Saturday, 28 November 2009

6 months today

I can't believe Baby Girl is 6 months old today. The time has just flown by and it feels like she's been her forever. What was life like as a mummy of 1? I don't remember! She's becoming cheekier and funnier everyday, just like her brother.

Love you loads my little princess!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Worry wart!

Since becoming a mummy I've learned a whole lot about myself. Some would say I've grown up, others would say these were traits I already had but hadn't quite homed in on them yet. My husband would probably say "pain in the arse!" and I'd say...holy cow when did I start to be like that?

Apparently I'm a worrier. Does this come part in parcel with giving birth? When Toddler arrived, I worried about how much milk he was supposed to have and how often. I worried about the little rash on his torso that spread to his legs and face. I worried about how much solids I was supposed to give him and when to start and when to increase. Generally I worried.

We're almost at weaning time with Baby Girl and I'm getting worried again. I have decided to try baby led weaning with Baby Girl although now I'm not so sure. I've read it can be a long process whilst other babies take to it straight away. At least if I start her on solids the way I started Toddler (we weaned him at 4 months with purees) I'll know how much she's eating and hopefully I can get her milk feeds down quicker. I do like the idea though of her learning to feed herself and enjoying what we're eating from the get go. Do I really have the time to cook and freeze meals in ice cube trays again? I'd rather spend my Boobs Are Free (or BAF as I call it) time with Toddler. I've got her highchair out and I'm going to sit her in it with us at meal times from tomorrow morning. She's definitely showing more of an interest in what we're doing at meal times and had a good go of half a rusk the other day which she seemed to enjoy. I suppose all I can do is give it a shot and see what she thinks.

Here she is after enjoying her first taste of rusk. I think she liked it!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Angry Poo story

We decided to go for a walk this morning as the rain has stopped and the sun is shining. It's a bit nippy so Baby Girl is wrapped up in her lovely pink snowsuit (thank you to friend N for that!) and Toddler has his beanie hat on just like Daddy wears. We live in a fairly quiet part of town at the bottom of an almost cul de sac. From our living room window you can see a big patch of grass with lovely trees and a walk path up to the shops and just down the road is a massive what I would call playing fields with a little park. We often walk round the playing fields on squirrel hunts for something to do.

Toddler was running and jumping in the puddles (I must get him some wellies!) whilst Baby Girl had a good glare for 5 minutes before deciding she needed a snooze. We were in no hurry to go anywhere so we took our time, looking at the leaves on the ground and watching for the squirrels.

We were about 5 minutes from home, Toddler still walking when it happened. Toddler walked through dog poo. I was incensed! We quickly scrapped his shoe on the curb (as I was not picking up someone's crap!) and carried on with our walk. Toddler looked at his shoe all the way home.

This is one of my pet hates. I don't let my children poo in the streets and leave it for any unsuspecting person to trod through it. On the most part I know that dog owners really care for their dogs and whenever they are out walking them, they make sure they have their pooper-scoopers or their doggy sacks. But there are those few out there who let them all down by letting their dogs run riot and poo anywhere and everywhere without a care for anyone else. They are lazy so and sos and disgusting.

I often think about offering them a nappy sack if I ever see such suspect characters but then I change my mind because the worst thing apart from cleaning dog poo of my son's shoe would be to clean the dog poo off myself.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Beat those bullies!

Whenever we eat at my house morning, noon or night I like to have the radio on in the background. I've always enjoyed music and as I've become a more mature citizen, I've started to listen to the news and the hot topics of the day. I'm a big Radio 1 fan, always have been. I've been following the bullyproof campaign they are promoting at the moment with interest and I think it's great that they are raising awareness for such an important issue.

This is one of my biggest fears for my children; bullying. This is either a) being a bully or b) being bullied. When I was growing up, I moved around a lot. I was born in Scotland and my parents and I moved to Spain for a total of 3 maybe 4 years. I attended nursery school there and though I don't remember much about it, I do remember I was different from the other kids. When we moved back to Scotland, I spent a few years at Primary school. Now, I was your stereotypical Scottish girl with strawberry blonde hair, freckles and green eyes. It makes me cringe that even now as an adult whenever I say strawberry blonde people say "Yeah so you're ginger!" I got picked on mainly by some of the boys in my class at that age. We then moved abroad when my parents split up to Mexico with my now step dad which is where he from originally. Again the differences were clearly notable between me and the other kids. They were tanned and dark haired. I was easy to spot in the crowd. I felt excluded a lot of the time because of this and I think I became quite awkward and would often say the wrong thing and offend people. When we moved back to Scotland when I was 9 or 10, I went back to the Primary school I first attended and a lot of the kids remembered me. This was when the bullying got really bad. Girls would pick on me because of my hair colour, because I was awkward and maybe not as mature as them for my age. I was all about My Little Pony and Barbie and they were into Take That and the Spice Girls. It seems silly and trivial thinking back, we were all only 10! When I went to secondary school I felt even more pressure to try and fit in and even though I had a few close friends, the bullying would continue. I hated Science, especially Chemistry. "Is that a Bunsen burner on? No it's just Laura's hair!" I used to hide in the toilets at lunch to avoid a fight. I'd be nervous to get on the bus in case one of the girls I didn't get on with was on the same bus.

When we moved to Manchester I was sad to leave my friends that I had made, some of them I had known since I was very young but I was thankful for a fresh start. I told myself the new people I would meet knew nothing about me and though I wasn't not going to be myself, I could try and be a bit more socially acceptable. Less foot in mouth more think before I talk. We moved to a small town in Cheshire and although not amazingly posh, it was slightly more classy than where I had lived. The people there were different. They spoke differently (and I don't mean the accent) and they dressed differently. My first day of school I was so nervous. I remember walking into Food Technology and being stared at by a sea of curious faces. They obviously knew they were getting a new class mate, was I what they expected? I was immediately welcomed into a group of what would be classed as the normal girls. They were lovely and I will remember one of them fondly forever. She was so bubbly and lovely and kept saying "Oh I bet you think I'm mad? HAHA!" I did and was a little afraid, but happy that they had welcomed me into their group.

At first I don't think they could understand a word I was saying. I had an accent like no other. A mix of Scottish, Mexican, Spanish and who knows what else in there. I did notice though that no one really made a big deal about how I looked. On the most everyone was welcoming and those who weren't interested in talking to me, didn't. They didn't try to taunt me or mock me, they just ignored me.

I went on to have some wonderful years at that school. I made some great friends who I sadly don't see anymore because I moved back up to Scotland after a bit of peer pressure went wrong but that's a whole other post. It did sadden me that my home town where I should have felt most welcomed chose to mock me for the way I looked. Even nowadays I hear a lot of people saying "Oh I hope the kid doesn't get their suchandsuchs ginger hair!" And I'm ashamed to admit that I was voicing my concerns over my children having red hair, not because I care what colour their hair is but because I know how cruel children can be. And I don't get why the innocence of a child is lost as soon as they turn a certain age?! At playgroup Toddler plays with anyone and everyone as do all the other kids. They don't care if Toddler A has the wrong kind of trainers or if Toddler C has last season tracksuit. Why is it as soon as a child hits a certain age their innocence is lost?! As a parent I will be making sure my children don't judge people by how they look or where they come from. Unfortunately I think a) there are a lot of parents or carers who don't share those same values and b) the media portrays that people should look a certain way.

I heard a great line once, I think it was in a song I heard on the radio; If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mummy goes it alone

I thought it time for another update as I haven't blogged in awhile about the kids. I'm slowly but surely finding my days getting easier and my nights less filled with feeding Baby Girl and falling into bed shortly after her.

We had a breakthrough last night...Baby Girl slept from 8.45pm to 6.30am! I had to wake during the night, my boobs threatening to explode over my bed at about 3.30ish but a couple of breast pads later I was sound asleep again. Bliss! Baby Girl is a wriggler something Toddler wasn't so I found a sleeping bag for her and snuggled her into last night and I think it really helped keep her cosy. I've also been filling her up during the day with 2 and half hourly milk feeds. We still haven't started solids yet, D-Day being November 28th when she will be 6 months. I don't know if I'm giving her too much or not but it seems to help her sleep at night which works for me! Here is our typical day at the moment:

6.30 - Morning feed which can last about 45 minutes
8.30 - 2nd feed which can last about 25 minutes
11.00 - 3rd feed, depends on her how long this lasts sometimes it's 20 minutes other times it can be as long as 45 minutes
1.30 - Lunch time feed, lasts about 30 minutes
4.00 - Tea time feed, lasts about 40 minutes
6.00/6.15 - Supper feed, lasts about 20 minutes
7.45/8.00 - Bed time feed, lasts about 45 minutes

Her feeding fits in quite well with Toddlers meal times too and because it's getting so much easier, I'm wondering if I should just keep going instead of stopping her day time feeds in December. I had planned to put her on a couple of bottles during the day, mainly to give me some freedom but now I wonder if it's worth a) the cost for bottles, milk and sterilising stuff and b) the hassle of having to make bottles and all the sterilising. I hated doing all that with Toddler although once you get used to doing it, you get much quicker at it.

I'm really interested to hear from other breastfeeding mothers! How does your day shape up with your little one? Have you found it's been getting easier? Feel free to leave me a comment.

In other news, Toddler did his first poo in his potty this evening. Admittedly it was only a small nugget (my mum will be reading this at work and have just laughed out loud...!) but a poo none the less so we all celebrated by doing our now called "poo dance". I told him he was a very clever boy and that I was very proud of him. He then went on to a) pee in my bed and b) pee on his bedroom floor. Such a hit and miss with him with the potty, he's obviously still not ready yet but at least he's getting the idea.

A funny poo story for you all. Last week, Husband was asked to do 12 hour shifts at work so I would have to get both the kids ready for bed myself. Eeek! He usually gets Toddler ready whilst I deal with Baby Girl and this was one of the reasons I introduced at 6pm feed with her. Bath time is at 7pm here so it means she's had her fix and can lie in her cot happily whilst I read Toddler his books. It has worked so well for me, I've decided I'll just do the bedtimes from now on and Daddy can do Toddler's bed time at the weekend. Anyway back to the poo story! I put Toddler in the bath, got him all washed and let him play whilst I stripped Baby Girl ready to put her in. Whilst my back was turned, I heard Toddler shout "Mummy, a poo!!" I thought please no!! In I walk with Baby Girl to see a log of a poo floating in the bath! ARGH!! Well I can't put Baby Girl in there now can I?? I thought about it...! I put her down on her towel and promptly scooped the poo out with loo roll and plopped it in the toilet! "Bye poo!" shouts Toddler. I then fill the sink and wash Baby Girl in there.

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