Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tots100 Book Club: Home Cooking Made Easy

I love to read and I love to cook which is why I've chosen a cook book for my Tots100 Book Club review. There are so many cook books out there it can be a tad overwhelming deciding which book to go for. I like a cook book with plenty of pictures for presentation inspiration and recipes that are easy to follow.

Home Cooking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascale is definitely one of those cook books. This cook book has 100 tasty recipes that are easy to make at home, hence the title! I'm a huge Lorraine Pascale fan, after watching her cookery show on the BBC. My Mum gave me her first book, Baking Made Easy, and I was super excited to receive Home Cooking Made Easy for Christmas.

The first recipe I tried from the book was the Chewy White Chocolate Fudge Cookies. Delicious, soft and a little bit naughty, they were polished off by the kids, Husband and the neighbours within a few minutes...I don't think they had a chance to cool properly!

The second recipe I tried was the Twenty-first Century Ham, Cheese and Chive bread. The idea of making my own bread is really appealing except I hear it can be time-consuming, but this bread is ready in an hour from start to finish and there's hardly any kneading involved.

One hundred recipes may not seem a lot compared to other cook books out there, but Lorraine has provided a good selection from soups to roasts to salads and cakes. The book is really easy to follow, well structured and has lots of pictures of really yummy looking food. Most importantly though is, her recipes turn out really well! Highly recommended!

I'd like to recommend this book to Snaffles Mummy as I hear she loves eating out with her Husband when she can and has some rather delicious cheesecake recipes on her blog.


Dani Askins said...

Those cookies look amazing!

Chloe Brewer said...

I have this cook book and it's only one of a few I went out and bought as I prefer to get receipes online. But you are right this is a great one! The trifle in it is amazing and easy too! x

Susan Mann said...

Sounds like a good book. x

LauraCYMFT said...

They are really yummy. I posted the recipe on my blog, it's under the Mother's Day gift ideas and a yummy recipe!

LauraCYMFT said...

The trifle does look amazing! Miss C went crazy for it as she loves strawberries. Will mark that one as my next attempt! x

LauraCYMFT said...

Definitely worth a nosy, and her Baking Made Easy one too x

Snafflesmummy1 said...

That bread looks amazing. Thanks for passing it forward in my direction.

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