Monday, 27 February 2012

Getting Back On The Healthy Wagon

Today is the day I decided that enough is enough and I'm going to cut out all the junk I eat from my diet...including cakes...gosh it hurts just to write it.

I tell a small lie, I'm not completely cutting them out of my diet, only on a Monday to Friday basis, birthdays excluded.

I used to be really quite good with what I ate. During the week I would eat really healthily, exercising regularly and then at the weekend I would allow myself treats such as crisps, chocolate, cake or sweets. Since having the kids though, I've been munching rubbish during the week too. Not so much crisps or chocolate or sweets...mainly cakes at soft play or toast and chocolate spread for supper. With Husband working backshift, he comes home with pizza or curry and it's really hard to resist temptation and not have a piece...usually I fail!

Before Christmas I'd been really good at avoiding junk during the week and then we had the Christmas holidays and we took a break from our healthy eating plan and replaced this with selection boxes and tins of sweets at regular intervals. I think I must have put on a good 3 or 4lbs over the festivities! I haven't been able to get back on the healthy eating wagon since.

I've continued exercising but I definitely need to watch what I'm eating more as I can feel the metabolism of the young 20 year old slowly morphing into the metabolism of an approaching late 20s coming in. It's not good. I know I'm not overweight and I definitely don't feel I need to lose a lot of weight; I just need to tone up a bit more.

Cutting out these snacks is going to be hard. As I write this I'm dreaming about chocolate spread on toast and thinking "well I did just sweat buckets for 40 minutes, maybe a little snack won't hurt!" but I have to be strong. Willpower...!

Wish me luck! Give me giving up the fags any day...!


Chloe Brewer said...

I wish you luck hun! Stay strong!!! x

LauraCYMFT said...

Thank you :) x

Helen Williams said...

How is your healthy eating getting on? I'm really struggling at the moment with enthusiasm to do exercise. I feel it may be connected to how much sugar I'm eating (mainly chocolate). Do you feel more energised to exercise when you cut out the sugary food? I'm at a healthy weight, but need to tone up (and I know how you feel about having to put more effort in when the late twenties come!) and would like to lose an extra 4lb. But it won't budge unless I do exercise, but I can never be bothered! Would be nice to know how you've been getting on!

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