Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Bedroom Style

The decorating has begun. Husband has been sticking, plastering, sanding, nailing and painting all weekend and our bedroom is starting to take shape.

I can't wait until it is finished!

Our colour theme is red and a soft coffee colour (read cream with a posh name) and we are painting 2 walls in the red and 2 walls in the soft coffee. I can't wait to see how it looks!

As we are on a budget, we can't completely finish the room. We can't afford a carpet yet however, the walls will be done and the ceiling will be done and to finish off the room, we will get new curtains and new bedsheets. Hopefully we can get the carpet later in the year and add some skirtings and we'll be done!

I've been browsing online to get some inspiration. As always, I browsed though Next as it is one of my favourite shops and even the kids enjoy browsing their homeware section at our local shop. Next always have really pretty fabrics and beautiful colours schemes.

Another online shop I had a nosy at was Littlewoods. I found the most gorgeous bed linen. I love the flower patterns! Our room faces East so we need a blackout blind to keep the room dark in those early summer sun rise, so I ordered a red one from them.

On Argos, I found some beautiful bed linen and lovely poppy curtains. As our window wall will be the soft coffee colour, I thought a red curtain with a pattern would really stand out against the light colour on the wall. 

I can't wait to finish our room. Decorating has been long overdue so I'm really excited to add little touches and sleep soundly in the end result.


Village Mama UK said...

Hi there. Thanks for this post, we'll be doing our bedroom at some point (probably some point far in the future). Hope it all goes well.

LauraCYMFT said...

LOL ours has taken ages...well it didn't take long to decorate it but the actual getting round to doing it did take quite a few years!

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