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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Ideal Mother's Day

On Sunday it is Mother's Day, a day to spoil your Mum and show her how much you love her and think of her. Of course, I always say you don't need a set day to tell someone just how much they mean to you but it's nice to join in with the celebrations and send a card and some flowers...like these pretty ones from Next Flowers.

So almost five years ago I became a Mummy for the first time but because of things like poor planning on our part, I missed Mother's Day the year Wee Z was born. My first Mother's Day was spent together after I got to have a long lie and it was really lovely knowing I could (finally) join the club!

After 4 years practise, my ideal Mother's Day consists of the following:

  • A long lie
  • A cup of tea in bed
  • A chance to have a shower/bath to myself with no interruptions, such as a child popping my bubbles or cats pawing at the water ripples
  • Breakfast/lunch (depending what time the long lie finishes) made for me
  • Something handmade from the kids (ideally a cake!)
  • Cake
  • Chocolates
  • A nice long walk with the kids (to work off the cake and the chocolate)
  • A film together on the couch cuddled up under a duvet
  • Dinner made for me or even better, the takeaway phoned in for me
  • Lots of cuddles from Wee Z, Miss C and Husband too
  • An early night (cause I've had such a strenuous day!)
This year is my Sister's first Mother's Day - bad planning on her part too - so I'll be sending my list to her to make sure she has the perfect first Mother's Day!


would like to be ayummy mummy said...

Sounds perfect to me too x

LauraCYMFT said...

Hehe I can't wait :) x

Charlotte said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I will steal your list if that's o.k.? :o)

LauraCYMFT said...

No problem at all :)

Louise Smith said...

Great list! I have to work (again) this mothers day so miss Stacey isn't happy with mummy :'(

duckandegg said...

Hope you had a good day, this sounds lovely! 
Sophie, duckandegg.blogspot.com