Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekFortyFive

Last Sunday, we managed a bit of a lie in until 8:30am. Husband gave the kids their breakfast whilst I went for a run...even though I really didn't feel like it. I felt better after it though and it helped wake me up. In the afternoon, Husband took the kids on another adventure. It's nice for him to spend some daddy-kid time with them as for a long time he worked night shift and didn't see them over the weekend. In the evening, Husband and I went to see Michael McIntyre. The show was hilarious, I was crying with tears and we really enjoyed spending some time together.

On Monday, Miss C and I spent the morning playing games including Monster Catcher from Orchard Toys and a lovely wooden whale alphabet puzzle. After lunch, we did our nails or rather I did the nails, Miss C just got hers painted. Miss C wanted to ride her bike to pick Wee Z up from school so we did that and then I went to work whilst the kids went to the firework display with their Daddy and friends.

On Tuesday, it was a rather horrid wet day. We managed to walk to school but Miss C and I decided to spend the day indoors. We played with some Sylvanian Families and had a game of Where's My Cupcake? from Orchard Toys. We picked Wee Z up from school and then dropped him off at his friend's house as he was going to play and have tea there. He was in bed by the time I got home from work but I heard he had a great time.

On Wednesday, it was miserable again. Miss C and I spent the day painting my nails again, cleaning and playing games. We played Pop Up Pirate and I got the fright of my life when the pirate popped up and then we played Red Rover. The rain held off for us picking Wee Z up from school thankfully!

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery again after being off with chicken pox. She was excited to go and see her Gran and her new friend she has made. I picked her up from nursery and she was full of beans. So much so, she ran all the way home. In the afternoon, we watched some TV and played with her Peppa Pig toys.

On Friday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon watching Peppa Pig as she was tired from nursery in the morning. I do secretly enjoy watching Peppa Pig as I think there are lots of bits added to make the grown-ups laugh. Miss C went back to ballet and did really well by going straight in and not crying. I think she enjoyed having all the other girls make a fuss of her. Wee Z went to his Friday club with his friends and was treated to a bag of chips on the way home.

On Saturday, Husband took Wee Z to karate whilst Miss C and I attempted to build the Olivia LEGO Friends house we were sent to review for Izziwizzi Kids. It took me ages, which is usually the case when it comes to me and LEGO playsets. Miss C couldn't wait to play with it. When Husband and Wee Z came home, they spent the rest of the afternoon working together to build this fabulous LEGO house. When it was finished, Miss C finally got her wish to play.

It didn't stay like this for long though!


Susan Mann said...

What a great week, the lego house sounds fab x

LauraCYMFT said...

It is quite a good set, just took ages to build but that's part of the fun LOL x

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