Monday, 4 March 2013

Funny Things My Kids Say #19

We were having our afternoon snack. Wee Z was having some cubed cheese and Miss C and I were having our favourite: strawberries and blackberries. Wee Z is really fussy when it comes to fruit but I was determined to make him try a blackberry.

"Try this blackberry and I'll let you have a top hat." I said to him. Top hats are little marshmallow cakes with chocolate and a smartie on top.

"OK but I'm just going to eat it a tiny bit at a time." 

"Blackberries are yummy. Just stick it in your mouth and eat it. They are really good for you too. They are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants that keep your body good and your skin looking young. That's why Mummy eats lots of berries."

Wee Z continues to eat the blackberry tiny bit by tiny bit all whilst listening to my ramblings about being healthy and youthful.

He then said, "Mummy, does Daddy eat blackberries?"

"Erm, no. He doesn't like blackberries."

"Well he should because his skin is looking really old!" 


Tas D said...

Haha uh oh! Hope daddy is eating them now! :)

LauraCYMFT said...

LOL nope, just shovelling the Olay on :)

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