Friday, 16 March 2012

Top Ten Things to do Before You're 10

  • Over half of UK adults played outside everyday when they were young, compared to just 23% of kids today; a decline of almost a third
  • One in 10 under tens never play outside and a third stay indoors and rely on ready-made fun instead of making their own
  • After school play has evolved from riding a bike (26% of parents) and playing sports (23% of parents), to playing computer games and watching TV - the most popular activities with children -31.5%
These are some of the scary figures recent research conducted by Persil revealed about the amount of time children spend outdoors.

I remember most days, unless it was pouring with rain, my Sister and I would be outdoors playing. We'd ride our bikes, go exploring for cats (there were a lot of stray cats in Mexico) and generally enjoy and thrive on being outdoors. I want the same for my children and fully intend to make sure that they get outside to play as often as possible!

Persil have teamed up with dad of three and adventurer Bear Grylls to release his guide "Ten Things to do Before You're Ten" with the aim being to inspire and motivate families to get outdoors and have fun together.

Have you done any of these ten things yet?

  1. Perfect the perfect hill roll - So much fun. My Sister and I used to do this a lot and Miss C and Wee Z love rolling in the grass (even if they do need an antihistamine afterwards!)
  2. Become a hide-and-seek champion - Another really fun game with so much more potential outdoors. Think of all the places you could hide in your garden!
  3. Go sledging - on sand - Can't say we've tried this one but definitely good fun in the snow.
  4. Build a den - indoors or out - Dens are a huge hit in our house and things like pop up tents make great dens outdoors.
  5. Build a rope swing - You'd need a good sturdy tree for this!
  6. Nurse that sting - I hate wasps and bees!
  7. Try and count the stars - Wee Z is really into space at the moment so loves counting the stars and looking out for the planets.
  8. Make a mud pie - I think Daddy could take them to do this...
  9. Make a compass - Another one for Daddy as I'm not great with directions...or lefts and rights.
  10. Pick your own pudding - Not sure what this is about but I'll have cake please!
These are Bear's "Ten Things to do Before You're Ten" and you can read more about his guide by visiting


Persil are also offering 140 kids from across the UK the opportunity to join Bear on a "Today I am..." Adventure day on 26th May 2012. All you need to do to be in with a chance of going is to buy any pack of Persil. For full details visit the Persil website.

One of our favourite things to do outside...finding bugs!

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Mum ofallTrades said...

I'm happy to say that my eldest boys have done all of those things. In fact they could probably add quite a few more things to it that probably wouldnt be used for health and safety reasons!

LauraCYMFT said...

It's amazing what a bit of imagination can do to create really fun games! I do notice Z can get a bit wild sometimes but then his sister is happy to join in!

Louise Smith said...

I think the problem today is that areas aren't as safe as they used to be. I used to play out on the street but there's no way my daughter could as cars whizz around the corner and up the hill so fast I'd be worried sick. That doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the outdoors though, just that most of the time she has to have an adult with her. Such a shame.xx

LauraCYMFT said...

We're lucky that we live on a fairly quiet road but that doesn't stop some idiots driving far too fast. I think my 2 will have to be into the double figures before I let them play out. It is a shame though because we used to play out a lot when we were younger too!