Thursday, 13 December 2012

Schuh Kids - Review

I am a bit of a shoe addict. For myself, for Miss C and for Wee Z. Husband...not so much. I try to avoid his shoes at all costs.

Miss C must have over 10 pairs of shoes at the moment and the other day, Wee Z declared that, "we don't need any new shoes Mummy!" Definitely a male excuse!

I was sent a Schuh gift card to visit their shop and see what their kids' shoes were like. I used to go to Schuh when I was younger. My favourite school shoes, before I had Rockport boots, were Kickers. I loved my Kickers and Schuh was the place to get them.

The nearest Schuh shop happened to be right beside the Xscape centre, so after our visit to Santa, we went shoe shopping. In the Braehead shopping centre, there is a Schuh shop for the adults and then, right next door, is a Schuh Kids shop.

The shop looked fab from outside and I could see the display of lovely shoes in the window. It was a Sunday and it was busy. The staff were quick to come over though and we got Wee Z and Miss C sized. Making sure your kids are wearing correctly sized shoes is really important so I was pleased the staff were taking their time to make sure the kids were standing properly and not curling their toes.

Then came the long-drawn process of choosing some shoes. Schuh houses lots of brand names such as Converse, Kickers, Ugg and Hunter, to name but a few, so you know the shoes aren't going to be cheap. I was spoiled for choice.

Miss C chose some purple Converse high-tops and for Wee Z, we decided to get him some Hunter wellies. He desperately needed new wellies and with walking to school in horrible weather, I thought it would be a good idea to get him a good pair of wellies to save his school shoes getting ruined.

The staff were quick to bring up their sizes. They didn't have the colour of Hunter wellies Wee Z liked however, instead of disappointing us, they brought up the colours they did have in his size and he decided to choose some black ones instead.

The staff checked both the shoes and wellies fitted properly and the kids got to have a walk around in their new footwear. Miss C wanted to keep hers on!

Even though it was really busy, the staff were really helpful and friendly and the shop had a really good selection of shoes. The shoes aren't cheap, however I'd use Schuh again, especially for school shoes. Sadly, we don't have a shop local to us however, Schuh do have a website and an online customer service team who can help with sizing before you buy.

We received a gift card to use in Schuh to buy some shoes for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.


Jaime said...

I love Schuh. Used to shop there in my pre-children state!!!

LauraCYMFT said...

I love Schuh for myself too but I never have any money to by myself shoes now LOL

familyfourfun said...

Lucky kiddies they're great shoes - I want some Hunter wellies myself! xx

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