Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Day Looks Inspired by Next

It's no secret that I do love Next. I could spend a small fortune in their shop and thankfully, Jane from Northern Mum has a fantastic competition on her blog right now to win a £500 gift voucher to spend in Next. If you want to join in then you need to come up with a Christmas Day inspired look for you and your family using items from Next.

I love Christmas Day, especially since Wee Z and Miss C came along. In the morning, we go downstairs, still in our jammies and exchange presents. Then we get all dressed up because it is a day to be fancy, (and probably one of the few days we get the chance to wear something special!) and enjoy our Christmas dinner together.

Here's a photo of us all dressed up last year on Christmas Day. I think we scrub up OK!

Anyway, here are the looks I've gone for:

My Christmas Day Look
Lace Dress Berry and White Underwear Black Patent Shoes Black Tights Earrings Necklace Floral PJs Slipper Boots

I've chosen some new jammies for us all as that's what we wear for the first part of Christmas Day. I love these pink flowery trousers and long sleeve top. I'm a huge fan of boot-style slippers and these embellished ones are just like Miss C's slippers so we can match!

For the afternoon I've chosen this beautiful lace dress in this very wintry berry colour. Matching underwear is a must so it doesn't show through the dress quite as much and I've gone for some black (shaping) tights to hold the "Winter Plumage" in. Some very gorgeous patent peep-toe shoes and sparkly jewellery finishes off the look. You can't beat a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Husband's Christmas Day Look
Y-Neck Jumper Dark Wash Jeans Festive boxers 5 Pack Socks Tan Hiker Boots Red Check Jammies Super Soft Robe

For Husband, his morning look would be this beautiful fleecy burgundy robe and these lovely tartan-looking jammies and short sleeve t-shirt set. Sadly the man modelling them isn't Husband...

For the afternoon, Husband likes to keep smart but comfortable. I love him in just a jumper and jeans combo. The Y-neck jumper is in my favourite colour and Husband prefers a dark wash jean so we're both happy with this look. And because Husband couldn't go the day without wearing something festive, I've chosen the snowflake boxers. Not that he'd be showing them off...well maybe after a few mulled wines!

Wee Z's Christmas Day Look
Chambray Shirt Vintage Skinny Jean Suede Desert Boot 3 Pack Trunks 7 Pack Socks Green Star Onesie Slipper Booties

For Wee Z, I've chosen a onesie in navy with green stars and some boot-style slippers in navy. He's been asking for a onesie for ages and green is his favourite colour. He'll be nice and cosy when he opens his presents from Santa.

For the afternoon, Wee Z loves to wear jeans and a t-shirt but I've chosen a navy shirt to smarten him up. This is a look that can be used again for any Christmas parties or New Year parties we have. I love the suede desert boots in navy as they match the shirt perfectly. The jeans come with a studded belt which I know Wee Z would love as he likes to be a bit of "rocker!"

Miss C's Christmas Day Look
Sequin Tunic Cardigan Corsage Shoes Cat Briefs Coral Heart Onesie Sequin Slipper Boots

The last look I've chosen is for Miss C however, she had already picked out her Christmas dress from Next last week! Miss C chose this beautiful sequined tunic dress herself. I love the colour and the sparkles really give it that special touch. I've added a pink cardigan to keep her warm and some gorgeous pink glittery shoes to complete her look. She'll be overboard on pink, but it is her favourite colour.

For her Christmas morning look, I've chosen this fluffy, snug looking onesie with love heart detail. She already has the embellished fluffy pink boot-style slippers which are as soft and pretty as they look. You can see why I wanted a pair for myself.

And that's our Christmas Day inspired looks. I've had lots of fun putting them together and if you want to join in the competition then head over to Northern Mum and check the T&Cs. I'm off to nosey at the other entries!

Thanks for hosting a fab competition Jane :)


Misty Bird said...

 Ooh, I love all of those outfits, very well selected! And how cute is the onesie you've chosen for Miss C? Would LOVE that for myself.

Great selection and lovely pictures x

LauraCYMFT said...

Thank you :) I really love the Onesies although I'm scared to get one for myself incase I can't get it off during the night for the toilet lol x

Village Mama UK said...

Lovely outfits. We do the new p.j. thing too but perhaps we should make more effort in the day wear department.

LauraCYMFT said...

I do like to dress up for our meal but once we've had pudding, the PJs are back on and the tin of sweets are opened LOL

Jodie said...

Aww I love the outfits you've put together, especially the one for Miss C, its adorable! The lace dress is gorgeous too, and so popular! I picked the black one, unfortunately this one will clash with my hair! Good luck for the competition! xxx

If you get bored and fancy a look-see, here's a link to my entry http://futurefreaksme.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/next-perfect-christmas-outfit.html

LauraCYMFT said...

Thank you :) you too

Northernmum said...

Loving the boxers....

LauraCYMFT said...

Haha I love them too. Festive boxers are much better than a festive jumper...just.

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