Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekSeven

I love waking up on a Sunday morning and seeing the sun shining brightly outside and my clock saying it's almost 11am. Those were the sights I was greeted with last Sunday! After peeling myself out of my bed, the kids and I went for a walk to the park. We explored the nature trails and found tiny acorns and the first signs of Spring coming. We were covered in mud which is always a sign of a fun day out.

On Monday we did the same thing again - headed to the park. This time we went with our next door neighbour and her kids. We knocked on the castle door to see if the ghosts were home and visited the goats, sheep, cows and rabbits in the animal area. We were so tired when we got home, and so cold too, we decided to have a yummy hot chocolate from the Tassimo machine! Yum!

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and love was flowing through our house. Wee Z and Miss C each got 2 cards, I got 2 cards and Husband got a whopping 5 cards...4 from the kids and 1 from me.

On Wednesday I had a big clear out in Wee Z's room by getting rid of some of his clothes that don't fit him anymore. I thought I was doing well I had managed to empty half his wardrobe and then I discovered 2 bags of brand new clothes waiting to be hung up! My purse was happy though as it now means I don't have to buy him any new clothes for a year or so!

On Thursday Wee Z had his friend from nursery over; Miss M who also has a little sister the same age as Miss C. They enjoyed lunch together and then went on a zombie finding spree before blasting off into space in the rocket tent. It's lovely to see Wee Z developing friendships with other children!

On Friday we went out for lunch to our favourite Italian restaurant. Husband and I usually go there for our anniversary but it is also a nice place to go for lunch. The food is always yummy and it isn't too expensive either. After lunch we collected Little J from next door to go swimming and met up with Mama N and Wee J. Husband did most of the swimming with the kids whilst Mama N and I chatted at the heated part of the pool. Miss C hasn't been swimming in awhile as she usually has ballet on a Friday however ballet was off for the half term break. Miss C is definitely a fish to water aa towards the end of the swim, she was swimming to me without her armbands on.

On Saturday Wee Z had karate and it was his first lesson wearing his karate suit. He was very excited to wear it and looked super cute in it! He also got his first tab on his belt because he is doing very well. He needs 2 more tabs on his white belt before he can move up to his yellow belt and he'll be there in no time if he carries on the way he is. Very proud Mummy and Daddy! After lunch we went to the library and then headed round to see Papa at his house before heading home to collapse on the couch!

What a busy week it was!


Actually Mummy said...

Yay the daffodils are coming! Your kids look like such happy people :)

Susan Mann said...

What a great week. I love wee Z in his karate outfit. The boys started Tae Kwon Do yesterday and loved it. x

LauraCYMFT said...

LOL I think I just capture them when they happen to be doing something they like...although yes mostly they are quite happy :)

LauraCYMFT said...

Thanks :) It's great seeing them enjoying doing something like a hobby or activity. Here's hoping they stick to it x

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