Tuesday, 20 April 2010

An Almost Disaster

What is your idea of a nightmare situation? One of mine almost became a living one when, last night, my PC decided it was going to play funny bugger. Do you back up? I always get a prompt from Norton saying I need to back up my files and I always click "remind me later" and never get round to doing it. I've been telling Husband for years that I need to put all the pictures on to disk so I have hard copies of them in case anything (touch wood) ever happens to the PC. It almost came back to bite me in the backside when PC throws up a nasty looking box with a big red X symbol in it. Your hard disk is failing or something like that it tells me. Why does your computer never praise you? It only ever tells you when something is wrong! It would be nice for a message once in awhile with a little smiley face icon and a message saying "Computer is happy, have a nice day!" Anyways, I start to panic! I call Husband through and ask him if he's had this message on his user. He says he hasn't so he goes off to phone our PC expert.

They establish that it's a problem with our hard drive. The brand new one that we've just put in with a gazillion GB in it so I can store all my pictures, videos, documents...basically my life on my PC. The PC is telling me to back everything up then take the hard drive to the manufacturer for them to check it. If I don't back up there is a chance I will loose everything on the drive. Insert an appropriate swear word here! Our PC expert tells us to do something or other to check it and then tells us how to put everything on to disks and also tells us to move everything on to another drive. We have 3...what I need 3 for I don't know but whatever, I'm grateful they are there because chances are not all 3 of them are going to be failing! The PC is going to PC expert this weekend to get checked out so hopefully he can see what is wrong with it and fix it and I can continue to click "remind me later" on my back ups.

For a moment there I was worried that I was going to loose all my pictures of the kids. I'd have been devastated. Those pictures document everything they have ever done, first smiles, first teeth, first steps. Christmas and birthday pictures, visits to Bella and visits to the zoo. You think because you now have the luxury of a digital camera and a PC to store the photos on that they won't ever run the risk of being burnt in a house fire because they aren't paper. But you do forget that a PC is just after all a machine and it's programmed to function a certain way and that sometimes, these things can be a bit temperamental! So lesson of the week is BACK UP!!!!! And to be extra cautious back up your back up!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Do you keep secrets?

Last night Husband and I sat down to catch up on our recordings with a nice cup of tea. We decided to watch last weekend's episode of 24 and House from a fortnight ago.

House struck a particular note with me and if anyone saw the episode you'll know why. If you didn't then it it's definitely worth watching when it repeats. This episode, Private Lives, told the tale of a fanatical blogger. She blogged about absolutely everything, including her heated arguments with her partner. Her partner wasn't happy about the way she used her blog to deal with their relationship problems. He didn't mind her blogging, he just didn't want to be written about. She becomes seriously ill and continues to blog about her treatment and condition. At one point in the episode, she is sitting in bed writing on her blog whilst her friend is sitting in a chair beside her reading her blog. It becomes almost too much for her partner when she has to make a life changing decision and turns to her readers for advice instead of talking to him about it.

I don't consider myself a fanatical blogger, more a once in awhile type of girl. I do log in every night and I love to read other blogs and I will comment when I relate to something or if I can offer some advice on something. Blogging is a fantastic tool to help you air your concerns, share your news or just to feel part of a community! I love to write and love to share my stories but I do think there is a point where a bit of privacy is needed. Some things you just need to keep to yourself. Similarly I'm very aware of how I blog about my family and friends. I have to respect that they are individuals who perhaps don't want their lives spread across the Internet. Of course blogging can offer you some anonymity in which case perhaps you can blog about everything and anything. My family and friends read my blog so I would never write something that could hurt them unless I had spoken to them about it first.

How do you use your blog?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Welcome to the world Miss C

May 23rd, I'm in the hairdressers having my hair done and I start to feel quite strange. My tummy is aching every now and then, it's like period pain. It seems to come and go and I assume it's just braxton hicks like I've been having for a few weeks now. By the time I get back from the hairdressers, the pains are getting more frequent. I decide to phone the hospital for some advice. I never went in to labour with Wee Z because I was induced so it's all a bit new to me. They tell me to come in to get checked out so off I go...

It's a false alarm however the DR has decided to bring me in for an induction as I'm starting to break out in a rash and it maybe similar to what I had whilst pregnant with Wee Z. The induction is booked for May 27th at 2pm.

From Sunday to Tuesday I partake in any activity recommended to naturally induce labour in a hope that I can go myself. I want to experience the rush to the hospital, my waters breaking, Husband timing contractions...It doesn't work. Nothing!...Nope not even THAT! On 27th May I drop Wee Z and Daddy off at the park to met Uncle R and his kids whilst I drive myself to hospital to be induced. I'm excited! I know the next time I drive my car my baby girl will be with us. I'm admited to the ward and left to get comfy. It's lovely to see some of the midwives who were there when I had Wee Z, one of them even remembers me. I'm in a room with 2 other ladies who are also being induced. They have their partners there which is hard. I wish Husband was with me but we don't have anyone free to look after Wee Z, so I'm left with a copy of OK! for company. A midwife comes round to give me my gel to get me started. It's 4.36pm. The midwife tells me they will check me again tomorrow morning at 7am. I have to lie down for half an hour and then I can go for a walk. At 5.06pm off I go for a long walk. I end up back in my room at 6.30pm with my dinner (turkey, chips and cauliflower cheese!) and Hollyoaks. After dinner I decided to go for another walk, I call Husband and say goodnight to Wee Z and then have a shower. I make some tea and toast and get ready to go to bed. When I was induced with Wee Z it took 2 days. It's going to be a long night.

It's 9.30pm and I'm watching The Apprentice. My bum is aching. It feels like there is this huge pressure force just pushing down on me. I call the midwife and I'm hooked up on to the heart/contraction monitor. After 2 hours and some paracetmol I'm told I'm definitely contracting...no kidding! The midwife calls the DR to come and check me. The DR is in theatre so I have to wait until 12.30am. I'm knackered. I knew I should have slept earlier. When the DR arrives she tells me I'm about 2cms dilated. Off I go to labour ward to get my waters broken. I phone Husband. He can't quite believe it's happening quite so quickly. Infact, he has only just gone to bed. Best friend is staying over to look after Wee Z.

At 1.30am my waters are broken. I'm coping well myself so my midwife just lets me get on with it. I'm a bit annoyed because I just want to get up and walk about but they insist on keeping me on the monitor. The contractions start to get stronger and stronger so I ask for some gas and air. Woooo! I feel like I'm in a club, music thumping and I'm pretty much bungalowed after 10 minutes. Much better. It's about 3am but to be honest I'm so out of it I'm not aware of anything. The contractions start getting worse. It's at this point I become a bit hysterical...or so I'm told. I want an epidural. The midwife checks me. I'm only 3 cms dilated. In 3 hours I have only moved 1 cm!!!! Husband's face drops. He's in for a long night with no sleep! She tells me to try and hold off for an hour so off I go back to my gas and air. 30 minutes later and I'm crying for something else. How do these women do it all naturally??? They deserve a medal!!! Unlucky for me the Anaesthetist is in theatre so I have to wait at least 30 minutes. They offer me morphine which I'm all for but Husband isn't too keen. "Well, what about the baby, we didn't really want to have that." "I think if your wife wants something for the pain you should just let her have it. The effects are quite minimal if any." It's about 4.30am when I get my morphine. "Give it 20 minutes to work!"

I'm lying back down now. I feel a bit abused because when the nurse was trying to put a drip in for me she made a mess of it which made my wrist swell up and is now bruising. They never put the drip in after all the hassle. Suddenly I feel this overwhelming need to push. Wild horses couldn't stop me! It's not sore, it's just a need. I'm really quiet...apparently I didn't tell the midwife I needed to push. They quickly realise that little baby is about to make an appearance and they are still sitting drinking their cups of tea. I don't give them very long to dress the place as it were. I think it was about 2 pushes and she was out. Instantly I was alert. The woozy, cloudy head feeling had vanished. And there lying on my chest was my beautfiul little girl. Well done me!

Miss C was born on May 28th at 4.57am weighing 6lbs 14oz. She is just perfect in everyway!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Hot Cross Mummy...keep those eggs away!

It's almost Easter time again. Easter...the holiday that never falls on the same weekend every year. Infact, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas are the only holidays that fall on the same date every year. (Please correct me if I'm wrong...) I like Easter because I get to enjoy the bank holidays...can you guess where I work?

I'm not a religious person so we don't go to Church for Easter. It really is just about having an Easter egg and painting hard boiled eggs and rolling them down a big hill. To be honest though, I'm not really into Easter and would sooner the day passed by unnoticed. Especially when the family insist on buying the kids an Easter egg...


Wee Z is 2. He doesn't need 5 or 6 Easter eggs. Mummy and Daddy buy him 1 that we all share and that should be suffice! AND Miss C is only 10 months old. She doesn't have chocolate at all. "Oh but they'll be missing out!" Not if they don't get it forced upon them every year that they need all these chocolate eggs to scoff until they are sick! It would be much more beneficial if those who wanted to buy them something for their Easter to give me the £1 they would spend on an egg and I could put it in their banks. That will be much more useful to them in the long run. Am I being too harsh? Am I taking the fun out of Easter? Like I said before, I'm not a religious person however after going to Church when I was younger and having read the Bible, perhaps some people out there would say the real reason behind Easter is being lost because it, like a lot of our other holidays, is being made far too commercial?

Back to the matter at hand...

The most inconsiderate thing about the family buying all these eggs is that it will be me who has to eat them all. So please, dearest family, whilst we appreciate the thought and effort of going and choosing an egg, dropping it off and encouraging my 2 year old to eat chocolate even though Mummy said NO, please, can we just have the £1? Or better yet, don't get anything. Just a visit and perhaps a walk to the park would be nice. Thank you!

Happy Easter holidays to everyone!

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