Friday, 6 April 2012

My Easter Egg Hunt

I'm planning an Easter Egg Hunt for Sunday for Wee Z and Miss C. I decided I'd make some paper eggs, colour them in and then write a clue on the back of each egg that would lead them on to the next egg.

I've never planned an Easter Egg Hunt before but decided against finding lots of little chocolate eggs, mainly because we already have 6 Easter Eggs in the house from family and friends for the kids, so they don't really need any more encouraging on the chocolate front.

I asked Wee Z to help me colour the eggs in, (Miss C is going through a dark stage of wanting to colour everything in black) and then I cut them out and wrote on the clues. I've got it all figured out in my head where I'm going to put the paper eggs and hopefully it won't be snowing(!) so I can put some outside too.

If you want to make these then all you need is some paper, scissors and colours! Oh and some Easter Eggs for them to find at the end! (There had to be chocolate somewhere in the hunt!)


SAHMlovingit said...

You know what, I think MC may like this and it will be something to do on Sunday. Thanks for the inspiration hun :)

grumpinator said...

Yes too much chocolate wouldn't be good. Great idea with the pictures! We did it with little chicks

LauraCYMFT said...

Too much chocolate wouldn't be good for my waistline LOL Chicks are a great idea, I might pinch that for next year!

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