Friday, 31 August 2012

Vertbaudet Fashion - Review

When I was younger, I used to browse through my Mum's Freemans catalogue and pick out which male model would be my husband, which kids would be our children and which fancy kitchen appliances we'd have. I still enjoy browsing through catalogues and marking pages down when I see something I like but, to be honest, I very rarely buy from them because I prefer to see before I buy.

Vertbaudet sent me their Autumn/Winter 2012/13 catalogue to pick some new clothes for Miss C and Wee Z to review. Personally, I've never bought from Vertbaudet but I have seen leaflets in the post with some of the childrens' outfits featured and thought they looked quite nice. Pricey, but quite nice.

Browsing through the catalogue, I did find it hard to choose something as there were so many lovely clothes. I decided to order Miss C a pretty dress and a pack of 2 tops to go with it and for Wee Z I chose some jeans and a t-shirt. The first items I wanted were all out of stock, apart from the tops for Miss C. I had another browse through and picked out some more clothes and, thankfully, these were in stock.

Here's what I chose for Miss C:

Here's what I chose for Wee Z:

When I opened my order, all the clothes were packaged separately in their own plastic cover. Quality wise, they looked quite good and size wise looked quite generous.

I washed and ironed all the clothes before the kids wore them. They washed well and ironed quite easily - essential with kids clothing! When they first arrived, I thought the jeans felt a bit stiff - maybe from being packaged, but they felt better after being washed with fabric conditioner. Even Miss C's pretty dress can be washed at 30.

I love how practical the clothes are and this seems to be the theme with Verbaudet when I looked through the catalogue. The 2 packs are quite good value for money and means I can mix and match their outfits. The long sleeves and roll necks make them perfect for the cold winters we have. The jeans have adjustable waists which Wee Z really needs as he has long legs with a skinny waist (and a very jealous Mummy!) The pretty dress is versatile. It can be dressed up for a party or dressed down with a pair of leggings and one of the roll neck tops.

Here they are modelling some of the clothes:

The clothes fit nicely although the jeans were a bit too long for Wee Z. These are an age 5 but I think a 4 may have been too tight for him or just a bit too short. People commented on how pretty Miss C's dress was too.

Price wise,  I wouldn't have paid £29 for the dress Miss C wore as that would be out of my personal price range and as pretty as the dress was, it looked much nicer in the catalogue. You will pay more for these clothes than you would if you went to a supermarket and possibly some high street stores however, I believe the price to match the quality for most of the items I ordered.

Would I buy from Vertbaudet? Yes I would. They have a gorgeous selection of baby clothes that I'd be happy to purchase as a gift and they also have some lovely bedding and soft furnishing items for kids' bedrooms.

I received a selection of clothes for Miss C and Wee Z from Vertbaudet for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Movies #TheGallery

I've chosen to go with a photo I've used before for this week's theme of Movies.

The movie I have chosen...

Sleeping Beauty.

I adore this photo of Miss C. I love how peaceful she looks. I love how long her lashes are.

A proper sleeping beauty.

And then here she is dressed up as Princess Aurora herself from the movie Sleeping Beauty.

This post is for The Gallery. The theme this week is Movies.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Miss C - The Animal Whisperer

Miss C reminds me of my Sister, Miss Baby K's mum.

When my Sister was younger, she loved animals. Of course, she still does but I'm not sure if she has the same passion for them as she did when she was about 6 or 7 and decided to jump in a pond to save a baby duckling from drowning.

I could see Miss C doing the very same thing, or an act of similar mad-kindness as she grows up.

With then PUPPY Cooper

She loves animals. Whenever she sees a cat or a dog, she has to go and say hello. She isn't scared of Bella and Pops' dog, Cooper, a dog I'm pretty terrified of cause he is huge!

With our cat Casper

She wonders round the park, gazing at all the animals and making sure she says hello to them all. She loves the pigs the most. If she could sneak one home, she would. She would take after me then - the girl who sneaked her kitten into school in her school bag for the day.

On Sunday, we took a walk down to the park as there was supposed to a be a farm day on. Sadly, it had been pouring with rain all day so we didn't get there until near enough finishing up time. However, the local bird of prey man was still there with his beautiful owls.

We took the kids up to see them but to be honest, I didn't think they'd be interested at all. Wee Z doesn't have the same keen interest in animals as Miss C, so I was so surprised when he felt brave enough to hold an owl. Even when it flapped it's wings a bit, he was fine.

How Miss C reacted to these beautiful birds didn't surprise me at all. She was drawn to one owl in particular, a white faced owl, with gorgeous orange eyes. She stroked her and talked to her and was so gentle. There were quite a few owls on display and she looked at them all with amazement and such love. It was really sweet. And yet, she kept coming back to the little white faced owl.

She was even brave enough to hold the owl.

And cuddle the owl.

And kiss the owl.

The little owl must have sensed how much she liked her because it didn't try and peck her face off!

I'll need to keep an eye on her next time we see those owls because I think she'd have tried to make off with the little white faced owl if she'd been left alone for a few minutes.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Great British Bake Off - Book and App Review

My cupboard is over-flowing with cookbooks and in particular, baking books. I never tire of gazing at each recipe, drooling over something yummy and practising some new recipes. I will never get bored of cookbooks or baking books, however in modern times of iPads, iPhones, Androids and Apps, it's really handy to have the facility to download full recipes to your tablet or phone and make something spectacular.

The Great British Bake Off is not only available as a hardback, gorgeous baking book; you can also download the App straight to your iPhone for £2.99. There are 50 recipes available based on the books and TV series, The Great British Bake Off.

I received the Great British Bake Off - How to Turn Everyday Bakes Into Showstoppers to review and I've really enjoyed reading through the book and learning some new techniques. I'd say this book would be good if you already have a good baking knowledge and want to expand on it. There are lots of little tips throughout the book and the recipes are well written and easy to follow.

The book contains recipes for cakes, biscuits, breads, tarts, pies, desserts and puddings so there is definitely something for everyone whether it be sweet or savoury. There is also a section on the basics of baking which is really useful and explains how to make icing, sauces and, my favourite, homemade puff pastry. I can't wait to try it for my steak pie.

The book has a price of £20.00 on the inside cover which I feel is pretty much in-line with other cookbooks out there. I suppose this is where the App may be more appealing as you can download it for £2.99 and see if you like it. The App also allows you to mark your favourite recipe and then share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. And if you're worried about getting greasy fingers on your iPhone, then you'll be pleased to know the App has a unique touch-free facility when you are in "cook mode".

I don't have an iPhone so I don't know how well the App works and what sort of variety of recipes you get however, going by the book, I'd say it's worth having a look at if you are a keen baker but don't want to spend the £20 buying the book. Of course, if you are a Great British Bake Off enthusiast then you may already have the App and the book and can share your thoughts with me!

I received a copy of The Great British Bake Off - How to Turn Everyday Bakes Into Showstoppers book to review. The book and app are published by BBC Books in conjunction with Love Production, the makers of the BBC TV show. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekThirtyFour

Last Sunday, we went to a birthday party. A kid's birthday party. My head was a bit sore after the night before with my girls so I'm glad I took some painkillers before entering a room full of hyper children. The kids had a great time dancing and playing party games...well Wee Z did as Miss C just stuck by me, not wanting to join in much. She screamed with terror when a giant Peppa Pig came in to surprise the birthday kid! Wee Z wasn't too keen either, but he eventually decided to go and dance beside Dora and even had his picture taken with her.

On Monday, Wee Z went to school. I dropped him off with Miss C at 9am and then we both went for a walk to the park. We saw the animals and tried to find our frogs that we took to the pond a few weeks ago but they weren't there. After we picked up Wee Z at 12pm, we had lunch and then played more Orchard Toys games. We played my favourite - Post the Most!

On Tuesday, Husband took Wee Z to school whilst I did my workout and then went for a run. I tried a new route today which was a bit longer than round our park. I lasted the full 10 minutes it took me which I was really pleased with, although I was aching afterwards. In the afternoon, Wee Z sat and completed yet another Codewords puzzle in his pocket book whilst Miss C decided to play dress up.

On Wednesday, I took Wee Z to school. When we came home, Husband and Miss C played together whilst I got on with my housework. I don't look forward to my cleaning day but I feel much better when the house is spick and span. In the afternoon, we read books in bed because I was tired after my workout.

On Thursday, Husband took Wee Z to school whilst I went for another run. My legs were aching and my lungs were burning but I managed to increase my distance just a little bit. Miss C had her first afternoon at nursery. She was only in for an hour and was not impressed when she had to leave...which is a good thing I suppose!

On Friday, it was a busy day. I took Miss C food shopping whilst Husband took Wee Z to school. When we got back, our next door neighbour's little girl was visiting for the day so Miss C played with her. Miss C had nursery in the afternoon for a full 2 and a half hours and then had her first ballet class since the summer holidays. I finally sat down when my dinner was made for me fresh from the oven. After dinner, Miss C, Wee Z and I snuggled on the couch to watch Cinderella, one of my favourite Disney films. Later on, Husband went to pick up my Step-dad, Bello to the kids, from the airport as he was visiting for the weekend.

On Saturday, the kids were so excited to see Bello! Wee Z wanted to show him how well he knew his countries on his interactive globe, whilst Miss C wanted to show him all her animals. I took Wee Z to karate and then we took a walk to the park with Miss C. After lunch, Husband and Bello went shopping whilst the kids played in the garden before the rain started. We had some lovely slow-cooker steak and sausage pie for dinner followed by apple crumble for dessert. Once the kids were in bed, we had a good catch up with Bello, who I haven't seen in a long time, and we watched a film.

I've enjoyed a nice week off work but it's back to the slog this week. I have to say, I'm not looking forward to it!

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 25 August 2012

School - The First Full Week

Wee Z had his first full week at school this week. He still has another week of half days, starting at 9am until 12pm and then from Monday 3rd September, he will be going for the full 6 hours.

He'll be out "working" longer than I do in a day...It's a shame he doesn't get a wage for it.

This week has been tiring for him. It must be draining for them having just spent 7 weeks on holiday doing, well not very much. On Monday and Tuesday he was fine, but by Wednesday, I could see him almost falling asleep in the afternoon which he never does. Not even on long car journeys.

Wee Z has come in from school everyday and told us a little about what he has done. He told us about the table he sits at and the group he is in. Wee Z is in a composite class, so there is a mix of primary 1 and primary 2. He was very pleased to tell us that his group were top of the groups for the week for good work and good behaviour...they even beat the primary 2 groups!

Wee Z seems to be settling quite well into school. It's difficult to know for sure though as picking him up from school is totally different to when we would pick him up from nursery. At nursery, you would go in to the room to sign them out and would be able to talk to their teacher about their day and discuss any issues. At school, they just get passed out to you at the end of the morning. No news is good news though, right?! Or do they save it all for parents' evening?!

We have a meeting next week with the school to find out what the children will be learning in primary 1 which I'm looking forward too. I'll be working on a list of questions for his teacher!

Week one - so far so good! Long may it continue!

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Brand New Game From Orchard Toys - Monster Catcher

We have a lot of Orchard Toys games and puzzles (and not just through reviews!) and I can't recommend them highly enough. They are great fun and you learn whilst you play! We've been having lots of fun playing the brand new game from Orchard Toys called Monster Catcher.

Here is our video review:

To recap:

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • For 2-4 players
  • Encourages colour recognition
  • Great for turn-taking
  • Great for learning about finding pieces that go together
  • Game play takes about 10 minutes which is just enough for young children
  • Lots of fun to play
Monster Catcher is priced at £7.50 from Orchard Toys which I think is a great price for such a well-made, fun game.

Orchard Toys have very kindly offered to giveaway a Monster Catcher game to one of you lucky readers. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning the game.

UK residents only. No cash alternative. By entering this competition you agree to have your details passed on to Orchard Toys for them to send you the prize. Competition will close on Sunday 2nd September - closing time is EST as displayed on the Rafflecopter form. The winner will be drawn from all the valid entries and be contacted by email.

Good luck!

We received Monster Catcher from Orchard Toys for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Starting Nursery School in Next

Today, my little baby girl, Miss C, started nursery.


Starting school or nursery is a big step in a child's life and also in the parents' lives too. It marks a new chapter in their story. It's exciting, it's fun, it's new, it's scary can be expensive.

Having just spent over £100 on things for Wee Z starting school, I was super pleased to pick up some bargains for Miss C for nursery in the Next Sale last month.

Her nursery do have a uniform, but it isn't compulsory. Nevertheless, I wanted Miss C to wear the blue uniform so that she gets into the habit of wearing a uniform and keeping her clothes nice for out of nursery.

I managed to pick up this blue gingham dress and blue cardigan for £7 and I also picked up 2 pairs of black leggings for just £1.50 each. The leggings will go with her nursery polo shirt and jumper when the winter months start creeping in.

And look how adorable she looks. My big nursery girl!

Next have a great selection of Back to School clothes and are quite reasonably priced - maybe not as cheap as the supermarkets but you can't fault them on quality!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sky #TheGallery

My favourite kind of sky.

A clear blue one on a hot summer's day.

Perfect for spending the day at the beach.

This post is for The Gallery. The theme this week is Sky.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Funny Things My Child Says #13

We were driving along the motorway, on a scenic route, and I pointed out the cows to animal lover, Miss C. Husband always makes a joke about cows when we drive passed them saying, "Yum, steaks!"

"No Daddy, them not steaks! Those cows!" Miss C said.

"Yes and Daddy likes to eat cows."

"No Daddy, cows not food! Them animals!"

I can see Miss C turning vegetarian on us when she finds out the truth about cows, pigs and sheep.

My favourite line from Wee Z this week was, "Miss C, you women are always changing your minds!"

He's cottoned on to this early. That bodes well for him in the future.

Monday, 20 August 2012

How the Olympics Inspired me

Just last week we were glued to the Olympic games, something I thought would never happen to me. I'm not a sporty person and really only try to exercise to justify having a few treat days at the weekend.

It was actually the first diving event featuring Tom Daley that we watched - the 10m Synchronised Diving. Tom Daley was a name I knew and I'd heard him being interviewed on the radio so I was interested to see how he got on. Wee Z and Miss C watched with me and that's when we were sucked in.

I enjoyed the athletics too, especially the running and I was screaming, "GO MO, GO MO!" It was exciting. It was inspiring.

So, after watching all these very fit people running, I decided I'd give it a go myself. I've been trying to be more healthy and for the most I have been, with only the occasional slip up around about the bad time of the month.

I've never been a running person. I remember one night, pre-children, Husband suggested a run. I lasted about 2 minutes before stopping and lighting a ciggy! It wasn't for me. Since having children, I've been working out at home with various exercise DVDs and walking the 2.5 miles to work most days but I didn't think my fitness would have improved much.

I set off at a light jog on my first run. I'd just done my workout DVD so I didn't need to warm up. I increased my pace to a light run all the while thinking, "I'm going to pass out in about 2 minutes!" I was realistic with myself though and decided to run around the small park near our house. It has good up hill bits, down hill bits and straight bits and it would probably take a good 5 minutes.

I fully expected to have to stop after a few minutes, but, with my music blasting in my ears, I managed to run right round the park and back home. Infact, just as I was approaching my house, I felt like I had got my stride and could have continued running.

Wee Z and Miss C were waiting with Husband at our gate, cheering me on. It felt great! Clearly my workouts and my walking have improved my fitness. And the stopping smoking of course!

I've been for a few more runs, still just around the park, but I can feel it getting easier each time and once I can do it, I will gradually increase the distance.

Wee Z and Miss C were inspired by the Olympics too, in their own way. They now want to do gymnastics and diving. The Olympics coming to London was definitely a good thing.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Accident

Wee Z and Miss C were playing outside on Saturday whilst I was finishing tidying up after dinner. Husband had made them a "volcano" out of a washing up liquid bottle and Miss C decided she was going to wash the slide.

Our garden is fully slabbed apart from the decked area for our table and chairs. A few minutes before, Wee Z had tried to do a "bunny hop" on his bike and had fallen off the back and banged him bum on the concrete. He was crying but I checked him over and he was fine. Nothing broken and nothing bruised. I sent him back outside after he was feeling better.

Literally 2 minutes later, I heard a thud and then a huge wail from Wee Z. Before I looked out the window, I said to myself, "Bloody bike!" but when I looked out the window, Wee Z was lying near the slide, face down on the ground. The bike was nowhere to be seen.

As I ran out to get him, I was praying it wasn't going to be bad and that he'd just hurt his hands from stopping his fall. When he looked up however, his face was covered in blood. It was coming from his mouth.

I hate mouth injuries. I'm always terrified that they have knocked a tooth out or a tooth has gone through the lip or tongue. Wee Z was crying so hard and his lip was swelling so quickly. I brought him into the house and checked the freezer for some ice.

Always, always make sure you have ice in your freezer. I had ice-cube trays but no ice in them as I'd forgotten to fill them. I had to phone Mummy N to see if she had any ice which she didn't and as I don't tend to buy frozen veg, I only had a bag of chips to use to try and reduce the swelling. I used baby wipes to try and clear up some of the blood and gave Wee Z some water to rinse his mouth with. He screamed when he took the water as it stung his lip.

Once he stopped crying and the blood had calmed, I checked his mouth. His gum was purple and swollen but his teeth were all still intact and weren't moving or sore to touch. His top lip was badly cut and swollen.

I gave him some medicine with anti-inflammatory in it to help with the swelling and the pain and, to check he could eat OK of course, he had some chocolate too.

When I asked him what happened, it turned out the washing up liquid Miss C had been pouring on to the slide had slid off on to the plastic mat at the bottom of the slide. Wee Z had been running over the mat and slipped on the soap. I asked him why he hadn't put his hands out to stop him from falling and he said it had happened too fast.

Today his lip looks sore but the swelling has come down a bit. His teeth look OK but I'm still going to phone the dentist to see whether they want to X-ray his mouth to check for any damage to the root.

Accidents are definitely not one of the nice things about being a parent!

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekThirtyThree

Last Sunday, we spent the day playing in the garden and then went for a scooter ride to the shops and back. We were lucky to get back home just in time to avoid a shower of rain!

On Monday, we had a lazy day indoors. Wee Z and Miss C played with their toys whilst I caught up with some of my TV shows. I'm enjoying Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, especially new judge Tyson Beckford.

On Tuesday, it was my last day at work before my holidays. I couldn't wait to finish my shift and get home to get into holiday mode! When I did get home, we played outside in the garden and I started getting the house ready for my sister coming to stay with us.

On Wednesday, my youngest sister arrived to stay for a few days. The kids were really excited to see her as we don't see her very often because she is still in school. The kids played outside on their bikes with their Aunty whilst I started getting Wee Z's uniform all ready for the following day.

On Thursday, Wee Z started Primary One! It was scary, it was emotional but most of all, it was exciting. He had a great first day. In the afternoon, GG arrived to take us all out for lunch.

On Friday, Husband took the kids and my sister swimming. I stayed in and tackled the huge pile of ironing. When the kids came home, we played a few of our favourite Orchard Toys games: Crazy Chef and Where's My Cupcake?

On Saturday, I took Wee Z to karate. He is really coming on although he does get a bit distracted and likes to watch what everyone else is doing. He has his first competition in a few weeks so it will be interesting to see how he gets on. My sister was leaving after lunch, so Husband and the kids took her to the airport whilst I got myself ready for going out to a friend's house for a girlie night. Husband was having his friends over for a poker night too so it was early bed for the kids and drinks and nibbles for Mummy with her friends! It was a great night!

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The First Day of School

Wee Z woke up at 7am and came bursting into my room. He said, "Mummy, it is after 7 o'clock...we're going to be late for school!"

Keen then!

Infact, he didn't have to start until 9:30 that morning because they were doing a staggered start so the playground and waiting area weren't bursting with parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties...was that just us?!

Husband helped him get dressed and did his tie for him. He came running through to my room, (where I was getting ready, not still sleeping!) to show me just how handsome he was. And he really was.

We walked to school, Wee Z leading the way. We saw the rest of his classmates waiting to go in to meet their teacher. As my MIL works in the attaching nursery, we took Wee Z in to see her and his old nursery teacher. Some of the children in the nursery recognised him from the year before and came up to look at him. It must be strange for them to see one of their own going somewhere new and unknown to them.

We were called in to the waiting area. Wee Z saw some of his old nursery friends and of course, Miss E was there. They all sat patiently waiting for their teacher to come and get them and take them to their classroom. All the kids looked pretty excited and they all looked so smart in their uniforms.

Their teacher arrived and they were asked to line up and head to their classroom. Wee Z gave us a big wave as he went off.

I picked him up at lunch time as they only have to go for half days until September. Wee Z came out looking as happy as he did going in which was a good sign. I asked him all about his first day and he told me who he sat with, what they did for snack time and showed me the picture he drew. It was of his family at the Olympics!

I was OK! When we took him to see his Gran in nursery, that made me choke up a bit but it quickly passed. I'm not losing my boy, he's just starting a new chapter in his little life.

It's exciting!

Designing His Very Own School Bag

At the age of 5, Wee Z can lay claim to designing his very own school bag, thanks to Asda and the George range.

We were sent a white school bag, fabric crayons, fabric paints and fabric pens so Wee Z could have complete creative design over his school bag.

I simply told him, "think of a design in your head and then draw it on the bag."

Wee Z thought for literally a second and then said, "I'm going to do letters and numbers!"

I could have put money on him saying that but he does love his letters and numbers.

He started off with some of the fabric paint and painted numbers on the front of the bag. He wrote his nickname on the pocket and drew lines around the numbers which he told me was "detailing".

On the back of the bag he wrote the alphabet in different colours and opted for some more numbers on the straps. He also wrote about his family on the top of the bag which I thought was quite sweet.

Along with the school bag, I was sent some of the back to school range from George. I chose the items myself and went for a pack of polo-shirts, gym shorts, vests, shirts, a pair of trousers and a red jumper. All for just £20! The full range of back to school wear is available to order directly from the George website.

Here he is wearing his brand new school uniform and his school bag.

I think he did a great job! It might not be the most artistic bag but it represents something Wee Z loves.

This post is for the George campaign tag line ‘CHOSEN BY MUMS; TESTED BY KIDS; GUARANTEED BY GEORGE’

We are entering the "Little Designers" competition with this post and we received the school bag, crafts to create our design and clothes from the back to school range for the purposes of this post. The opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's All a Bit Real Now...

Emotion #TheGallery

I think children show emotions a lot better than adults do. Perhaps that's because as adults, we learn to hide our emotions better.

I decided to show the various emotions of my children...see if you agree with my theory.

This post is for The Gallery. The theme this week is Emotion.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Getting Ready to Start School

In two days, Wee Z will be starting Primary 1 and I'm really excited but also a bit nervous. I also can't believe how much thought has to go into planning "going back to school".

First off and most importantly, there is the uniform. Thankfully, Wee Z's school don't make it mandatory to wear a blazer or a badge on the jumper so we've saved a bit of money by going to places like Marks & Spencers, Asda and Tesco and picking up bits and bobs in their promotions. I did buy Wee Z the school tank top and polo shirt and he also has the school tie which his Gran bought for him and I can't wait to see him looking super smart on his first day.

For the first few weeks, the kids only have to go in for a half day so for the time being I don't have to worry about lunches. I do, however, have to think about snacks for his first break. We were sent some healthy fruit snacks from Yu! which Wee Z loved. His favourite was the Yu! Bar which is a cereal and yogurt coated bar made with 40% fruit. They also do yogurt-coated fruit buttons, which both kids love already from trying another brand, and 100% Jus Fruit pieces which are 1 of your 5-a-day in one pack. These sort of snacks are ideal for Wee Z who isn't too keen on eating actual fruit. I'll be stocking up on these for his snack times and then to include in his lunch box.

The most expensive thing we had to buy were his school shoes. I was delighted to only be spending £3 on a jumper for school but we agreed that we weren't going to go for cheap shoes in the hope of saving a bit of money. However, with a bit of bargain hunting, we managed to get a gorgeous pair of black shoes in a sports shop reduced from £60 to £24.99. Sadly, having looked at all the girls shoes, I don't think I'll be as lucky with Miss C.

Wee Z chose his own school bag and lunch box. He stayed away from character themed stuff which I was quite relieved about as their tastes are always changing and you can bet there will be at least another 3 or 4 kids with the same bag or lunch box. He chose a black bag with grey skulls and a grey lunch box. Very practical!

The last thing we had to get was a pencil case and this we were able to do for free. Having an abundance of craft supplies, Wee Z already had 3 pencil cases we could use and when they left nursery, they were given a huge stationary set.

So, I think we are ready. Well Wee Z is. Me? Not so much!

We received some fruit snacks from Yu! for the purposes of a review. These are available to buy from the home baking sections of Tesco and Sainsbury's stores nationwide. The opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Poppin Hoppies - Review

We were sent a brand new game called Poppin Hoppies to review. Made by University Games, Poppin Hoppies is a fun, colourful family game that is suitable for ages 4+ at a RRP of £16.99

The kids were super excited to play and we had the weather for it since it rained quite a lot at the beginning of last week.

The idea of the game is to catch the corresponding hoppies to the colour of your own puzzle pieces. You can choose which colour you want to be and in order to complete your puzzle, you have to catch the hoppies as they jump up in the air. The winner is the first person to complete their puzzle which is of a person.

This game requires 2-4 players so Wee Z, Miss C and I played together. You have to set the hoppies on the game board on their corresponding colour. There are 7 hoppies; 2 green, 2 blue, 2 pink and 1 yellow. The yellow is Mr P Hoppie but I didn't see the relevance to him as by catching him you had to work harder to complete your puzzle. You don't get extra points for catching him nor does he have the ability to "change" colour to allow you to get more of your own puzzle pieces.

Once the hoppies are on the game board you have to push them down to set them. This was a bit tricky with just myself, as Wee Z could only set one at a time and Miss C couldn't set any of them. The hoppies go off at different times so if I tried to set them one at a time, they would randomly start popping up. Once we did manage to set them though, we started to play.

It was fun waiting for the hoppies to pop up. They were tricky to catch. If one falls off the table or surface you are playing on then you grab it and reset it. We had to make sure we sat well back from them so we didn't get hit in the face! Wee Z was going for green whilst I was going for pink. If I caught one of Wee Z's pieces then I could trade with him if he had a pink hoppie, but we could only trade like for like. This is where the competition comes in as you want to try and grab your opponents pieces so they can't complete their puzzle before you do. Once the hoppies have all popped and been caught, you reset them and start again.

The game took about 15 minutes. It was good fun but a bit chaotic trying to set the hoppies. I think the concept of the game is good but you definitely need at least 2 adults or bigger children to play to be able to set the hoppies. I'm not sure I'd pay £16.99 for the game but would consider it if it were on offer in shops as the kids really did enjoy playing the game.

Stockists of Poppin Hoppies include Amazon and Argos.

We were sent Poppin Hoppies for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Sunday Round-Up #WeekThirtyTwo

Last Sunday, I decided to start having another massive clear out. This time it was clothes. I folded away all of Miss C's stuff that doesn't fit her anymore to pass on to Miss Baby K. How much use Miss Baby K will get out of them I don't know, as Miss C is only just into 2-3 years stuff whilst Miss Baby K, at the age of (almost) 16 months is into 18-24 month clothes. I took a break after lunch to go and visit Wee Z's God Mummy, who is expecting a baby after Christmas. The kids had fun drawing pictures for her and asking lots of questions about the baby.

On Monday, we attempted a trip to the park. I say attempted because, although we got there fine, as soon as Mummy N arrived, the heavens opened and we had to run for cover. It was raining very heavily. Miss C had to go to the toilet behind a door. Wee Z's wellies were full of water. Husband came to the rescue to pick us up though and when we got home, we jumped in the shower and got our jammies on!

On Tuesday, we spent the afternoon playing in the garden. It was bit sunnier but I wasn't chancing the weather changing and us getting soaked again!

On Wednesday, Wee Z managed to master the art of bike riding without stabilisers. He had to borrow a friend's bike to do this as his bike was too small so he couldn't balance properly. If only the summer holidays had brought better weather, he might have cracked it sooner as he was so excited to show his friends his new skill.

On Thursday, we met up with Grandpa who took us for lunch and then to the park. The sun was shining and it was a really fun day.

On Friday, we packed up the car and went to the beach. We met up with a few friends, had a picnic and enjoyed a splash in the ocean. The kids went looking for shrimps and shells whilst I worked on improving my milk bottle look. In the evening, we sat in the garden and we were treated to a battle courtesy of Wee Z and his new figurines from Bandai. We watched a Pokemon try to knock out a was quite impressive! The Pokemon sits on a spinner that you pull and then release so the Pokemon comes out of the Pokemon ball and it spins on to any surface. These figurines are fab! I think I'll be stocking up on a few for Christmas.

On Saturday, after work, we went in to town to pick up some things for a BBQ we were going to. I also bought Miss C some new Lelli Kelly shoes as her ones are getting a bit too small for her. I love Lelli Kelly shoes and I wish they made an adult size so I could have some! In the evening we went to the BBQ where the kids got to play with one of their friends and the adults showed how mature we all were by having a water fight.

We received some figurines from Bandai from the Pokemon range, the Thundercats range and the Ben 10 range. The opinions expressed are my own.

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