Sunday, 30 August 2009

The night with my hen

Last night I had my first night out since having baby girl. Whilst it was only for a couple of hours, it felt great to get away from the house myself and spend some time with the girlies.

My best friend is getting married in 3 weeks time and I am her maid of honour. I read somewhere that by tradition your maid of honour is supposed to be single and sometimes...a virgin. I obviously don't fall into either of these categories, but am very happy to be her not so traditional maid of honour.

We had dinner at the local Chinese buffet. We visit this restaurant quite a lot as I find it quite handy for feeding toddler a bit of everything. Perhaps we do go a bit too often though. I didn't think this true until on Tuesday, 2 of the girls stopped toddler in the street to say hi to him. The food was fantastic as always and my orange juice was going down a treat. I was driving and breastfeeding later you see.

We chatted at ease with everyone, except the grooms family who seemed to be enjoying their own conversations which was fine because I think they'd have been offended by the already crude conversations we were having. A stag party came into the restaurant with the stag dressed as a woman, at which point we tried to persuade the bride to be to stand on her chair and declare that she was not marrying this man. She wouldn't do it unfortunately. We then reminisced on nights spent in each other's houses, drinking copious amounts of alcohol amongst other things. There was the time at my house when the girls came over and we got a bit worse for wear. This ended in one of the girls dropping her drink and splashing her glasses causing her to be blinded and to fall on her arse on my laminate flooring. Good times!

We then chatted about having our babies and getting married. My best friend is the last one to get married or have kids and I know she is really looking forward to doing both. I'm sure she'll be a fantastic wife and an even better mother as she's always great with toddler and baby girl. She's the only one I trust other than husband and my mum to leave them with.

All too soon it was time for me to leave and for a nanosecond I thought, damn breastfeeding! Best friend walked me out and she asked me what it was like to get married, to walk down the aisle and why it was all soooo scary. I told her she'd be fine and by the time the day came and went she'd wonder why she stressed sooo much about it. I left her in the capable of causing her to drink an awful lot hands of our friends and headed home. I have texted her this far no response...lucky cow is probably still in bed!

When I left for my night out, toddler was throwing a major tantrum, baby girl was crying for her dinner and husband appeared to be pulling what little hair he has out. It felt quite good to escape at that point and I knew that husband would be able to cope...even so, I did leave my phone on throughout the meal. When I came home, the dishes were away, the bottle washed, the living room looking less like a toy room and the shower full of bodies getting cleaned. I changed into my PJs and sat on the couch to watch X Factor. A slightly less exciting Saturday night than best friends but definitely just right for me.

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