with a sleepover with a few of his friends. This month we got the end of year reports and Z continues to meet every challenge thrown at him and exceed expectations. He excels in school and has coped amazingly well with being moved up year groups. We still have wars to win but knowing that the move hasn't impacted on Z negatively has instilled even more confidence in us as his parents who made the decision to have him moved.

Miss C is delighted that school has finished for the summer holidays. She isn't as keen on school as her brother however she too got an excellent end of year report and we couldn't be more proud of her after her first year (10 months really!) at school. She can't wait to go to Primary 2 as she adores her new teacher and I've heard amazing things about her. She's excited to go to pony days in the summer holidays and ride her new favourite, Bobbie.

Another thing I did this month was to create a YouTube trailer for my channel. I thought about doing some quirky and cheeky, a bit like my blog name, but I decided that I wanted to go with something more personal. It's about our family and our story. I hope you like it as I'm quite chuffed with it being a bit of a video virgin and all.

I can't believe that tomorrow is July which means we'll be more than half way through the year. July is a special month for us as it's the month we celebrate our anniversary!

dear beautiful

Monday, 29 June 2015

The First Tooth

On June 28th 2015, Miss C lost her first tooth. 

Well, it got knocked out really. It was a trampoline incident. 

The tooth was already pretty wobbly and it probably would have come out this week at some point. 

Miss C is thrilled to have lost a tooth. Isn't it funny how these things make them really happy?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Week That Was #26

Last Sunday was Father's Day. We let Husband have a lie in although he was awake by 9.15am as Miss C wanted to take him his card. It was strange not having Z there for breakfast. We got ready to go to horse riding where Miss C rode Bobbie and did her first canter without holding on to her saddle. After lunch, we picked up Z and went to visit my Father-in-law. The kids played with their Uncle's old toys whilst we had a cup of tea and some biscuits. For dinner, I made steak with potatoes and veg and some scallops which was really yummy.

On Monday, I dropped the kids off at school for the last week of term. We break up for summer holidays on Friday and the kids can't wait. I came home, did my workout and then went out to clean my front and back garden. After finishing off some work for the magazine I write in, I sat down and did something I haven't done in awhile...I read a book. I just never have the time to sit and read anything other than college textbooks or blogs these days. After school, the kids wanted to do some drawing and play outside.

On Tuesday, after a workout, a shower and some work, I headed in to town to meet up with some of the girls from college to have lunch. It was such a gorgeous day and it was really nice to break out some of my summer wardrobe. We had lunch at my favourite Italian restaurant. They had a lunch menu deal where you could get 3 courses for £13.95 so we all went with that. I had salmon and sweet potato fishcakes, spaghetti with clams, chili and asparagus and finished the meal off with an Eton mess. It was so good. After school, my friend and I took the kids to the park and they had lots of fun whilst we enjoyed some sunshine. I was a bit red when I got home!

On Wednesday, I had another chilled out day. I'm making the most of having a few days to myself before the kids finish up for their summer holidays. I did a workout, had a shower and did some work. After lunch I caught up with Hollyoaks and read some of my book. I picked the kids up from school and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and having dinner. Sadly the rain came on after dinner so they couldn't get to play outside for long.

On Thursday, Husband took the kids to school on his way to the gym so I got on with my housework and workout. I spent the rest of the day editing a video for my YouTube channel that I'm really proud of. The rain was pouring all day until it was time to get the kids from school. We found a snail on the way home that Miss C decided to adopt and call Gary. She put him in one of my plant pots which she declared would be Gary's home.

On Friday, it was the last day of school! I dropped the kids off, who were both hyper and headed to the shops. Husband and I picked the kids up when school finished at 1pm. We came home and just had a chilled out day as it was pouring with rain outside. We had pizza for dinner and then watched Mulan for our Friday night film.

On Saturday, there was no Karate for Z as they are on holiday for a few weeks so we didn't have to get up too early. After breakfast, we headed outside to clean both gardens. It took awhile and I was sweating by the end but it was a great feeling to see it all looking lovely. After lunch, Miss C and Z were back outside, riding their bikes and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. They also took our neighbours' dogs for a walk. We were all pretty much ready for sleep by bedtime.