Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Where's my rabbit foot??

I've been having a pretty rubbish time of late. Everything seems to be going tits up! It all seem to start last Friday, when Husband came home. He's been paid off again. Thankfully we've bought all the Christmas presents and saved some cash on our gift card for the food so we'll be OK over the festive period, but come January, we'll really be struggling unless Husband finds another job. Although I try to be positive about everything, when these things keep happening it's hard to be so optimistic. I'm a big believer in karma. What goes around, comes back around.

I wish I had been a well behaved child...then maybe I'd have had good karma and had a well behaved Toddler. Alas I was a horror and my once lovely baby boy is now a tantrum throwing, slapping, screaming and shouting terror. I had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a slap right across the face this morning whilst I was feeding Baby Girl and ignoring his tantrum because he didn't want to get dressed. Supernanny's naughty step is starting to wear on me, how long can this go on?

We were all really unwell at the weekend with Toddler being sick a couple of times and refusing to eat anything. I always feel bad when he's sick because he always wants to drink loads which ends up just coming straight back up.

Weaning is also getting me down. Baby Girl just point blank refuses any food. I tried baby led weaning, offering her some veggies and fruit, even some chicken. She just kept gagging on the stuff and throwing it away. She quite likes rusk but I don't think I'd be allowed to just feed her them. I then decided to puree some veg and fruit for her to dip her rusk and bread sticks in but as soon as the puree goes near her mouth, she's spitting it right back at me. I wished I started her at 4 months instead of waiting as when I actually think back, Toddler did take to it quite quickly when he was started at 4 months.

To top it all off, I've just seen my dream house at an affordable price and would love to put an offer on it! Unfortunately we now can't afford it and chances are we couldn't sell our house anyway.

Ugh I know these are, in the grand scheme of things, rather small petty dilemmas but it just seems to be our luck. Hopefully a New Year will bring us better luck!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Off with the old...

I decided I was fed up with my hair and wanted something different.
Here's the old me...(this was like the last time I had my hair done!)

And here is the new me...

I really like it!
All I need to do now is get rid of the pasty skin and dark circles under my eyes and I'll be a whole new woman...Gok Wan are you out there????

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Left on his own

We were at a party a couple of weekends ago for one of our friends daughter who just turned 5. The party was held in the hall at the local school, with plenty of food and sweets and cake and a bouncy castle. A lot of the parents dropped their kids off for the 2 hours whilst a handful waited for their kids in the staff room. There must have been about 30 kids there. Half way through the party, I noticed a little boy had hit one of the other boys when they were playing pass the parcel. Neither of the boys' parents seemed to jump up to diffuse the situation and the party entertainer was having a hard time getting the boy to apologise to the other. Husband was sitting with Toddler and observing this situation. As the only adult involved in the game, I guess the party entertainer looked to him for some reassurance. He tried unsuccessfully to get the boy to apologise and with a promise that if he was caught hitting again, he'd be removed from the game, pass the parcel carried on.

When the games were over, Husband got chatting with the birthday girl's dad and casually mentioned the hitting incident. It turned out that the little boy had a form of ADHD where he just lashes out and won't apologise. He told him to keep an eye on Toddler. When I heard about this, I asked where his parents were. They had left him at the party himself. I couldn't believe it! Surely knowing your child was prone to lashing out albeit through no fault of his own due to his condition you wouldn't leave him at a kids party.

It turned out that this little boy took a real liking to Toddler and was bouncing with him on the bouncy castle and sitting next to him at snack time. He turned out to be really quite sweet. Apparently though, he had quite a bit of backlash at the school, with one mother threatening to go to the paper if he wasn't removed from the school. I don't know much about ADHD if anything at all but it seemed to me this little boy was crying out for some adult attention.

At the end of the party, the little boy was picked up by his sister after waiting 10 minutes after almost everyone had left. I didn't see any of the kids say goodbye to him. I felt quite sorry for him. I was quite angry that his parents had just left him at the party too. Is it wrong of me to think this was quite irresponsible? Our friend said something that made me think...perhaps they were happy to have break from him for 2 hours.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sleeping on my own

I have sad news to share. My little princess will be moving into her own room tomorrow night. I'm devastated. I knew the day would come when she would leave my little nest and head to her own beautiful room but I didn't think it would come quite as soon. Sometimes I just lie in my bed watching her sleeping until she stirs and I think oh crap...don't wake up! She's so peaceful when she's sleeping and her little mouth goes a mile a minute when she's dreaming, obviously of milk.

I suppose there will be advantages to her going into her own room. For one we won't be woken every time she breaks wind or sighs or coos or cries in the night. I won't have to climb over the cot to get into bed nor will I have to climb over the cot to get out of bed. I'll be able to open my beside table drawers again and see what is living in there. And the be all and end all will be instead of having to drag my duvet downstairs for a bit of nooky, we can just go to bed!

I better make sure my contraception is working properly!

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