Thursday, 26 March 2015

Funny Things My Kids Say #37

Yesterday was a pretty sad day. I was feeling really unwell for starters and then the news broke that Jeremy Clarkson would no longer be on Top Gear and Zayn left One Direction. Of course, there are much more pressing issues in the news and issues that require much more attention than the demise of a TV show and a young boy leaving a boy band but in the spirit of keeping this post light hearted, it was a sad day in our house.

Well, for us adults anyways. Husband was upset that Jeremy Clarkson would no longer be on Top Gear which follows with the question, will Top Gear still be on TV? And I was upset because Zayn was one of my favourites in One Direction (he was a close third to Niall and Harry!) The kids enjoy One Direction music and Miss C in particular has become a bit of a fan. I was feeling a bit sad that I was going to have to tell her that Zayn had chosen to leave the band.

"Zayn has decided to leave One Direction!"

"Why?" asks Miss C.

"I'm not really sure but he's not going to be in the band anymore" I told her.

She paused for awhile and then said, "Oh well, at least Harry and Niall are still there!"

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Boys #TheGallery

With the theme of boys, there really was only ever going to be one boy featured in this post. Z is my one and only boy and is the absolute apple of my eye.

I adore him more than words can describe. I love him to the moon and back and beyond.

He's an amazing boy. Aside from being super smart, he is polite, confident, charming, considerate, loyal, friendly, caring and the most sociable little person I know.

He loves football, reading books and comics, playing Xbox and learning. He soaks up information like a sponge.

He takes after me in that he can be stubborn but then again, which child isn't stubborn?! They all want their own way at some stage in their life.

He wants to be a Doctor when he grows up. He's been saying this for awhile and I can honestly see him realising the dream when he's older. He's got the determination and ambition to do it.

It makes me so proud to be able to call him my son. My boy.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Preposterous Rhinoceros - Book Review

The last book we received to review from Maverick Books is called Preposterous Rhinoceros. It is written by Tracy Gunaratnam and is illustrated by Marta Costa.

The book is about some animals who are getting ready for bed and are awaiting King Lion to come and read them a bedtime story. Sadly, King Lion has lost his voice so the animals need someone else to read to them. Rhinoceros volunteers and the animals think that the idea of Rhinoceros reading is preposterous but they decide to let him have a go. Rhinoceros doesn't know how to read though and he tries many things to read the book. He shakes it until all of the pages fall out, he smothers himself in honey when Toucan suggests he gets stuck right in and he even attempts a key.

Luckily Rhinoceros' friend Shy Salamander does know how to read a book so she teaches Rhinoceros. It took some time but eventually Rhinoceros figured out how to read.

This is a fun picture book which is easy to follow and read with first readers. It's a lovely story about friendship and learning to read.

The book is available to buy from Amazon.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Sunday Photo 2015 #12


The Week That Was #12

Last Sunday, it was Mother's Day. I got a cup of tea in bed and lovely cards from Z and Miss C. Husband got them their breakfast which meant I got a little bit extra time in bed. I took Miss C to horse riding where she did a fantastic job brushing and then riding Jock. We left horse riding and headed straight to Z's karate competition. He was in a new category with boys who are much better than he is and he knew it. He didn't win any of his fights but he did well at making the boys work for their points. We chilled out for a few hours at home and then headed to swimming lessons. After swimming lessons, we headed out for dinner to our favourite Italian restaurant.

On Monday, it was back to school and college for us. I had a busy day of planning reports and reading guidelines on legislation. Thankfully the day went in fast. I picked the kids up from Z's friend's house and Miss C showed me her monkey she got from her boyfriend at school. She looked very chuffed with it.

On Tuesday, I had an exam at college. I think it went OK but I probably won't find out how I did until next week. I picked the kids up from my friend's house after college to find Miss C had managed to fall again at school and scraped her knee. Later on, whilst playing football outside, Z managed to trip up and bash both of his knees. It was a day for injuries in our household it seemed.

On Wednesday, I finished placement early to go to Miss C's share the learning day at school. The children got to show their parents their Fairyland topic. They were able to make masks, crowns and finger puppets. They could play with LEGO to build their own castles and they could draw pictures from the story of The Three Little Pigs. It was really fun and Miss C loves showing her Papa and I around the class. It was a beautiful day and the kids chose to play outside when they got home. Miss C was feeling optimistic about the weather and wore her shorts and t-shirt! It wasn't that warm!

On Thursday, it was day two of placement and it went it pretty quickly. When I got home, I cleaned the windows whilst waiting for the kids to arrive. We then took the car to get washed. The kids had macaroni for dinner whilst I had a bowl of cereal to keep me going until Husband came in with Chinese food. Miss C was feeling hungry as she had two bowls of macaroni, 2 yogurts and a slice of toast with jam.

On Friday, after dropping the kids off at school, I headed to the shops. I missed the eclipse because I was inside but it was also far too cloudy where we were to see anything. After a morning and afternoon of college work, I headed to school to pick up the kids. Miss C was having her friend over so we stopped off at the park on the way home so they could play. They had chicken dippers and chips for tea and then played outside in the garden.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day. We dropped Z off at Karate and headed to the shops to get some bits. After lunch, with the washing hung outside to dry, we headed to the park to play and feed the ducks. Z called in for one of his friends and they played football together whilst Miss C played on the swings and slide. Z headed off with Husband to town to get a haircut and Miss C and I stayed on at the park for a little while longer. It was so good to be outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

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