Monday, 8 February 2016

Z Makes his First Movie

Z loves to write stories. He has a notebook full of adventures starring himself and his friends and he once talked about becoming an author when he grows up. It's really lovely to see him scribbling furiously as it reminds me of myself when I was his age. Even now, I love to write but I just don't have as much time as I'd like.

With the wonder that is technology, Z also loves to create videos on his tablet. Mostly he likes to film Minecraft tutorials and he and Miss C are forever watching them on YouTube to get ideas for their own creations. So when I got an email asking if we'd like to create a Lego themed movie, I knew that Z would love to take on the challenge.

This Lego Movie challenge is to celebrate the Lego Brick Flicks Exhibition which arrived at the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow on 5th February and will be there until April 17th. If you live nearby and manage to pop in, you'll be able to see real life movie scenes made completely from Lego! Some of the scenes include The Godfather, West Side Story, Wayne's World and The Wizard of Oz. I'm hoping we can make a trip soon to check it out!

Z received some Star Wars themed Lego sets, his own choosing, and set to work on creating a script. He wanted to do it all himself which I thought was fantastic and he enlisted the help of Husband to film and create the sound effects. They had so much fun together and when I started editing the video, I couldn't help but laugh at what they had come up with. It isn't the most amazing movie ever created but I think they did a pretty good job.

You can download the Lego Movie app to make your own Lego movies but we just used our own camera and video editing software. Have a watch below and let us know what you think...

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Her First Popstar Crush

When I was a young girl, my bedroom walls were covered in posters from Smash Hits magazine of all of my favourite popstars. There was 911, 5ive, The Backstreet Boys and Eminem...quite the collection! In the boy bands, I always had my favourite boy; Lee from 911, Scott from 5ive and Nick from Backstreet Boys. I also had posters of movie stars; Leonardo Dicaprio was probably my favourite movie star although I also liked Ryan Philippe.

Of course I still have my favourite movie crushes and there are a few popstars that aren't too shabby. Tom Hardy is definitely my favourite movie hunk, followed closely by Channing Tatum. I also currently have an unhealthy obsession with Zayn Malik's new song. What is wrong with me?

And now I have a little girl who is starting to have her own little crushes on popstars. For Miss C, it is Harry from 1D. She likes Niall too but if you ask her who her favourite is, she always says Harry first and her bright blue eyes sparkle when she talks about him.

She got a 1D calender for her room and when she turned it over to February on Monday, she was delighted to see Harry standing on his own. Every morning she looks at it and smiles.

Miss C is only 6, almost 7, so I'm surprised she has taken in an interest in popstars already but I do think it is very sweet too. So long as she doesn't ask to cover her walls in photos of Harry!

366 Project 2016 Days 31 - 37

On Sunday, we had a pretty lazy morning as we didn't need to be up to go anywhere. The kids watched The Emperors' New Groove; a Disney film they hadn't seen before and they loved it. Husband decided to tidy out his man hut and the kids played Twister together. I enjoyed a French Fancy! After dinner, my Stepdad arrived from Mexico with his wife. The kids were very happy to see them.

On Monday, it was back to school and placement for us. The day went in pretty quickly and we got away a little earlier than normal as the weather was due to turn really bad. I got the kids from my friend and we headed home for dinner. We had Chili con Carne which is a firm favourite here.

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. I'm so ready for Spring to arrived now; I really hate how Winter makes me feel. After placement, I picked up the kids and we headed home. It was actually lovely and sunny for a change but it was still really bitter. We had Cajun chicken for dinner and I received a lovely surprise from MoonPig and Me To You; flowers and a Tatty Teddy for Valentine's Day.

On Wednesday, it was my day off. I dropped the kids off at school and came home to do some college work. It took me pretty much all morning and afternoon and then I had to go and collect the kids from school. Miss C was really happy to finally have the tag of her new Tatty Teddy!

On Thursday, it was back to college for me. Miss C jumped in to my bed as soon as I was up! She was feeling a bit tired. I dropped the kids off at school and headed in for a day of lectures. I was shattered by 4pm and glad to get the kids and get home. We had pasta for dinner; macaroni for the kids and pasta with tomatoes, spring onions and a bit of balsamic dressing for me. Miss C always pinches some of mine!

On Friday, it was a funny old day in college and chocolate cake was called for. We were celebrating a birthday too! I met Husband and the kids in town after college finished as he was taking his phone to the phone shop to be sent away to be repaired. We watched a film after dinner and Z headed to his Friday club with his friends.

On Saturday, Miss C and I headed to the shops for our food shopping and Husband and Z headed to Karate. After lunch, we took a trip to a local shopping centre to pick up a present for my Mother in law for her birthday. We also had a nosey around some other shops, got Z some new wellies and bought some cupcakes for after dinner.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

SuperFairies - Book Review

Reading is one of our favourite things to do as a family and I am delighted that both Z and Miss C love books just as much as Husband and I do. Whilst Z can read a novel himself, Miss C still needs a bit of help with her reading and we love to read a story or two together at bed time.

Her taste in books varies from anything by Julia Donaldson to stories of dinosaurs and space but she absolutely loves two types of books; animals and princesses or fairies. If the story combines the two then even better. 

SuperFairies is a brand new collection of stories for young children who are just moving on to early reader books from picture books. They are written by Janey Louise Jones, author of the Princess Poppy series, and illustrated by Jennie Poh. If your children love fairies and animals then these are definitely worth checking out.

We received Basil the Bear Cub and Dancer the Wild Pony to review. These are chapter books which are ideal for reading with Miss C at the moment. The chapters aren't long but they have enough in them that you can read one or two a night and make the book last for a few days, preparing her for when she moves on to novels like her big brother.

The SuperFairies live in Peaseblossom Woods and work together to rescue animals in trouble. There are 4 fairies; Rose, Berry, Star and Silk. Each fairy has their own unique skill that they bring to the team making them the very best fairies in the woods.

The books are beautifully illustrated and very easy to read with your child. The font changes in style and it isn't very large so it's not a proper early reader book however these are lovely books to move on to from simple picture books, introducing new words to young readers and giving them something to work towards in their reading journey.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other titles become available in the SuperFairies series which is published by Curious Fox.

This is a honest review post with all opinions expressed being my own. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Caring for Pet Gerbils

Last year, we won a brilliant hamster/gerbil cage after entering a giveaway on Susan's blog. It's from the brand Omlet and it is a pretty fancy, two story home for some very loved and very spoilt gerbils. They go by the names Jack and Jett.

We were originally going to get hamsters but apparently you shouldn't have two hamsters in a cage together as they will fight to the death as they get older. Having two quarrelling siblings is enough for me without seeing hamster carnage first thing in the morning! So we decided to get gerbils instead as they enjoy the company of a friend and are pretty easy to look after.

Jack is the grey/white one and Jett is the black one. Jack belongs to Miss C and Jett belongs to Z. They are pretty friendly little chaps although they do nibble your fingers if you put them too close to their mouths. Jack is quite calm and will sit in your hands quite happily whilst Jett fidgets and has been known to make death defying jumps in a bid for freedom. He also likes to jump in to the food bag when you are putting new food in for them.

Caring for them is really easy. Gerbils are dessert animals, apparently, so they don't need a lot of water. They eat seeds and nuts, and they'll only eat what they need unless you give them sunflower seeds; they would eat as many sunflower seeds as they could get. I've seen the two of them fight over a sunflower seed!

We clean out their bedding area once every fortnight as they are really clean and don't smell at all. We clean the top area, where their food, water and exercise wheel are, once a week. Their food gets changed every couple of days and their water is changed every day.

In terms of bedding, they like plenty of sawdust and straw so they can burrow and make their own little sleeping area and they love toilet roll holders or kitchen roll holders. They love to nibble and so all of our finished rolls end up in their cage with them. It's really good for their teeth too! They can shred a roll in a few minutes!

They have their own exercise balls which are spheres that have a screw top opening so you can put the gerbil inside and then close them in so they don't escape. Jett loves his ball but Jack isn't keen. In fact, Jett is the only one who will use the exercise wheel in their cage whilst Jack prefers to eat.

Miss C adores the gerbils. She is such an animal lover, it came as no surprise that she wants to hold them and pet them constantly. Gerbils are pretty quick but the more they are handle, the more tame they become.

The cats aren't bothered by them. Sometimes Jazz will sit in front of their cage and watch them but if you let him smell one, he freaks out and runs off.

Having gerbils as pets is really fun and the kids are learning a great deal about the responsibility of looking after animals for themselves.