Sunday, 20 September 2009

My Best Friends Wedding

I've been a bit neglecting of my blog recently due to being mega tired at night and I suppose lack of anything to write about. However I thought I should make the effort tonight to write about a lovely wedding I attended yesterday.

Best Friends Wedding!

I met best friend about 5 and half years ago now. I had started a new job and as I didn't drive I had to walk to work. This didn't bother me as it was the summer of 2004 and it was a nice walk and also gave me the excuse to do little or no exercise. It was the Euro 2004 match where I think France were playing England. Husband, then boyfriend, was in the pub with his mates watching the match. Being true Scots when it comes to football, the entire pub was backing France (even though we're not too keen on the French either...or so I'm told!) except for best friend. Best friend is English. Best friend is pretty loud, but I'm told she was fairly quiet that night. This is how boyfriend and best friend met. Boyfriend asked best friend where she worked and it turned out she worked at the same place I did. She knew who I was of course, as I had already been pointed out by boyfriend's ex girlfriend who worked in the same place. (Jobs are scarce where we live!!) Boyfriend asked if best friend would mind giving me a lift into work. And this is how best friend and I became friends.

We've become very good friends over the years. Best friend was my bridesmaid at my wedding of course. I asked her to be God mum to toddler and she agreed. So when she asked me to be her maid of honour I agreed without hesitation.

As the build up to the wedding began, I discovered I was pregnant with baby girl. I had my dress fitting when I was 8 weeks pregnant and we calculated that I would have just 14 weeks to loose my baby weight to get in my dress. The dress was beautiful, royal blue with a white sash. I didn't do much between then and when I had baby girl as best friend was quite on top of things and was very organised. They were having a church wedding, to be married in the church where her brother in law and sister in law to be had been married. There reception was to be at a beautiful hotel right beside the beach in a small town in Ayrshire. It's a beautiful hotel and you can see the Isle of Arran right across the sea.

Once I had baby girl, preparations for the hen night started to get underway. Best friend knew who she wanted and what she wanted so it was fairly easy to organise. It was at this point though that I started to feel quite anxious about the whole thing. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to be as dedicated to her wedding as she was to mine. The fact that I was breastfeeding baby girl was the big factor. Best friend had asked me a few times about expressing and whilst I was happy to try it, as any mother who breastfeeds knows, it isn't just as simple as plonking on the pump and off we go...unless you're really lucky. I struggled to express the first couple of times, it was horrible. Trying to time when to do it in between feeds was a nightmare, especially as baby girl was feeding on average every 2 hours. And I also felt bad for toddler as he was having to play himself whilst I was feeding baby girl and then whilst I was expressing. I managed over a few weeks to express enough to leave 1 bottle for the hen night, 1 bottle for my hair appointment and 1 bottle for the wedding day. When it came to trying on my dress for the first time since baby girl, it was tight! I could hardly breathe but told best friend that it was just a little snug and should be fine by the wedding which was still a good 10 weeks away. I was lucky baby girl had been born early as it gave me 2 weeks extra to lose the weight. The dress was also quite long so it would have to be taken up. My next nightmare was trying to find royal blue shoes. Now, I don't know whether best friend initially wanted royal blue shoes or if she just decided to have them because her other bridesmaid went out and bought royal blue shoes without speaking to her first. Either way I was in trouble. I have size 5 (most common shoe size!!) feet. I looked in 4 shopping centres and could not find a thing! They were either not the right blue, the wrong size or too bloody high. The week before I was due to have my hem taken up, I found a pair on eBay that would do the job. Drama over, it was time to once again try my dress on. It felt a little looser this time, but still snug.

A week before the wedding and I was seriously considering pulling out. Not because I didn't want to be her bridesmaid, but because I felt sick with anxiety about baby girl and being able to feed her. She had refused to take a bottle from daddy and the last thing I wanted was her to be screaming for her dinner and upset at being forced to take a bottle. The dress although beautiful was certainly not practical for breastfeeding. I would be exposing myself to the whole wedding if I tried to breastfeed her in it. Luckily best friend was understanding and was happy to move me from her top table to a more private table and to allow me to change into a more suitable dress. The full week before her wedding I was ill. I was so stressed about baby girl and feeding and also about best friend thinking I was letting her down.

Thankfully yesterday morning went great. Baby girl slept right through on Friday night so was up at a good time for her first feed and gave me plenty of time to get ready. I had to be at best friend's house for 1pm to help her get in her dress. I was there at 1.10pm which I thought was excellent considering I had to get us all organised with the help of husband of course. And baby girl was no bother at all the whole time she was in the church. She did get a little fussy when we arrived at the reception but after the photographs were done, best friend said I could change if I wanted to and I could happily relax at that point.

Of course I would never have backed out of being her bridesmaid! I just hope she knows I wasn't being a pain for the sake of it. The whole day was beautiful and as we drove into the church, 2 magpies were sitting on the grass. 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy!! Except we then said "oh shit! Who's pregnant???!" As whenever I see magpies someone turns out to be pregnant...well it certainly isn't me!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hair today!!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. OK so for the first trimester you feel like crap, the second you feel full of energy and appear to be "glowing" and for the third you feel like crap and fed up. I've been VERY lucky with both my pregnancies in terms of how I've looked. Beautiful thick, glossy hair. Spot free skin. No stretch marks. Yes, pregnancy does agree with me. It's the after effects that I suffer with.

I started to notice my hair was falling out about 2 weeks ago. And not just little hairs here and there. No!!! These were clumps of hair coming away in my hand. When I blew dry my hair I was literally blowing my hair out. It was flying across my bedroom on to the bed and on to my cat. Poor thing. I went from having a black British short hair to a blonde Persian in one sitting! Then about a week ago, I got my first spot in almost 2 years. WTF!! I thought I was by the teenage breakouts stage. A few days after this, another spot appeared. Where are they coming from???!! Finally, last night I noticed my teeth were starting to look worn down. "It's her taking all the calcium out of you!" said an ever so helpful husband about baby girl.

Thankfully today I had my hair done. I've always had quite long hair however I decided today I would have it chopped off. It was all dead and split and just disgusting. I love going to the hairdressers, getting my cup of tea and cinnamon biscuit. Catching up on the tabloids and generally just relaxing away from the kids and husband. Me time!! I was a wee bit apprehensive though whilst I was there as I was leaving baby girl with my best friend. I haven't left baby girl with anyone other than husband and for no more than an hour and a half. In fact last time I left her was when we went to the Chinese for best friends hen night. I had expressed a few weeks ago so husband was on bottle duty before he went off with toddler to have his kilt fitting for the wedding next week. My appointment was at 2pm and it usually takes about 2 and half hours tops to get my hair done. Do you ever find that whenever you're needing to get somewhere by a certain time, something always happens and it seems to take forever? That's what it was like at the hairdressers today! My colour was put on fairly quickly and I was left to wait for almost an hour to get my hair washed. Usually it's only 30 mins. Then it took the girl ages to dry my hair. She was rough and the hair dryer was too hot (but you never want to say anything, do you?!) Then she got called to wash someones hair and I was left with half dry hair waiting for my hairdresser. All the while I'm clock watching, anxious because husband has phoned and said baby girl refused to take her bottle. Eventually my hairdresser returned, finished drying and straightening my hair and then cut it. She's a great hairdresser, my hair always looks fab (why is it once you wash your hair after the hairdressers it never looks the same???!!) and I feel great afterwards.

I got out the hairdressers at 4.50pm, 20 mins past baby girls feeding time to find her fast asleep in best friend's car. All that worry for nothing. She probably hadn't even realised I'd gone!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

To find out or not to find out...?

With my first pregnancy, husband and I agreed very early on not to find out the sex of the baby. We wanted a surprise! Admittedly when it came to the 20 week scan, moments before entering the room I was starting to feel a bit curious. I suppose I didn't really believe I was having a baby at the time and perhaps knowing what I was carrying might make it seem more real. No chance of that though as, as soon as husband walked in the room he exclaimed "We don't want to know what we're having!" He even covered my eyes when they were scanning the lower area! As if I would have known where to look?! Hands up if you just nodded along with the sonographer as they pointed all the bits out, not really knowing the difference between an arm and a leg!

It was fun researching the old wives tales on the Internet and trying them out. I found the Chinese Gender Prediction to be most interesting and actually was right with both of my pregnancies, as well as my friend's and cousin's.

Husband was convinced I was having a boy. I started off thinking boy, half way through I thought girl and towards the end I thought boy. I was delighted when toddler was born and we discovered he was a little boy.

With my second pregnancy, we contemplated finding out what we were having for a number of reasons but ultimately it came down to money. Would we need to buy new things or could we recycle the bags of clothes in the loft. Did we have to make the spare room a nursery or could we just buy bunk beds? We decided we'd leave it to the 20 week scan and make our mind up on the day. I'm such an indecisive person I made husband make the decision for me. So at our 20 week scan we decided no, we weren't going to find out.

When I was about 23 weeks pregnant, I started getting loads of leaflets in the post for 4D scans. We had thought about getting one with toddler however at the time there weren't any clinics near us that offered them and getting time off work was a nightmare. I was to receive my Health in Pregnancy grant so I decided I would use part of it and go and have the scan. It was never for the intention to find out what we were having, just for the experience. However on the day they asked us if we wanted to find out. I looked at husband to make the decision again and he decided we should go for it...but not tell anyone else. A quick check and the sonographer asked what we had already. "Well you'll have one of each!" A girl! We were having a girl!

I never slipped up once, well almost, but no one noticed the slip up except husband.

There were pros and cons to finding out and not finding out the sex of my children. Not finding out had the surprise at the end of a long hard labour. I instantly forgot about all the pain when I saw my little boy. The con was it took us about 3 days to decide on a name for toddler. And it wasn't pleasant when the mother in law suggested 2 names which happened to be those of ex boyfriends LOL! I loved knowing I was having a little girl and it was quite fun when people said "Oh you're carrying the same way you were with your boy! You're having a boy!" Yeah that's just the way I look when I'm pregnant! We had her name picked out by the time I was 30 weeks pregnant and she didn't spend days being baby no name. Finding out or not finding out though is a big decision, and we're lucky to be able to have the choice nowadays. I do wonder though whether we should be given the choice. I have heard some really sad stories of women who have terminated their pregnancy because they found out the sex and it wasn't what they wanted.

We've already decided if we have another baby, we won't find out. We have one of each and will be happy with whatever husband decides to give us!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Allergic to what?

I got a bit of a fright on Thursday evening after we had finished dinner. I helped toddler down from his booster seat and noticed a very large, angry looking red mark covering his full tricep. It was raised and hot and the outside was surrounded by tiny red spots. I checked his other arm and saw the startings of another angry red mark about the size of a £1 coin. I was straight on the phone to husband asking him to get home ASAP.

In the panic, I forgot that I actually had the car...!

Toddler seemed completely fine, however I called NHS24 for some advice. I was shaking as I dialled their number and almost hyperventilating when listening to the options. All the while, toddler was happily dancing around the living room in his nappy blissfully unaware that his mother was almost in tears and trying to stay calm so as not to scare him.

I got through to one of the operators who asked why I was calling, took my details, took toddler's details, asked me to confirm my phone number and then passed me through to a pharmacist.

"It's either an allergic reaction or chicken pox. Has he had anything new to eat or has been in contact with anyone with pox?"

No to either. And no I haven't changed the washing powder or fabric conditioner.

She advised me to pop along to my nearest pharmacy, she even told me where this was and when it was open until and to show them toddler's angry red marks. She said they'd probably give him an antihistamine and some calamine lotion.

It turned out it wasn't chicken pox as the rash disappeared after he had his antihistamine. I was still dumb founded as to what had caused this reaction. We hadn't eaten anything different from normal. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the rash to see if anyone has ever seen anything like it.

Toddler is absolutely fine now and had chips, which is what we had for dinner that night, again today and was fine. Very strange indeed!

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