Thursday, 14 March 2013

Things I Said Before I Had Kids

I read a fun and probably quite true article on Parentdish recently called "10 things you swore you would never do BEFORE children". I bet we all said one or more of those things before our little ones came along and yet, somehow, when they come along everything you set out to do never happens. Because, quite frankly, until you have children you have no idea what you are letting yourself in for.

However, Husband and I being equally stubborn, we did agree on some things that we would definitely not do when we had children. And we stuck to them. Read stubborn above and that is why (and how) we managed to stick to our plans.

  • Babies will sleep in their cot
We both like our sleep. We knew our sleep was going to be disturbed by a newborn but we were determined that no matter how cute, cuddly or downright tired we were, no baby would be sleeping in our bed. They would sleep in their cot and their cot alone. Now, it was hard especially since our babies were SO cute, but we did it and we have 2 fantastic sleepers. I've always said my kids can be horrors all day and I'll manage so long as they sleep all night. *Rubs every inch of wood in house*

  • We will not use baby talk
I love that babies and toddlers come up with their own words for things around them. When Miss C was breastfeeding she would call her milk her "mum-mum" or she'd call Casper the cat her Pludo. Husband and I didn't mind them using their own little words for things but we were firm and said we would not use those words too. If the kids had a funny name for a car, we still called it a car so they would eventually learn the correct word.

  • We will not give them any fizzy juice
My sister and I used to go through a 12 pack of Coca Cola in 2 days when we were teens. My teeth, God knows how, did survive this attack but I've had a few fillings. Generally though, I don't agree with children having fizzy juice. Why give them more bubbles when they are full of energy anyway? But that's just my personal opinion. Anyway, I think we lucked out as we have 2 children who only drink water. Miss C has the occasional sip of orange juice when her tummy is playing up but Wee Z will refuse to drink juice of any kind. I'm sure they'll be mixing it with their alcohol when they are old enough but by then they'll be old enough to make their own decisions.

And here are some of the things we went in to parenting with a firm hat on and caved at the first hurdle:

  • No dummies - Wee Z had one within 2 weeks. Miss C, sadly, would not take one. 
  • No peeing in the street - Good luck with not ever having to do that when you are potty training.
  • Using jars of baby food - Only used them once and Wee Z refused to eat them anyway.
  • Shouting at our children - If you don't shout at your children, you must have the patience of a Saint.
 What things did you set out to do before you had kids? Have you stuck with them?


Gail said...

Totally agree on the 'our bed is ours' thing - not that our son is totally sleeping through the night at seven months, but still. I've also said no juice and intend to stick with that for the foreseeable future, ironic as I'm terrible at drinking water... I think the main thing I'm surprised we've stuck to is managing to at least start the bedtime at the same time every evening. And it's slowly starting to reap some benefits!

LauraCYMFT said...

Miss C never slept through until she was a year maybe, she was up and down a lot but it was always straight back into her own bed. I like my sleep too much and I knew I'd never sleep with them in my bed as I'd be worried about lying on top of them or hitting them in my sleep. I think having a routine is fab. He'll get there eventually :)

Tas D said...

Haha I'm pretty sure all of these were on my list too! I gave z a dummy within 2 weeks and he's still addicted 2 years on. He also loves our bed!! :)

AidaLeal said...

funny you should say thing that have always got into me was prams in the supermarket. oh yes. I was that person spreading dirty looks every time i got passed a couple with a pram, surely one parent could have stayed at the coffee shop with the baby. I do my food shopping online most of the time but when we eventually need to go to the local shops I can't always avoid bringing Harry in with me. Living and learning.

Tami Anderson said...

That is great - so true! We had the 'sleep' rule but with our first it just didn't work and he was too cute and cuddly we didn't care. He was about 3 before he started sleeping properly in his own room every night - whoops! Same mistake isn't being repeated second time around!!

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