Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Food - The Gallery

I love food. Fact. My favourite food of all is pasta. I also love to bake. Wee Z has started to really enjoy helping me to bake too and then enjoy the end result. Cake!

Little marshmallow cakes Top Hats

Shortbread shapes
Fairy cakes with buttercream icing and sprinkles
With cash being tight at the beginning of this year, we decided to make Daddy a birthday cake. It was a lovely sponge cake with a buttercream and raspberry jam filling and a buttercream topping with chocolate buttons to finish it off.

Baked the cake just about to put it together

Daddy's birthday cake

Monday, 27 September 2010

So I'm half way to being OLD?

I turn 25 in a week's time. Twenty five! Scary. I didn't think this was old until Wee Z turned round to me and said the following;

Pointing at the bowling centre, "Mummy, where are the people playing in there?"

"I think they'll be outside playing bowls."

"I have to be older to play in there, don't I Mummy?"

"Yes you do."

"Can you play in there Mummy?"

"What do you think, am I old enough to play in there?"

"No Mummy you're not old enough just like me. You're 25 on your birthday!"

"That's right. So when do you think I'll be old enough to play in there then?"

He was being very thoughtful of his answer and didn't reply for a few seconds and then said, "When you're 30 Mummy, that's old enough!"

Hmmm, thanks son!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Smile - The Gallery

Apparently you use more muscles to frown that you do to smile...or so Husband tells me.

I'm going to be rather predictable with my Gallery entry this week and choose photos of my children smiling. It's that good old saying that they can drive you crazy all day, have you ripping your hair out and banging your head off a wall and then...they smile. You melt.

Miss C at 3 and a bit months

Wee Z at around 20 months

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I'm feeling ambitious

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone in. September already?? Almost October?? Really??? When I was younger I felt like a day used to drag by and now I blink and it's the end of the week.

I started thinking more about where I'm heading in life. I'm 25 next week but sometimes I really feel a lot older and that I really need to get a move on and do the things I want to do in life. Twenty five is NOT old but time is going by so quickly I'll be 35 in the matter of a couple of blinks and my kids will be having kids in a matter of sleeps! Scary!

I was considering going back to university and doing nursing but with the way things are looking in the world, I think I'm better staying where I am and pursuing my career there. I can't afford not to work. I enjoy my job and know I can do it well so it's not like I'm stuck doing something I hate, lucky me! I do want to pursue nursing and perhaps once the kids grow up and I have more time to myself, I can volunteer in the hospital and maybe go to university part time.

I also want to pursue my hobbies more. I love writing and decided to dedicate this blog purely to writing. I'll be trying my hand at short stories, poems and hoping you'll enjoy them but I will appreciate any feedback you deem appropriate. I've said before I want to write a book and maybe even try a children's book. I was sorting through Miss C's clothes today and was thinking how much I'd love to be able to customise clothes for her. I'm no dab hand with a sewing machine but I love crystals and glitter and sparkles and am sure I could stick a few on a t-shirt and make it look pretty. I also want to practise my cooking more. The sky really is the limit, I just need to get some wings on and fly towards it.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celebration - The Gallery

Although I have been christened, I am not a religious person. Nor is Husband. There was never going to be a big christening for any children we had, no fancy gown or head wetting. However we did want to mark the birth of Wee Z and we chose to have a naming ceremony.

On November 10th 2007 we put on our fancy frocks and suits and surrounded by family and friends, we had a naming ceremony to officially name and welcome Wee Z into the family. This was one of the photos taken after the ceremony at the party. I thought it was a lovely photo of my side of the family spanning over 3 generations and features the 2 new at the time additions, Wee Z and my cousin's beautiful daughter Miss A.

Celebrating life...New and old

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Getting creative with Mega Bloks

There is nothing better than a rainy day to play inside with some building blocks. We decided to get our thinking hats on and build something for a bit of fun but also to enter into a fantastic competition over at Who's the Mummy? blog.

We had to build something using Mega Bloks which we have in abundance in our house. Here's how we got on in pictures:

Wee Z and Miss C deciding what to build
A lovely tower
Helping Daddy with our masterpiece
Our competition entry, a giraffe!
He might not be the most creative masterpiece but the kids loved helping build him! However, with Miss C loving to destroy things at the moment, he didn't last long.

The stand off

It's a beautiful Sunday morning. The air is crisp and the sun is shining. The washing is hanging out and blowing in the gentle breeze. You're happy because you don't have to rush to work or do a school run.

Suddenly your happy bubble is burst by the wailing of a child. Who does that child belong to? What's all the fuss about? You turn around and realise that the wailing child who is disturbing all the peace at the early hours of 9am on a Sunday morning is, in fact, yours.

The stand off started at 9.30am and didn't end until 10.10am. Forty minutes!

It started when we were heading out the door to go to the corner shop to get breakfast rolls. Wee Z wanted to bring his umbrella. He got to use it for the first time a few days ago when it was raining and he thought it was great so he's been wanting to use it all the time. I told him he couldn't bring it because it wasn't raining and it was too windy so it would get damaged. He wanted it to keep the sun out his face so I said he could bring his sunglasses. As I was walking out the garden, he realised I didn't have the buggy board. Whilst I think the buggy board is a genius invention it is also the biggest hindrance of my life. We do a lot of walking so I always bring the board unless we're going up to the shop. It is literally a 2 minute walk there and back. Wee Z has become so reliant on the buggy board that he refuses to walk anywhere. I guess I shot myself in the foot by not bringing it but I'm fed up of him being so lazy when I know he can walk fine without it. Cue tantrum from Wee Z. He screamed for his buggy board all the way to the shop. I can ignore a tantrum when I'm out and about which enrages him even more so he ran up and started hitting me.

When we got to the shop I stood outside and came down to him to ask him to calm down before he came in the shop. He refused so I told him he would have to wait outside until I came out if he couldn't be quiet. He decided he was going to stay outside (much to my horror) and scream even more. The shop keeper asked me what was wrong with him and I just smiled and said he was just in a bad mood. He then started to scream that he needed to pee. I knew he didn't, he was just trying to get my attention but the woman in the shop got awfully concerned that I was prepared to let him wet himself. When I left the shop, he stopped saying he needed a pee and started shouting for the buggy board again. A mother always knows her child...!

I started to walk ahead of him all the while he continued to scream blue murder. I was feeling really embarrassed but I was not prepared to give in to him and start shouting at him. I knew he was fine because I could hear him coming after me. One guy did walk past with someone and said "God what a noise!" and that did make me flinch a bit but obviously he doesn't have children.

We eventually got to the end of my road and Wee Z decided this was where he was going to put his foot down, clearly fed up of following Mummy. I walked back to my house and took Miss C inside and that was when the stand off began. Wee Z stood at the bottom of the road shouting me to come and get him. I stood at my gate and asked him to come to the house. I called him a couple of times and when he refused, I went in so he couldn't see me. I was hoping this might get him to come back but Wee Z was keen to prove how stubborn he could be. A few of my neighbours were walking passed and either said nothing or were very supportive. Every time I went back into my garden and came back out I noticed he had moved ever so slightly closer to the house so I continued to stand my ground. I don't know if this was the right or wrong thing to do but I kept telling myself that I was not going to let my 3 year old son tell me what to do.

After forty minutes of screaming at me to come and get him, he slowly made his way to the gate where I took him by the hand and brought him into the house. I was exhausted, he was exhausted and we were both rather fed up. He said sorry and I said that was OK but in future he had to do as Mummy asked. And just like that it was all forgotten!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

15 months

This has to be my favourite age so far. The time in which your baby becomes a toddler but hasn't quite reached the terrible 2s stage. I love it!

Miss C is now 15 months and she is just adorable. She's been walking for about 6 weeks now and is getting really quick, almost chasing after her brother. She can climb the stairs and tries to bum shuffle down them. She's feeding herself with her cutlery, although it can still be a bit messy and if it's slowing her down the spoon or fork gets tossed to one side and she'll use her hands.

She loves to sing along to nursery rhymes and has started doing all the actions to some of her favourites like "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and "If you're happy and you know it.." She also loves to dance and shakes her arms round and moves her hips from side to side.

She's started using some words like dog or doggie, cat, car, duck and teddy. She can say Daddy and Mummy and she can almost say her brother's name but can't quite manage the Z in his name yet. She loves to give cuddles and she can blow you a kiss. She waves hello and good bye and puts her hand out for you to take it so she can take you somewhere. If you get the camera out she says cheese so you can take her picture. She loves all her toys and won't be seen without at least one of them in her arms as she goes exploring.

She does throw the occasional tantrum when things don't go her way or when Wee Z steals something she's playing with but they are short lived, thankfully. She really is a rather adorable, gorgeous little girl and if I could keep her just like this forever then I would.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My pregnancy ailments

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how much I missed having a baby bump. Then last night I noticed on Facebook a few people who are pregnant mentioning their various pregnancy ailments and I got to thinking about what I don't miss about being knocked up.
  • Frequent visits to the toilet especially during the night. The most annoying part was that often it was just a trickle of pee that was needed!
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Constant nausea. I suffered really badly with nausea, especially with Miss C. I know people suffer from morning sickness (or any sickness!) and I was envying those people because I just couldn't be sick!
  • Lack of sleep leading on too...
  • Feeling really tired
  • Crying over the silliest of things! I remember howling at a margarine advert! Why? Ask the hormones!
  • Sore and leaky boobs
  • Having blood taken at your check ups
  • Not being able to eat the things you really love. A bacon roll without a runny egg...sacrilege!
  • Uncontrollably wind
  • Heartburn
  • Breathlessness
Even so, it is only 9 months of suffering and for a little bundle at the end of it...I'd do it all again tomorrow!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The caterpillar who came for lunch

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of our favourite books. Wee Z knows the full story off by heart and Miss C is starting to get into the book aswell. We love the little caterpillar who becomes a big fat caterpillar and then turns into a beautiful butterfly! So you can imagine our excitement when the caterpillar himself came to visit us on Friday!

Wee Z holding the caterpillar!
We set him free in the grass after offering him some chocolate cake!

Friday, 3 September 2010

A grand day out

On Monday we decided to have a fun day out. Don't get me wrong, we make the effort to go out every weekend but it's usually to the park or Daddy takes Wee Z swimming and I take Miss C for a walk or we'll play together at home. This bank holiday Monday though we decided to head up to Xscape centre in Braehead for lunch and then soft play.

We piled into the car as Miss E was coming along for the day too. It was nice for Wee Z to have a friend along with him. I was squished in between 2 car seats in the back (I do not like the back seat unless...!) and Wee Z got to sit in the front and be co-driver to Daddy. Miss E made me laugh asking why Husband was driving and not me as she told me it was her Mummy that sat in the driver's seat in her car hehe! The drive up was filled with Whys? and look a big truck and a big bus and Wow a cow! When we got near to Xscape, Daddy pointed out the big X sign and they started to get very excited, bless them.

They were raring to go as soon as we got out the car. We decided to go to Pizza Hut for lunch and after a quick walk round the centre to see where the soft play was, we went to the ski slopes to watch the skiers and snowboarders slide down the snow. It was freezing!

Lunch was enjoyed and then off we went to soft play. The soft play opened back in April of this year and we'd been meaning to go for awhile as I'd heard it was quite good. The kids weren't disappointed! There was a huge bit for them to play in with slides and tubes to climb through and a ball pit. There was a smaller area for the under 4s to go into and Miss C enjoyed throwing balls in the ball pit and climbing up the slide like her big brother. We stayed there for about 2 and a half hours and I was ready for a nap.

We piled back into the car and within 10 minutes all Daddy could hear was the sound of 3 snoring beauties and an even louder Mummy! That is why I let Daddy drive!

Best behaviour in the delivery room

I read an article on Yahoo today that made me chuckle. Ten things your husband shouldn't do in the delivery room.

I had quite a long labour with Wee Z and as a smoker, Husband was struggling without his cigs. He had a patch on as he was trying to stop smoking but I guess the stress of seeing me in labour got to him and whilst I was sleeping he was nipping out for a sneaky cigarette. Otherwise, he was pretty well behaved. He was very attentive asking me if I needed a drink or if I wanted the fan on. When it came down to the actual giving birth he was really supportive and encouraging.

With Miss C, my labour was fairly quick and again Husband was very supportive. We were watching TV and chatting. He was rubbing my back when I had a contraction and endured the pain of me digging my nails into his hands and my pushing my feet off his legs.

I tried to get him to misbehave by having some gas and air or sneaking me some of his cup of tea but he was for none of it.

The only thing I didn't want him to do whilst I was in labour was tell me if I had pooed. Infact I think I asked him just to not look in that general direction until the baby had come out. From the way it felt, if he had seen I think he would have been put off for life!!

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