Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Nest Cakes

We're half-way through week one of the Easter holidays and enjoying the rest and relaxation of not having to get up early, go to work or do a nursery run.

Pre-Easter weekend gives us plenty of opportunities to think up things to do, related to Easter. We've already made an Easter Bonnet so yesterday we made Easter Nest Cakes.

Basically, these are chocolate crispie cakes with some Mini Eggs added to them to give the effect of a nest with some eggs inside. I think you are supposed to use Shredded Wheat for the nest part, but we don't like Shredded Wheat here so we went with good old Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Chocolate crispie cakes are one of the easiest things to make, apart from top hats, and relatively mess-free.


2 100g bars of milk chocolate (I just use the supermarkets own as I found it melts better than name branded)
1 bag of Mini Eggs
Rice Crispies


Large mixing bowl
Pot of boiling water
Wooden spoon
Metal spoon
Cupcake cases

Let's Make Them

Break up the chocolate into your mixing bowl and then place the bowl into the pan of boiling water. The bowl shouldn't go in the water, just sit above it so that the heat can melt the chocolate. Keep stirring the chocolate until it has completely melted.

Carefully remove the bowl of melted chocolate from the pot and pour in some Rice Crispies. There is no right amount to add here, just enough to make sure the chocolate covers them all.

Using a metal spoon, put some of the chocolate crispie mix into a cupcake case and then gently press in 2 Mini Eggs. Repeat until all the chocolate crispie mixture has been used. I got 15 from this recipe.

Put the cakes in the fridge to set, which takes about an hour.

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