Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentines Day Card Making

We spent the afternoon making some Valentine's Day cards.

Card-making is about one of the only crafts I can do and even then my cards are pretty questionable. My Mum loves making cards and has a real knack for choosing pretty, glittery things and gently placing them on the card whereas I cut bits out, use super-glue and make a real mess of things.

For today, I had 2 jobs: cutting-out and spelling assistance.

We used 2 A4 sized pieces of white card, some coloured tissue paper, coloured foam paper, coloured foil paper, glittery flowers and stickers. Pens, super-glue (as I'd ran out of normal glue) and scissors were also used.

Sparkly like!
After folding the card in half, Wee Z set about attacking it with stickers
A lovely foil heart (notice my lack of cutting skills)
Wee Z decided to use some silver foil paper to stick inside the card. That way when the person opens the card they will see themselves and know the card is for them. Ahhh clever and frugal, what a boy!

I cut out some tissue paper flowers...or stars?!
I wonder who this could be for?!

We can't tell you who the card is for though or that would ruin the surprise.


Notmyyearoff said...

I love stuff that involves glitter, they look lovely!

Kelly said...

Bless your little ones, they certainly look like they are having fun!

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