Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Last Day

Today was Wee Z's last day at nursery...ever. He is no longer a nursery boy. He is now a school boy.

Well, after the summer holidays he will be a school boy!

I thought I might be more emotional when we went to pick him up but I was fine. I am excited for him to start school especially since he's been wanting to go since he started nursery at the age of 3 years and 2 months.

And I suppose I'm OK because I know we're going back to nursery with Miss C after the summer holidays. Miss C can't wait to start nursery and I know she'll really enjoy it and I think it will help her come out of herself a lot more. Miss C isn't as academic as Wee Z is. I will ask her if she wants to practise her writing and she just looks at me as if to say, "You can do it for me, why should I have to do it?!" Wee Z, on the other hand, used to love sitting practising his letters and numbers. He still does, except now he'll write you letters with little or no help.

He is so enthusiastic about learning new things and developing his skills he has. He loves doing wordsearches, crosswords and quizzes. Whilst Miss C asked for a Peppa Pig magazine, (which are quite educational I'm surprised to say!) Wee Z asked for a maths workbook. He couldn't wait to get home to start answering the questions and solving the problems. I don't know where he gets this from but I'm happy to encourage him because he wants to do it.

So today was the last day of nursery. But in 6 weeks, it will be the first day of Wee Z's school life and I know it's going to be a good for him. He's going to love it!

I'll probably cry then...definitely.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Gallery - Hands

When I read the prompt for the Gallery this week, I knew exactly which picture I was going to use. To find it I had to dig out my wedding photo CDs.

This photo was taken on our wedding day and I think fits the prompt perfectly.


Hands that were once alone, joined together in marriage with love, trust and friendship.

Hands that fit each other perfectly and make the other feel safe; protected.

This post is for The Gallery. The theme this week is Hands.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, ho!

As it seems summer isn't making any real appearance soon, we're having to carry on with our usual rainy day activities indoors. We like to paint, draw, play board games and do jigsaws.

Wee Z has been sent the Thundercats Duo puzzle from Jumbo to review. This pack contains 2 puzzles; a 70 piece and a 100 piece and is suitable for ages 5 and over. It has a RRP of £6.99 and is available to buy from Amazon.

Husband was super excited about the Thundercats puzzle, being a fan of the show himself. Wee Z and his Daddy sat and watched it on TV together and it wasn't long before Wee Z was running around shouting thunder, thunder, thundercats, ho!

We spent Sunday morning putting the puzzles together. We started off with the 100 piece puzzle which is of the Thundercats themselves. The easiest way we have found to do our puzzles is to separate the corners, the edges and then the middle pieces into piles. We start with the corners, then complete the outline before finishing off the puzzle with the middle pieces.

The 100 piece puzzle took about 30 minutes to complete. It wasn't easy to complete as a few of the pieces looked really similar, especially around the outline. Once it started to come together though, it was easy to spot where pieces went.

Wee Z had so much fun doing the 100 piece, he decided to do the 70 piece straight after. The 70 piece puzzle is of the Thundercat villains. I thought it may have been quicker to complete but it also took around 30 minutes. The puzzle is quite dark, in keeping with the villains and the spooky feel, so it did make it harder to see where pieces were supposed to go. There was a lot of trial and error but that's all part of the fun of doing puzzles and it means it doesn't get boring quickly.

The puzzles pieces are well made and not easy to misshape which can often happen and then ruin a puzzle. The puzzles are individually wrapped in plastic bags however I think it would have been better if the bags could have been resealable so all the pieces could be kept safely together and so they don't get mixed up.

At £6.99 for 2 puzzles, I think this good value for money and would be a great birthday gift idea or stocking filler idea for any Thundercats fan.

We received the Thundercats Duo puzzle for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Funny Things My Child Says #10

I decided I was going to give Wee Z's room a bit of a clear out as he really does have a lot of stuff he doesn't play with anymore, some of it never played with. I said to Wee Z, "I'm going to clear your room out and we will either give your toys to charity or we shall sell them. What do you think?" Wee Z thought about this for a moment and then said, "OK then, you can sell them."

Miss C: "Beg you pardon!"
Wee Z: "No C, you're not using that sentence in the right way. If someone says you have a fat bum then you say, I BEG YOUR PARDON!"
Me: *Spits tea out*

We were in the car this afternoon, heading into town. We were listening to the radio when Wee Z said, "That man said edinbridge but it is actually Edinburgh. It is bra at the end like the one you use to cover your boobies!"

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekTwentyFive

Last Sunday was Father's Day. Husband got up with the kids and gave them their breakfast whilst I had a lie in. He is such a good husband! They watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original) as Wee Z has just finished reading the book. When I woke up, around 10am, I had a text from Mama N announcing the arrival of her baby girl! Only a week overdue! I took the kids shopping in the afternoon to get the new baby a present.

On Monday, I went back to work. I still wasn't feeling 100% but I don't like being off work. Husband took Miss C to the pharmacy as she had a really raspy voice and it turned out she had tonsillitis and an ear infection. I was nervous about giving her her penicillin as Husband is allergic to penicillin. Thankfully she was fine although she wasn't too pleased with the taste.

On Tuesday, the sun was shining so we played outside. We had a lemon and spoon race thanks to innocent, who sent us through some fun Olympic themed goodies. We had a few races and I was impressed with Wee Z's ability to keep the lemon from falling off the spoon! Miss C, on the other hand, dropped hers as soon as she started walking but had fun just the same.

On Wednesday, Wee Z had an Olympics themed sports day at nursery. His group were Australia. I was working but I'm told they had lots of fun. Miss C had her nursery induction day, which I took her too as it was in the afternoon. She can't wait to start after the summer holidays and because she knows the nursery really well from taking her brother, she was straight in to play and didn't want to leave!

On Thursday after work, we went to visit Mama N, Wee J and their lovely new baby girl. Miss C was delighted to hold her and cuddle her...I thought she might go off with her. It's hard to believe, when you hold a new baby, that your own children were ever that small. It's also hard to believe how easy a baby is compared to a toddler or pre-schooler. At the time, a new baby seemed like the hardest thing in the world, when infact, they only need fed, winded, changed and left to sleep! If only we realised that at the time!!

Hard to believe this is Miss C!

On Friday, we did our usual activities of ballet and swimming. Miss C got best feet at ballet for the second time. I don't get to watch her doing her ballet, which is a good thing because she would definitely be distracted by me so I'm pleased to see she is being rewarded for doing well. Wee Z is also coming on at swimming by keeping his head above water and swimming himself. Ballet is finished for the summer holidays now so I think Miss C will start going swimming with her Daddy and Wee Z so she can keep practising.

On Saturday, I did an extra couple of hours at work, just for time back that I can use whenever I need it as I'm all out of holidays! We spent a lazy afternoon indoors as the weather was terrible...Where is the summer?! In the evening, after we'd taken the kids to soft play and tired them out, we had Cupcake Neighbour and her partner down for a take-away and some fun on the Xbox Kinect. We hired the second sports game and Cupcake Neighbour and I managed to thrash Husband at darts and tennis! We had a really fun night!

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Gallery - Family

Tara is back from her travels to America and has set the theme of family for this week's gallery picture.

A few weeks ago, my family from down south came to visit. Bella, Pops, my Sister and Miss Baby K piled into my house and filled it with even more love, laughter and fun. That is what family is about to me. We probably all feel that way because we don't see each other very often, so we make the most of our time together and I believe that makes us a lot closer.

This photo was taken on the morning that they were leaving to go home. It was one of 3 photos we took and this one was the only one where everyone, except Miss C, was looking at the camera. At least Miss C was smiling!

This is my family! Apart from the jammies, I think we look OK!

This post is for The Gallery. The theme this week is Family.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Being Pregnant Q&A

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were/are pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?

I knew from the first day Aunt Flo didn't show up that I was pregnant. I was excited and yet really nervous having only had a miscarriage 2 months before - almost to the day. Mostly I was happy though; relieved.

What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?

I couldn't get over how sick I felt in the early stages. I didn't mind getting bigger and was glad when I filled out more as I actually looked pregnant instead of feeling like I looked fat. I missed not being able to go out drinking but was more excited about meeting my new baby so that helped!

What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?

The best thing I found about being pregnant was feeling my baby kicking and moving around and just keeping it to myself. I felt like I had bonded with my baby before he was born. Also having somewhere to sit my cup of tea or my dinner was great too.

What did/do you dislike the most about being pregnant?

The worse thing about being pregnant was towards the end when the itchy skin started. It was unbearable and I remember standing in the shower sobbing because I was so itchy.

What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant?

I loved being pregnant and often miss having a bump. It is definitely more fun having them out in the world though and seeing them growing up. Pregnancy is a lovely experience and I'd definitely do it again.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Messy Play Tips and Ideas

Messy play is lots of fun for children and parents. Some parents tend to shy away from messy play because they don't like the mess or clean up afterwards (a bit like me!) but messy play is important to children. It encourages them to explore different textures, use their senses, use their imagination and be creative.

We started off by sharing ideas for sticky stuff and messy play. Sharing tips and activites is a great way to find new things for you to do with your children. Some of the ideas were:

  • Painting with brushes or fingers
  • Baking
  • Glitter and glue
  • Cornflour and water
  • Food colouring
  • Shaving foam
  • Playdoh
  • Spaghetti or mashed potato

All of these activites encourage children to use their imagination to create artwork or use their hands to explore different textures.

When it comes to messy play, it does get just that: MESSY! Of course some people don't mind mess, they welcome it. Others, like myself, are a bit dubious about mess as the clean up afterwards can be hard work (glitter on a linoleum floor...nightmare!) These are some of the suggestions to work around messy play and making it fun at the same time:

  • Be messy outdoors if the weather permits
  • Buy cheap clothes or aprons which are used purely for messy stuff - bigger sizes cover more
  • Put glitter into cups or buy glitter shakers and use greaseproof paper to catch glitter as it holds it better
  • Use the kitchen for messy play
  • Tape bin bags to the table so you can collect all the mess and throw it away
  • Have a soapy water bowl and flannels or baby wipes to hand before you start

The idea of messy play can be daunting and it is time consuming. Some people believe that kids get enough messy play at nursery or school so they don't then have to do it at home. We talked about why messy play is good for children and also places you can enjoy messy play outside of the home.

Messy play is important because:

  • It's great sensory play
  • It builds creativity and awareness of different textures
  • It's good for exploring
  • It's safe and fun
  • It encourages social interaction

Messy play doesn't just have to be done at home. There are places such as community centres or churches that have craft days. Of course, children will also have access to messy play at nursery and school but the draw back is you don't get to see them enjoying being creative and having fun. It's a really important part of growing up!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekTwentyFour

Last Sunday we went to the park with Mama N and Wee J. There was supposed to be a fun day on but when we arrived, there was nothing there. Except for an ice cream van. We went for a walk right round the park, through the forest and down by the river. We were hoping the long walk would help Mama N go into labour as it was her due date...sadly no such luck. The ice cream was good though!

On Monday, I promised Wee Z and Miss C they could play with their play-doh. I hate the stuff but they love making spaghetti and ice cream sundaes.

On Tuesday, we made some Father's Day cards. We used glitter, another pet hate of mine but much more bearable than play-doh! The kids had lots of fun which is what matters the most and the cards turned out great!

On Wednesday, Wee Z had a fun day at nursery and Husband went along as a parent helper with Miss C. There was a bouncy castle and the kids all got a happy meal for their lunch. Wee Z and Miss C also got their faces painted like little tigers. Scary!

On Thursday, it was my day off. Miss C and I dropped Wee Z at nursery before heading into town to get some Father's Day presents and cards. In the afternoon, we went to visit Mama N who still hadn't had her baby. Miss C shouted at her tummy for the baby to get out. Sadly, that didn't work either.

On Friday, Miss C went to ballet and Wee Z went swimming. Cupcake Neighbour had finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and she gave me her copy to read, so I started that. Oh my!

On Saturday, I had to stay off work unwell. I had woken during the night with a terrible migraine and sickness. This last week has been pretty stressful and I've made myself ill thinking about the cause of the stress. I stayed in bed most of the day whilst Husband looked after the kids and brought me cups of tea. We had a movie night and watched Charlotte's Web which we all really enjoyed!

Here's hoping this week brings good news!

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to Make Glittery Father's Day Cards

We had a lot of fun on Tuesday afternoon making some glittery Father's Day cards. Making cards is so much more personal especially if they are made by your children. This is also a really easy craft so even I can do it.

If you want to make these cards then you'll need:

A piece of thick card
A piece of white paper
Some glue - we used school glue as it was easier to write with
Glitter in lots of different colours
Pens or crayons or pencils
Some newspaper
Your imagination

Lay down your newspaper. Fold the card in half to make a card that can be opened from right to left or down to up. Using the glue, draw on your design. Miss C decided she wanted love hearts on hers and Wee Z wrote Happy Father's Day on his. Sprinkle your glitter over the glue, making sure every bit is covered in the sparkly stuff. Be generous because a lot of the glitter will shake off. Leave it to sit for a minute or two and then lift the card up and gently shake any excess glitter off on to the newspaper.

Whilst the card is drying, cut the white paper in half and get your child to write a message or draw a picture. When the card is dry, (I left it overnight) open the card up and stick the white paper on to the right hand facing side.

Here is the finished result:

Once they are completely dry, you can take them off the newspaper, roll the newspaper up into a ball and throw it in the bin. No mess to clean up and no glitter on the floor to spend the next week sweeping up!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Styling Miss C with Next this Summer

When I found out we were having a little girl, two things came into my head. The first was "eeek I'm going to have teenage girl" and the second was "yipee I can finally buy cute dresses, bows and frilly things!"

I love picking out Miss C's clothes. With Wee Z it is a case of grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and he's done. With Miss C I could literally spend 15 minutes picking out her outfit for the day. Leggings, jeggings, skirt and tights, t-shirt, cardigan, dress...the choices and combinations are endless.

Don't get me started on accessories. Or shoes.

The lovely Mirka who blogs at All Baby Advice is hosting a fantastic competition with Next called the Mummy Stylist Blogger competition. The prize? £500 to spend at Next. I'd have a field day!

The challenge? To pick out some fabulous clothes and looks for Miss C from the Spring/Summer collection at Next and show you what I've chosen and what I'd spend the £500 Next voucher on.

Miss C is real girly girl. She loves pretty things, pink, flowers, baby animals...she's a fairytale away from being a Disney Princess. The Butterfly range in the S/S12 collection is my favourite. The pastels really compliment Miss C's skin and hair colour and the designs really fit with her personality. I've chosen some really sweet outfits from the younger girls range which suits ages 3 months to 6 years.

For everyday practical wear:

The flower and ditsy tops are so pretty and really good value for money as they come in a 2 pack for between £11-£13. They can be worn casually with the cropped jeans (£12-£13) to play in the garden or go to nursery or dressed up with the smart cuff chinos (£10-£11), which come in 3 different colours. I've chosen the white chinos as I think, paired with the gorgeous white broderie pumps (£11-£12) the outfit is really finished off.  

For party wear:

I've chosen the most beautiful printed A-line butterfly dress (£16-£18). I love the detail and how the butterflies look hand painted on. The colours are really summery and the dress can be versatile by teaming it with a little cardigan or shrug or adding a pair of leggings or tights underneath to keep Miss C warm. I've chosen the Colbat Mac (£22-£24) to go with the dress as I think the colours would look fantastic together and the little corsage flower at the front of the jacket is perfect for the little butterflies to flutter towards. Every girl needs party shoes and whilst Next have loads of beautiful shoes to choose from, I've gone for these Cobalt Patent Pumps (£11.50-£12.50) as I love everything to be co-ordinated and they would really complete Miss C's party look.

As you may know from reading my blog, Miss C loves going to ballet and loves to dress up. Her ballet costume is so beautiful and she would wear it around the house everyday if she could but I daren't let her. So I've picked out an extra special outfit for her.

For playing dress-up:

Every ballerina loves her tutu and I think this stripped butterfly t-shirt and tutu set, priced between £20 and £22 are perfect for Miss C to play dress up in. The red/pink tutu is so vibrant and I love that it is a really full looking tutu with all the layers. The sequins on the butterfly adds that little sparkle that Miss C loves about her own ballet outfit. This outfit obviously isn't just for dress up; it could be used for party-wear or the t-shirt could be teamed with the chinos or cropped pants for another pretty casual look. I've chosen the embelished flower pumps (£10-£11) as the colour looks great against the tutu and t-shirt and the flower has lots of sparkly sequins making them extra girly!

After all that shopping and outfit changing, Miss C and I need a big sleep. I've chosen the Cat and Heart Snuggle Fit Pyjamas for Miss C to wear to bed. They come in a 2 pack and cost between £15 and £19. These are a long sleeved and trousers sets which I always buy for Miss C because she kicks her covers off so at least she still keeps warm. However, these look light enough that she could wear them in the summer too. I know Miss C will love the cute cat top and the love hearts match her room which is a love heart and flower theme.

The total cost of my shopping spree is £155.50 which isn't bad at all considering how many items I'd be getting for my money and the quality of clothes from Next never lets me down. I'm sure I'd have the £500 gift card spent in no time.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The School Visit

Two weeks ago, Wee Z had his final visit to school before he starts after the summer holidays. Our Primary One induction meeting had gone well and on this visit, I'd be finding out which class Wee Z would be going in to.

At the end of our induction meeting, it was casually thrown in that there would be a composite class - a Primary 1/2. Mass panic broke out...

...It didn't really! No one seemed that bothered but it amused me the way the teacher felt the need to throw it in at the very end of the meeting as everyone was leaving, just incase there was. I asked the teacher if Wee Z would be considered for the composite class as I felt it would benefit him alot.

I dropped Wee Z off and then headed back home to play with Miss C and Wee L, who along with Mummy N, had come to our house whilst the older ones were at school.

Wee Z made me smile when we were talking about which of his friends he'd like to have in his class. He said, "I really hope Miss E is in my class!" I told him that even if she wasn't in his class, he would still see her to which he replied, "Yes, but it won't be the same!"

We went back an hour later to pick them up. We were running a bit late because Husband had taken Casper to the vet and we didn't have enough room in the car to take Miss C and Wee L with us so by the time we got to the school, the classes had already been read out. It's funny how a teacher can still make you feel like a naughty school child as we asked what classes the kids were in.

Wee Z is going to be in the composite class. His nursery teacher told us later on that she had already put his name down before I asked the school which made me feel a bit of a numpty! I'm happy though that the nursery are clearly on the same page as us in terms of what they feel is best for Wee Z.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekTwentyThree

Last Sunday, after Bella, Pops, Sister and Miss Baby K went home, we decided to go shopping for some new clothes for Wee Z and Miss C with some of their birthday money. We picked up a few bargains and then headed to a new restaurant in town for dinner. The food was delicious; I can't wait to go back again. We were in bed for 9:30pm as I had to get up early to go back to work and we were so exhausted after a few late nights over the week.

On Monday, it was back to work for me. It was quiet, with it being a Bank Holiday and all. I walked to and from work which was a good 5 mile trip and when I got home, I was ready for a snooze. Instead Miss C and I played in her room whilst Wee Z played with his cars and his new Hot Wheels set he got for his birthday.

On Tuesday, I walked home from work but met Husband and the kids at the park for a play date with some of their friends from nursery. It was looking really nice and then it turned grey and the rain was looming. We headed back to our friend's house for a cup of tea and a snack.

On Wednesday, we had fun playing with stickers. Or rather the kids had fun with stickers whilst I had fun with a cloth and some bleach. In the evening, Husband put the kids to bed whilst I went on a spur of the moment visit to the gym. I didn't actually go to the gym! I went to the steam room and sauna for an hour and it was bliss!

On Thursday, the kids had another play date which Husband took them too. I had a whole 2 hours to myself and spent it rather wisely by catching up on Hollyoaks and browsing the net. Pretty much how I spend most evenings!

On Friday, I took Miss C to ballet whilst Husband took Wee Z and his friend from next door swimming. Wee Z is really coming on at swimming and is now swimming with his head held above the water. He still doggy paddles but it's great that he is finding the confidence to keep his head up without his armbands on.

On Saturday, the leisure centre had a fun day on. We went along with Mummy N, Daddy J, Miss E and Wee L. There was a magic show on so we went to see it and what a laugh we had. The clown/magician was hilarious and had us adults in fits of laughter. Husband had to put his hand up, of course, to join in as a helper and Daddy J showed off his electric guitar moves with an inflatable guitar. The kids got their faces painted and both Wee Z and Miss C wanted to be butterflies! We had 10 minutes at the bouncy castles and slides and then we went ice skating. We were knackered by the end of it!

And the most exciting photo of the week...

Wee Z holding an actual Olympic Torch! It's almost the same size as him!

Silent Sunday

Friday, 8 June 2012

After 60 Sleeps the Family Came to Visit

Last Friday, Bella and Pops and my Sister and Miss Baby K came to spend the weekend with us. They were all staying with us which sounds like a bit of a tight squeeze but it isn't actually that bad. Bella and Pops take our bedroom, as they need the bed for their various aches and pains and my Sister went in Wee Z's room with Miss Baby K in the travel cot beside her. Wee Z and Miss C shared her room, which meant they got to have a "sleepover" and Husband and I took the airbed in the living room.

The kids were so excited and had been counting down the sleeps until they saw Bella and Pops again after we went to see them in March. Apparently it was 60 but I hadn't counted it out or anything.

They arrived at 5pm and immediately they were taken to see the numerous toys and books and puzzles they'd both gotten for their birthdays. Of course they had presents from Bella and Pops and their Auntie to get as they hadn't seen them. Wee Z was delighted with his Secret Seven books whilst Miss C loved her Goat Goes to Playgroup book by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson.

On Saturday, we had planned to go for a walk but instead we spent a lazy day indoors. We were all knackered from either the long drive or the late nights. Bella, my Sister and I played Scrabble with Wee Z. Bella was the winner but was followed very closely by Wee Z! He needed a bit of help with making up words but the score keeping he managed himself! Miss Baby K took over the Love my Street tent Miss C had been sent to review by toppling it over and using it as a playpen.

In the evening, Bella and Pops came to family night with us. We went swimming and Bella and Pops were up and down the slide with Miss C. Bella even went down the big inflatable slide with Wee Z. It just goes to show the adults are always the biggest kids! Miss Baby K couldn't come as it was past her bedtime.

Once the kids were in bed, Bella and Pops treated us all to a take-away and we watched The Voice UK final. Then Wee Z's God Father turned up with his girlfriend and we watched the film "The Ugly Truth" with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. It was hilarious!

On Sunday, it was time for our family to go home. As Bella and Pops have to get back to collect Cooper from his "holiday home" before they close, they always leave very early, which is sad as we really only get to spend one full day together. We all had lots of fun though. Miss C enjoyed them visiting so much she wanted to go home with them! Thankfully she agreed to stay! If only they stayed closer.

Let's get this show on the road Mummy!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

When Make Up and Three Year Olds Mix

Often not a good combination:

This was the sight presented to me when Miss C casually went through my make up bag on Sunday whilst I was putting on my mascara. She knew I'd definitely not be looking then!

And so it starts!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Day at the Farm Park

It was Miss C's birthday last week and as a treat we decided to go to an animal farm park for the day. We invited along her best friend from next door along with her brother and their mum. We went on her actual birthday so by the time Miss C unwrapped her presents, we had breakfast and got ready, it was almost 11am by the time we left.

We took two cars as my neighbour doesn't drive and my FIL kindly let Husband use his car. I drove the girls' car and Husband took the boys. Miss C and her best friend sat in the back of the car and kept saying, "This is the girls car, boys stinky!"

When we got to the park, we found a shaded area to have our picnic. Whilst we set up, the kids played on the climbing frame, assault course and slide. Wee Z and his friend went round the assault course 5 or 6 times before finally coming to eat their lunch.

After lunch, we went to the toilet and then found an indoor "Call of Duty" play area. This was an area with the guns and soft balls that you can aim and fire at each other. I watched as I'd "accidentally" forgotten my socks. Wee Z, Miss C and Husband took one side of the game area whilst next door took the other side. As always, the adults were the biggest kids playing, trying to crawl to avoid being seen and taking sneaky shots when the other was reloading.

We took a walk around the park to see all the animals. We saw monkeys, meerkats, lemurs, goats, llamas, horses and name but a few! Miss C loved the baby goats and kept stroking them and saying, "Awwww!" to them. They just tried to eat her dress or her buggy!

After our walk, us adults sat on a picnic bench whilst the kids ran riot around the play park and went up and down the slides. They were having great fun! We went on bumper boats and the racing bikes too.

As Miss C loves animals so much, I was keen to take her to the petting area. The park has an indoor soft play and beside it is the petting area. The boys played more "Call of Duty" in the soft play area whilst I took Miss C and her best friend to see the indoor animals. Miss C was hilarious when she walked in and saw a huge guinea pig run with lots of guinea pigs. "Look at all the hamsters!" I corrected her after I stopped laughing.

The park has an African Grey parrot and the girls kept saying hello to him and he would say hello back and they would be doubled over with laughter. He kept them entertained for a good 10 minutes!

After collecting the boys from the soft play we went home. Everyone, apart from the drivers and Wee Z, fell asleep in their respective cars. I think Miss C really enjoyed her birthday day out!

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