Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flying High #CountryKids

Flying high in the sky
Flying high just you and I

Up and down we go
Bouncing to and fro

Higher than we've ever been
On a huge trampoline

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 24 October 2014

First Bunches #FlashbackFriday

When we found out we were having a girl, I was super excited to start buying lots of lovely dresses and outfits. I loved helping my youngest sister pick out clothes when she was little. I also loved doing her hair for her and I couldn't wait to be able to do my daughter's hair.

Miss C didn't have lots of hair when she was born. Her hair took ages to grow and it wasn't until she was almost 17 months old that I was finally able to put bunches in her hair.

They weren't very long but they were so cute!

mummy mishaps

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Moving Our Child up a Year - The First Parent's Evening

We had Z's first parent's evening of the year a few weeks ago. I wasn't worried about the meeting as I had already met his teacher on two previous occasions and was told he was settling in well and coping with skipping a year just fine.

At parent's evening, his teacher told me again that Z had settled in well to the class; like he was always meant to be there. She told me that when she found out about Z, she didn't know how it would work and was a bit apprehensive but Z continues to amaze her and she said he is one of the most mature children in her class. A class where Z is the youngest by minimum 4 months and maximum 1 year and 4 months.

One of the concerns the school had when we had discussions about Z moving up a year was that he would become an average or below average Primary 4 instead of an amazing, top of the year group Primary 3. I'm sure they still worry that he will level out at some point which, of course, is a worry of ours. Moving him up a year required a leap of faith and still leaves many questions unanswered.

I can't deny then that I was beaming and almost tearing up when his teacher told me that he is performing top of the Primary 4 year group. It may only be October but it was the confidence boost I needed to hear to know that we had made the right decision for Z.

His teacher told me he loves Math and loves to write stories, which is Z all over! She told me that, during free play, Z would still quite happily work through a textbook but will also play and socialise with all of his class. Z is a popular boy and has lots of friends.

The next steps for Z are to ensure he is challenged more. His teacher spoke with him and they both agreed that this was something Z needed and wanted. It was a huge comfort to me to know that his teacher had actually taken the time to get to know Z and could tell me all of his interests.

I'm delighted with how well Z is doing and so glad that he has a teacher who is willing to work with Z and not just let him get on with his work because he can.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Talent #TheGallery

Since the Lego Movie came out, Z and his friend who love Lego refer to one another as "Master Builders".

Z loves Lego. He's had quite a few sets and builds them with ease before breaking it all up and using the bricks for his own creations.

Z doesn't really build what I would think of as being normal things you'd build with Lego. He doesn't build houses or towers or cars or weapons. That's what is great about Lego though; you can be as creative and imaginative as you like.

He builds things like this...

It took him about an hour to build and he was very pleased with it.

What a talent! A Lego talent.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Autumn Fashion from Vertbaudet - Review

As much as I love Summer and I never want it to end, one of the exciting things about a change of season is buying new clothes for the kids. I love shopping for clothes for them and I'm always nosing at the latest trends and getting inspiration for their wardrobes.

Vertbaudet very kindly allowed me to choose some items from their new Autumn range to review. We love Vertbaudet clothing as, not only are the products all really well made, they are versatile and practical.

Miss C received:

Butterfly Jumper, age 6 and available in navy stripe and khaki stripe.
Standard Fit Skinny Jeans, age 6 and available in untreated or grey denim.

Z received:

Boy's Hoody & Joggers in stripe navy, age 8 and available in grey and grey marl.
Long Sleeved T-Shirts pack of 3, age 8 and available in assorted colours.
Teal and Navy Check Scarf, one size and also available in an orange check.

Vertbaudet kids' jeans are some of my favourite jeans on the market. They fit so well and the quality is fantastic. The jeans Miss C received are a "standard" hip size however, you can also get them in "slim" and "full" so children have the best fitting jeans possible. Miss C is short for her age (5 years) and generally still wears an age 4 in most of her clothing however, these age 6 jeans fit her perfectly.

The butterfly jumper is lovely and soft. At first look, I thought the material would itch Miss C's skin but it really is very soft and silky. The glittery butterfly is a nice touch and means it can be worn as party-wear with a pretty skirt too.

The cute dress can be worn on its own or with a roll neck top and tights or leggings, making it a very versatile item. It zips up at the back so it isn't the easiest of dress for Miss C to get off or on herself however, what girl doesn't need a hand with a zip up dress? The zip is easily done up too. It looks really sweet on and Miss C teamed it with white leggings and her green Converse. A mini fashionista for sure!

I love the scarf Miss C received because it's reversible. One side is navy with white butterflies and the other is a check of different blues and mustard; gorgeous Autumn colours.

Z loves wearing his "comfies" so he was delighted to wear the jogging suit. This is an age 8 and fits him perfect. It's lovely and soft, just as comfies should be. The cuffed bottoms means he can easily wear this jogging suit with a pair of wellies, keeping the trousers securely tucked in to his wellies.

The long sleeve tops are great for wearing with jeans to keep warm on the colder Autumn days. These come as a pack of 3 which represents great value for money. Vertbaudet have lots of packs like these with tops, trousers and jumpers being just some of the items you can buy in multi-packs.

I love the scarf Z received too. It isn't reversible like Miss C's but it does have a great check pattern. I think I might pinch it for myself as, size wise, it is very generous and would definitely fit me or Husband.

All of the items washed really well at a low temperature and everything survived the tumble dryer although, the butterfly jumper cannot be tumble dried. It dried quite quickly on the air-dryer though because of the material.

You can order online with Vertbaudet or through their catalogue. They always have some sort of special offer on if you order with them and some great sales throughout the year. If you do order from them, in my experience, I've always found their clothing to be small made for the age so you may want to keep that in mind when ordering.

We received these items of clothing for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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