Friday, 22 February 2013

Flashback Friday - The First Night

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my pregnancy story. Last time, I had just given birth to my beautiful little boy, Wee Z.

I thought I might get a few hours sleep. Maybe wake at 7am feeling a bit more myself and not so hazy and exhausted. Wee Z had other plans.

We had arrived on the ward at around 2:30am and Husband was sent straight home. I was by myself in the room with Wee Z. I did fall asleep straightaway but about an hour or so later, they brought another lady into the room. This woke Wee Z up.

I decided to try and feed him so I got him latched on. It was agony. I had thought breastfeeding was supposed to be the most natural thing on the planet. Whoever wrote that you should feel no pain clearly had never breastfed before in their life. Or they had the pain threshold of a God.

I called the midwife to come and check my positioning as after a minute I was still in agony. Apparently he wasn't on properly, so I took him off and tried again. The midwife was happy that he was on properly but I was still so sore. It felt like my boob was on fire. The midwife told me that it shouldn't hurt and if it did to take him off and try again and then she left.

Eventually Wee Z went back to sleep so I put him in his cot beside me and tried to go back to sleep myself. I think we lasted an hour before he was up again and the whole routine of trying to feed without pain began again.

By the time the sensible hours of the morning came, Husband was allowed to visit and he took Wee Z from me so I could have a wash and get some breakfast. Wee Z slept for most of the day. I, on the other hand, was up and talking to visitors who had come to see Wee Z when I should have been trying to rest too. Or trying to feed Wee Z.

I was hoping I'd get a sleep that night and yet again, Wee Z had other plans for us...


Lauren_W said...

Ahhhh yes, the first breastfeed. Never as magical and perfect as we all envisage.

I didn't stay in hospital with either of the boys. Looking back I wish, with Harry at least, that I would have sent my husband home.
Looking forward to reading the next installment xx

Red Rose Mummy said...

I had two nights in hospital after each of my deliveries, due to various complications. Considering they are full of people who need rest it is surprisingly hard to come by!

Cheryl said...

I love this photo of your little boy, all cozy and wrapped up. I really struggled with breastfeeding to being with too, it's all so much harder than the books say! x

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