Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A typical Sunday - The Gallery Style

The theme for The Gallery this week was One Day in August. Everyone had to take a photo on the same date and then post the photo. Tara chose 29th August. This was a Sunday so I decided to take photos of what a typical Sunday morning looks like in my house. The photos are all date stamped so no cheating here!

Miss C is back in bed...lucky girl!
Wee Z is, erm, well I don't really know what he's doing here!
Husband is making lunch...yum!
My washing is hanging out to dry.
Even the toys are in bed...wish it was me!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A few accidents

Wee Z had his first 2 full days at nursery last week. It's been an eventful 2 weeks since he started nursery. Wee Z has been using the toilet since he was about 30 months old and had been doing great up until last week. Whilst I was working one day last week, Wee Z was watching his new favourite movie, Star Wars. Husband noticed that he was damp and it transpired he had wet himself. Husband questioned him and he said he hadn't wanted to miss Star Wars. Wee Z has a reward chart and he gets a happy face whenever he uses the toilet so Husband put up a sad face because he had wet himself and told him he had to go to the toilet if he needed.

The next day his friend Miss E came to visit and he wet himself whilst she was there. He just stood there and did it. Husband explained to him he had to go to the toilet if he needed to and he drew another sad face on his chart. We felt bad for being so straight with him but he's not a silly boy, he knows he should be going to the toilet and to just stand there and go is just taking the piss. (Excuse the pun!)

I took him to nursery on Thursday and asked his teacher to keep an eye on him in case he didn't go to the toilet. When I picked him up she said he'd been fine and it wasn't until I got home and he went to the toilet that I noticed he had wet himself. I asked him when he had done the toilet and he said he had done it whilst having his snack at nursery. He said he hadn't wanted to miss his snack. I explained to him that if he needs the toilet he has to go whenever he feels he has to and that whatever he was doing when he needed would still be there when he came back.

On Friday I dropped him off at nursery and told his teacher he had been wet when we came home. She was horrified she hadn't noticed. She sat with him and told him he had to tell her if he needed because he'd end up with a sore bum if he kept doing the toilet in his pants. When I picked him up he had been fine and his pants were dry. Since then he has been really good again, going whenever he needs and getting lots of happy faces on his chart. Obviously the change and all the excitement was getting a bit much and he didn't want to miss anything but hopefully it's settled down now.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Gallery - A photo I am proud of

It may be slightly predictable but I am most definitely proud of this photo. I'm proud to be the mother and wife to these 3 incredibly important people in my life. I'm proud of the man who became a father to my beautiful children. I am proud of the 2 children who have made us better people.

This picture is a post for The Gallery. The theme this week is A Photo I am Proud of.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It's the Final

Yes I will be tuning in to Big Brother tonight. I would love to see Josie or Dave win! (If you haven't been watching, you'll have no idea who these people are of course!) I find Josie to be really down to earth and bubbly and I like the way Dave goes on.

I'm also really excited for Ultimate Big Brother. Who will be going back in?? I'd like to see Pete Bennett from BB7 and Brian Belo from BB8 go back in. They were really funny to watch. I also liked Spencer from BB3 who had a thing with Kate Lawler, he'd be my bit of eye candy! My favourite housemate though has to be BB2 winner Brian Dowling. He was hilarious and I think he'd be a big hit in Ultimate Big Brother.

Once Ultimate Big Brother finishes then it's off our TV screens for good! Although I am a Big Brother fan, I'd be quite happy to see it end after this series. The show has been really good this year, the tasks really good and I definitely think it should end now on a high!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The first day

I didn't cry. There was a small tear in my eye as we walked Wee Z to his first day of nursery, but I was more excited and happy for him. It's also an opportunity for me to meet more people, other parents. Having not grown up where I live, I've had to make friends through work or from meeting people at mother and toddler groups or online. So I'm excited to meet more new people and excited for Wee Z to start making friends at nursery. Hopefully these will be friends he will have for life.

He was only in nursery for an hour today and he goes back tomorrow for an hour and a half. He loved playing with all the toys and enjoyed his snack. I was delighted for him. I didn't want to hear that he had missed us or was upset at being left alone. One little boy was so distraught, his parents had to come back and take him home. I would have been so upset for Wee Z if that had been him.

I wasn't nervous about leaving him but then, my MIL works in the nursery. I guess having her in there and having met the staff before, I knew he would be in good hands. His teacher said he had been no trouble at all and he didn't want to leave when we came to collect him. Eventually I convinced him to leave his playdoh creation to cook in the microwave and as he was leaving, he gave his teacher a big hug and said "See you tomorrow!"

And I still didn't cry! I was beaming at my clever boy who is growing up so quickly into a sociable little character.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Gallery - Memories

I'm the eldest of 6 granddaughters. There's myself, my cousin V, my sister P, my cousin R (who's V's sister), my cousin N and my little sister K. Some of my best memories growing up were shared with my cousins and my sister P. K is a fair bit younger than us so she was still to young to get up to mischief with us when we were growing up.

My Grandparents owned a large guest house in Carnoustie, just outside Dundee. With my sister and I living overseas for quite a few years, we didn't see our cousins a lot so when we moved back, we spent every summer or holiday we could at the guest house. We used to play hide and seek which could last hours. We used to go horse riding together or strawberry picking. There was the time my Grandma took us swimming and had us all dressed in the same swimming costumes so she could spot us all. My Grandparents also owned a pub in Brought Ferry and were known for their karaokes. We were never shy of getting up to sing, rein-acting the Spice Girls classics.

When we moved to Manchester, it became harder to see my cousins. There was one weekend though when we were all reunited. My Dad was coming to visit us and surprised us by bringing along my cousins. I remember we were dropped off at his hotel and my cousins were huddled together at a table, waiting to see if we would spot them. At first I didn't recognise them as it had been at least a year since I had seen them all and I did a double take. When we realised it was them, we were shouting and laughing and hugging!

This photo was taken when we all went out for dinner that night. Unfortunately my little sister K couldn't come but it was nice to be reunited with my cousins and we had a great evening. The restaurant even had karaoke! It just makes me smile when I see this photo because it reminds me of how much fun we all used to have.

Friday, 13 August 2010

The one where I miss my baby bump!

Everywhere I look there are baby bumps. I counted at least 3 today when I was doing my shopping. Make that 4 if you count the one I spotted coming out of the pram centre.

I never really used to notice pregnant women before I had Wee Z and Miss C. A bit like you don't notice the abundance of prams in the town centre until you have to push one. But now I can't seem to miss them at all. Are they calling me to join them? Or are they just there to taunt me?

I really miss having a baby bump. Of course having my 2 children is even better but I think only a woman can understand what it's like just to be pregnant. You get used to carrying your baby everywhere with you. Only you know when your baby is kicking, hiccuping or doing somersaults. You don't have to share your baby with anyone. I remember placing my hand on my tummy for days after Wee Z was born, waiting for him to kick then realising he wasn't in there anymore, he was looking at me. I guess your baby becomes such a big part of you for those 40 weeks that it's only natural to miss it when the bump is gone.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

As long as they Sleep!

Did anyone else watch "Who knows best? Kids won't Sleep" on Tuesday night? The show put 2 "sleep experts" to the test, both who believed in different approaches to getting children to sleep, to see who would come out on top. One method was the soft love approach and the other was the tough approach.I could see both sides of the sleep battle, agreeing with some of the things one of the experts said but then agreeing with something the other one had said. I don't think there is any right or wrong method to get your child to sleep, but I've always admired the approach of The Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg and of Supernanny Jo Frost. I won't tell you who actually won in case you are going to watch it but thought I would share my experiences with getting my 2 to sleep.

Wee Z slept through from when he was about 5 weeks old. By sleeping through I mean from 11pm until about 6am. He had a dummy and slept in a crib next to our bed until he was 4 months old. I used to lie a muslin cloth under his head which he started to use as a comforter from about 2 months. As he got older he started to sleep from about 8pm until 6am and maybe an extra hour or so once he was on solids. He was never bothered with teething during the night and would only wake during the night if he was feeling unwell. There were the few times he would grunt because he couldn't find his dummy but once he got older I stopped going in to give it to him so that he would learn to fall back asleep without it. I had to take his muslin comforter away from him when he was about 7 months old because he started trying to put it in his mouth and I was scared he might end up choking himself with it. He stopped his bottle feeds when he was a year old but continued with his dummy until he moved into his toddler bed at the age of 19 months. This was when it got hard to get him to sleep. We decided that we would take his dummy from him when he moved into his toddler bed. He wasn't using it at all during the day or for nap times and I thought it would be better to remove it whilst we did the big change so we didn't upset him in further weeks.

The first night we sat in his bed and read his books, tucked him in and walked out the room, keeping the door partly open. I sat in my own room so I could hear for him coming out. He did come out, almost an hours worth of running out his room and me walking him back in before he fell asleep. I explained to him the first few times that it was sleepy time and then after that I would just walk him back to his bed, tuck him in and walk out. This went on for about 5 nights but each night the times were reducing. By the end of the week I had Wee Z off his dummy and sleeping in his big boy bed. He sleeps from about 7.30pm until 7am every night and will only wake if he's had a bad dream. He comes through to our room and jumps into bed for a cuddle and then I take him back through to bed, reassure him and then go back to my own bed.

Miss C slept through from 6 months old. She has never taken a dummy (even when I did try to get her to take one) and stayed in our room until she was 6 months old and stopped waking for night feeds. As I was feeding her myself I decided to keep her in our room to save me having to wake too much to go and get her from her own room. She naturally slept through herself and when she moved in to her own room there was no fuss at all. Miss C does have a comforter and a teddy that she loves to fall asleep with and as she's not tried to eat them like Wee Z did, I let her keep these. She still has her bed time feed before she goes to bed but very rarely falls asleep taking it. I figured I'd just do what I did with Wee Z and once I move her into her toddler bed, I'll stop the feed and just persevere for the first week or so. Miss C sleeps from about 8pm until 6.30am or thereabouts but there have been mornings were I've had to go in to wake her up!

I think a bed time routine has really helped both my children learn about bed time and going to sleep. We have a bath every night (the mess these 2 get into, I just have to!) and Wee Z has his books in bed before he gets tucked in. Miss C has her milk and then goes to bed with her comforter and her musical teddy and within 5 minutes both are asleep. I've always said that no matter what else I have to do with my kids, I am not messing about when it comes to sleep. I love my sleep too much! So either us going into parenthood knowing we wanted to get our kids to sleep has worked for us or I've just been really, really lucky!

Monday, 2 August 2010


This week for The Gallery, Nurture Store are linking up with Tara at Sticky Fingers. The theme is playtime!

Playtime for me is about using your imagination. We've been on walks and spotted dragons in trees. We have a magic bunny who we chase to get him back in his hat. Wee Z has quite a few imaginary friends including a dog called Daniel who we give magic dog treats to. If you let your imagination grow then you can have all sorts of fun.

I also like to go to soft play or parks when the weather is nice. The fresh air does us all wonders and both are good activities to tire the kids out.

When the weather isn't so good then I may bring out the paints or colouring books. There is something really peaceful about sitting and colouring in. Sometimes we get the playdoh out or we'll sit and read books. Wee Z and Miss C like to sit under the highchair and with a cover or towel over the top of it, it becomes their tent and they go camping.

And when all else fails, a trusty old cardboard box keeps them amused for ages!

Even cats like playing with a box
Wee Z "Room for a small one?"

Miss C the Jack in the Box

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