Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Week That Was #41

Last Sunday, we got up and had breakfast and enjoyed a lazy morning with nothing to do. My FIL popped in for a coffee then my friend came over with her daughter and we had a good catch up. I took the kids to their swimming lessons whilst Husband went to the gym. We came home, starving, and enjoyed homemade chili con carne and chips.

On Monday, it was back to college for me. The kids were still off so Husband took the day off work and took them swimming. I had a busy day at college, preparing for my first presentation on Children's Rights.

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed for my half day at college. It was a horrid day but thankfully the rain held off as I walked to and from college. I walked to school as it was dry but by the time I got there, hailstones were falling from the sky. They went off by the time the kids came out and we managed to walk home in the sunshine but I was soaking!

On Wednesday, it was an early rise for placement. I dropped the kids off at school and had a very busy day myself. My friend picked the kids up and they were playing Xbox when I got home. We spent what was left of the day playing and catching up on school.

On Thursday, we were up early again for my second day of placement. When I got home, the kids were in their jammies playing. We had dinner, a shower and a story before bed. I was knackered!

On Friday, it was my day off which was very welcome. I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the shops to get my food shopping. I got the car washed, put the shopping away and then collapsed on the couch for the day. After school, Miss C and Z played and then Z headed off to his Friday club with his best friend. Miss C and I watched Tangled.

On Saturday, we got up for karate. After lunch, we went to view a house we were interested in however, it needed far too much work done to it. Husband and I enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation and pampering with a massage and a facial for me. The lady comes to the house which is so much easier than going out somewhere. We had a yummy roast pork dinner and then settled down to watch Xfactor.

My Sunday Photo / The Black and White Photo Project #15

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 292 - 298

Day 292 - Miss C was Scooby Doo for the morning
Day 293 - Beautiful roses from Husband
Day 294 - Hard at work on their homework
Day 295 - A very sleepy Z
Day 296 - Playing with the Disney Princess Secret Book
Day 297 - Miss C with her baby comforter she used to use
Day 298 - Counting down until Florida

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Flying High #CountryKids

Flying high in the sky
Flying high just you and I

Up and down we go
Bouncing to and fro

Higher than we've ever been
On a huge trampoline

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 24 October 2014

First Bunches #FlashbackFriday

When we found out we were having a girl, I was super excited to start buying lots of lovely dresses and outfits. I loved helping my youngest sister pick out clothes when she was little. I also loved doing her hair for her and I couldn't wait to be able to do my daughter's hair.

Miss C didn't have lots of hair when she was born. Her hair took ages to grow and it wasn't until she was almost 17 months old that I was finally able to put bunches in her hair.

They weren't very long but they were so cute!

mummy mishaps

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