Friday, 26 February 2010

Top Tip Friday


Of course these are great for shopping and spending pennies but that's not what I use them for. They are great for Wee Z to sit and look through if I've got some cleaning up to do or whilst he's waiting for his lunch. Miss C also loves to play with them and they can keep her amused for ages. A great game is ripping a page out and scruching it into a ball. Miss C loves the rustly sounds and figuring out how to pull it apart.

You'll know you can get free catalogues from places like Argos, Mothercare and most supermarkets will have their own free magazine so you don't have to spend a penny! And once they have been torn to shreds, you can pop them in the recycling bin.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Top Tip Friday

This week: Muslin Squares

These are so handy to have. You can use them to swaddle baby, pop them over your shoulder when burping baby, as comforters or as sun shades. I used them for all of these things but the best use for them I found was for under the baby's head in the pram or cot.

I simply fold the square in half and then tuck it in at each side of the mattress or pram. This way if baby is sick or dribbles, it catches it and keeps your sheets or pram nice and sick free.

You can pick them up in the supermarket for about £3 for 3. Bargain!

And a fun game with a muslin square is to hide a toy under it and watch baby lift it up and get their toy!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Chris and Pui on stage

On Sunday I mentioned that my friend Mummy N and I were taking Wee Z, Miss C and Miss E to see Chris and Pui live on stage. We went on Monday for the 11am showing at our local theatre. Intitally I was a wee bitty worried about taking Wee Z to see a stage act. I didn't think he would sit and would probably burst into tears as soon as the music came on. I worried about where we would be sitting because if he couldn't see anything then it would be a waste of money. I also had to take Miss C along as the show was right during feeding time and I don't have babysitters. Mummy N told me that Miss E loved Show me Show me and was very excited to see Chris and Pui so I thought maybe if Wee Z sees Miss E sitting nice he'll be fine.

As always I didn't need to worry as Wee Z LOVED seeing Chris and Pui. As soon as they came on stage he did his little shy quite voice and said "Chris and Pui." Miss C loved it too, and even refused to have a big long feed like she would at home. She had her fix within 15 minutes and was back up to join in the fun.

The show itself was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. I've always like Chris and Pui when they presented Bedtime hour on Cbeebies and when they started Show me Show me, I would stick it on for my entertainment alone. The theme of the show was numbers so obviously Wee Z was hooked, shouting out each new number on and asking where the next number was. We sang along to all the songs, jumped up for all the dances and it was a great morning. I'd definitely go again. I had a good giggle at all the jokes for the adults too. 

I was a wee bit disappointed when I didn't see my favourite toys, Miss Mouse, MoMoBot, Toddler Tom, Teddington and Stuffy! But we did meet some new toys including the Hungry Catepillar and Peter and Paul the 2 little dickie birds.

If Chris and Pui are coming to a theatre near you and you haven't got tickets then definitely get them. The show lasted about 80 minutes but it was the best 80 minutes of the day!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Top Tip Friday

I've been loving reading all the parenting tip posts in the blog world recently and I decided I'd start up my own weekly feature, as entitled above. Basically each Friday I'll post a tip that I've found really useful since becoming a mum. Or if I've seen something I think is a Top Tip then I'll post about it along with a link.

High chairs. There are so many to choose from and personally I was rather confused by the whole thing. I'm a bit VERY indecisive at the best of times so looking through the selection in the Mothercare catalogue took more than an afternoon. There were wooden ones that slide up and down and convert into booster seats, ones with comfy lining, reclining options that would put any Lazy Boy to shame and then the most obscure looking things I had ever seen probably designed to improve the baby's posture. Some folded down into nothingness whilst others were so bulky you'd have to eat round it. Finally the prices of some of these things was just outstanding. If you want to spend over a £100 on a high chair then go for it! But unless that high chair can magically clean itself, your kitchen floor and your baby then I can't justify spending that sort of cash. In fact as I browse the Mothercare website just now, I can find highchairs at £250 a pop! Crazy!!!

We eventually settled on the Mothercare equivalent of the Chicco Happy Snack highchair. It was exactly the same chair but £20 cheaper. It had a lovely padded lining with one recline option and adjustable height. It also folded away quite easily and was easy to store. I couldn't wait to get Wee Z in it. Here he is posing it it...

My high chair dream was soon becoming a nightmare. This thing was an absolute horror to clean. Food would get stuck down the creases of the chair and with my furious cleaning habits the lining started to tear. Water from the Tommee Tippee cup would end up inside the tears which eventually led to the padding smelling of mouldy food and it was just gross. Surprisingly, this wasn't over the course of a few years of use; this happened within months of buying the chair. We did go into Mothercare and they replaced the lining for us free of charge which was good of them. In the meantime though I ended up buying a First Years booster seat. It cost me £15 from Tesco and was the best buy. It's plastic and it disbands easily so I can shove it in the dishwasher to clean it. I still use it for Wee Z now and Miss C will be going into when she's big enough.

If you don't fancy a booster seat, Ikea do plastic highchairs for less than £20. I know it might not look as comfortable or exciting as some of the top end high chairs but honestly, baby isn't going to care. You'll thank yourself in the long run when you start weaning.

And if you are going to baby led wean your little angel...well even more reason to choose plastic!

Let me know your thoughts! What highchair did you go for? Do you still love it? Would you recommend it?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

What's your flavour?

Did anyone watch 8 Boys and wanting a girl on Channel 4 last Thursday? I recorded it but was reading all the tweets about it that night and couldn't say I was surprised by some of the comments made about the women on the program, especially when I watched it back.

I'm not going to pass judgement on any of those women. They were honest enough to appear on a TV show that would open them up to public scrutiny because of their desire to have a baby girl. The background of the show was Preimplantation Gender Diagnosis (PGD), a procedure similar to IVF except prior to implantation of the fertilised egg, the sex of the embryo is checked. Parents can then choose whether to go ahead with implantation or discard the embryos. One of the women had successfully undergone PGD and was lucky enough to have become pregnant and gave birth to twin girls. PGD is not legislated in Britain however is available in other countries including many parts of America.

My question is...Would you choose the sex of your baby if you could? Personally I want a designer handbag not a designer baby. I never found out the sex of my first baby, Wee Z. I wanted a surprise and would have been happy with either a boy or a girl. However it didn't stop other family members hinting or point blankly stating what they'd like the baby to be. One of them even went as far to say it's either a boy or a baby. Shouldn't it just matter that the baby is born safely? I did find out the sex of my second baby, Miss C purely for the practical side but again I would have been happier with either flavour. However finding out the sex of your baby once pregnant is different to actually deciding what to have over a petri dish.

I think IVF is a fantastic treatment for those couples who are not fortunate enough to be able to have children naturally. I do feel PGD is going too far though. Maybe I can say that though because I'm lucky to have one of each?

What do you think?

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