Friday, 31 October 2014

The First Halloween #FlashbackFriday

It wasn't their first Halloween ever but it was the first Halloween where Miss C could dress up as she wasn't a baby anymore. She was a fully fledged toddler.

Miss C wore a pink fairy costume. The only scary thing about her costume was how cute she looked in it.

Z decided he wanted to be a Policeman. Again, nothing really scary about this apart from him arresting Miss C with a fairy wand. Charges for offences in cuteness!

Husband decided he was going to dress up though. That was pretty darn scary!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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Me & Mine #10

I have over 10000 photos (on my PC, not printed!) of the kids but I only have a few photos of all of us together. That's what I love about this photo project. It was this time last year that I first joined in with Me & Mine. From joining in, I now have lots of family photographs that I can look back on and cherish forever. We've been so busy with every day life this month that these photos are quick selfies before bed.

This month, I celebrated my birthday. It was a lovely day spent shopping with Husband and then having dinner with the kids after school. We went out with friends for birthday drinks which ended in disaster when my Sister was sick...everywhere! I'm loving college even though I've reports coming out of my ears.

Husband has been working hard as always. He's been getting to the gym when he can but I know he's also enjoying being able to play more of his PS4.

Z enjoyed attending Karate Camp over the October holidays. He loves going to Karate and he has improved so much since he started when he was 4. He has a competition in November that he is looking forward to.

Miss C is loving horse riding however, she had a moment where she wanted to go back to Karate after seeing how much fun they had at Karate Camp. She changed her mind fairly quickly when I told her she'd have to stop horse riding. Miss C had her first sleepover with her best friend. She came to stay and they had a great time going to Build a Bear and having Frankie & Bennys for tea. It was so much fun having 2 girls for the day.

I can't believe we only have two more photos to take for this year!

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

LEGO City Coast Guard - Christmas Gift Idea

With less than 60 days until Christmas Day, I'm on the hunt for Christmas present bargains for the family and our friends. I received this LEGO City Coast Guard set which is available through for just £7.98 instead of £14.99, a saving of £7.01. A great deal!

Z is a huge LEGO fan and in particular he loves the LEGO City sets. This set would make an excellent stocking filler gift and it's one that Z will love putting together and then letting his LEGO minifigures take over. I can just see his Darth Vader sitting in the boat in the bath (as the boat floats!)

The Coast Guard set is aimed at ages 5-12 but because it doesn't take long to put together and for the simplicity, I think it is better suited to the younger end of the recommended age range.

Are your children after any LEGO sets from Santa this year?

We received this LEGO set for the purposes of this post. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Light #TheGallery

I love the light in this photo. It kind of looks like a beaming light from above or a glowing halo of light on Miss C's head.

An Angel she is not but the light in this photo does remind me of the glorious Summer we had. I always look forward to Autumn starting but now it is here and the clocks have gone back, I'm counting down the days until Summer returns.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Funny Things My Kids Say #34

We were out in town recently when Miss C found a coin on the ground. She picked it up, quick as a flash, before her brother found it.

"Wow, look, I found five pounds!" 

"No C, that's five pence you have found," I said to her. She looked a bit disappointed and then said, "Can I buy a pony with this?" 

I explained that she needed quite a few more pennies to buy a horse and suggested she put the 5p in her bank for her Florida pennies.

"No, I'm going to start a pony fund so I can buy my own pony!"

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