Monday, 29 April 2013

Funny Things My Kids Say #22

Miss C and I were driving along in the car when a milk van drove past us. Miss C began to shout, "look Mummy, it's the milk van!" 

"So it is!" I said. "Do you know where milk comes from?"

"From cows!"

"Yes it does, clever girl. And do you know which part of the cow it comes from?"

"Its bum!" 

Wee Z and Miss C were sitting down to breakfast on Sunday morning. I was feeling rather unwell so I decided not to have any breakfast. I dished out some Multigrain Shapes for them both and as I walked to the fridge to get the milk, Wee Z said, "hurry up Mum, I need some milk. My fish can't swim!"

Sunday, 28 April 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekSeventeen

Last Sunday, Wee Z had a karate competition. He did well in his two fights. He lost the first one but won his second one and he got a medal for taking part. Miss C wasn't feeling too well so after lunch, she snuggled up on the couch and watched Tangled. I took Wee Z to his swimming lesson and then we had pizza for dinner.

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z. Miss C and I enjoyed an afternoon indoors as it wasn't very nice outside. Miss C played with her Happyland toys and I caught up with Hollyoaks. We walked to school to collect Wee Z but it was very windy and Miss C's baby almost took off in her buggy.

On Tuesday, we took a stroll to the park to feed the ducks. It was quite windy but the sun was out so we made the most of it being dry. The ducks were hiding from the wind though and there were seagulls everywhere. I hate seagulls and refuse to feed them so Miss C had a shot on the swings and slide instead.

On Wednesday, Miss C and I spent the day indoors as it wasn't very nice until school run time. Miss C played with her Peppa Pig toys whilst I did my usual weekly clean.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. I picked her up and then we had lunch. After lunch we went for some shopping. It was not a very nice day at all. It did start to brighten up as we went to pick up Wee Z. We got some yummy biscuits to enjoy as a treat whilst we waited in the car for school to finish.

On Friday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon indoors as it wasn't a nice day again. We'd managed to walk home from nursery just in time before the rain started. In the afternoon, I took Miss C to ballet and then we had a chilled out evening. Wee Z didn't want to go to his Friday club and decided he wanted an early night instead.

On Saturday, we awoke unwell. Wee Z had been up to the toilet twice during the night and I was up with really bad tummy pains. The kids had breakfast, I had some painkillers and then I threw up. We all went back to bed. I went back to sleep and the kids watched Tom and Jerry. When I woke up about 30 minutes later, I felt a bit better but my tummy was still churning. We went out for some fresh air and to buy a carpet for our bedroom. The kids played outside when we came home however I started to feel unwell again so it was back to bed for me.


Saturday, 27 April 2013

365 Project - Days 111 - 117

Day 111 - The Karate Competition
Day 112 - A tasty treat
Day 113 - Feeding the ducks
Day 114 - Playing with Peppa Pig
Day 115 - Posing in the car
Day 116 - Ballet bag
Day 117 - The bug has struck

Outdoor Dens #CountryKids

If you go down to the woods someday
You're in for a huge surprise
If you go down to the woods someday
You'll never believe your eyes

Miss C is there 
On a trunk for a chair
Wee Z is in the grey stone lair

Can you believe there are outdoor dens to be found everywhere?!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 26 April 2013

Flashback Friday - First Smiles

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my journey of first time Motherhood with Wee Z.

People will always try to give you some sort of advice when you are first time parents. Some of it you welcome with open arms whilst some of it you reject as quickly as possible.

Personally, I try not to give too much advice. If someone asks me something about a child-related matter then I'll tell them about my own experiences but at the forefront of my mind is this: Every Child Is Different. What worked for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Whenever a new baby is born and I buy a card and write it to the new parents, I always write the following:

The sleepless nights, the sickness on your...everything and the smelly nappies will all be forgotten and all be worthwhile the very second your little baby smiles at you. For the first time or the tenth time or the one hundreth time...That smile will be the most amazing thing to you. Enjoy it!

The reason I can write that?

Because it is the truth and the most amazing piece of advice or reassurance you could give any new parent.

When Wee Z first smiled at us, it was amazing. Everything was forgotten. The bad bits, the sick bits, the smelly bits and the sleepless bits. That smile was falling in love with our baby boy all over again.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Day We Went to a New Park

On Saturday, after work, we packed up the car and took a drive to a park about 15 minutes away from us. We'd never been to this park before and it was the first day we weren't doing anything and had Daddy with us to enjoy some family time together.

Before we went to the new park, we headed down to the local playing fields as there was some sort of show on for horses and cows and tractors. There were some rugby players taking part in a tug of war. It was all a bit strange but fun nevertheless. Wee Z enjoyed looking at the tractors. I couldn't believe how big they actually were.

As we were leaving, we spotted a little pony for the children to ride on. Miss C has always wanted to try horse riding so she asked if she could have a shot on the pony, whose name was Johnny. She got on without any fuss and was beaming as she took hold of the reins. Johnny started a gentle trot down the field and back to us and Miss C was loving it! I used to go horse riding as did my Sister, who went to lessons every weekend, and we loved it. I think Miss C may be following in our footsteps.

We left to go to the new park. As we pulled into the car park, the kids were excited to see a colourful climbing frame and the swings. The park was busy because it was a dry day but the kids managed to get on everything they wanted. Wee Z took a liking to this wheel thing that he had to walk on to get it moving and then keep his balance as the wheel spun in the opposite direction. It was a bit like a hamster wheel. He made a companion whilst on the wheel and they played and chatted together for ages. Miss C spent most of her time on the swings.

After about an hour in the play area, we decided to go for a walk. We went through the forest, picking up sticks for a camp fire. We found a Giant's Den and a little shelter with a magical toadstool. At the end of the forest, we came across castle ruins. The kids ran inside and peeked through the windows whilst Husband decided to climb up the castle walls.

We crossed a magic bridge and took a stroll alongside the stream. By this time the sun was shining and the park looked beautiful. The kids picked daffodils and brought them to us to bring home.

We left the park after almost 2 and half hours there, ready for our dinner. It was such a lovely day, spent as a family, exploring somewhere new and exciting. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Expressions #TheGallery

My children are definitely very expressive and I've seen some award-winning expressions from them over their years. Smiles, frowns, amusement, pouts...

When Wee Z was 3, he seemed to be going through the OMG expression phase. As soon as I'd point the camera at him, he'd pull that face. In fact, I used the very picture of his OMG expression for the last Expression themed Photo Gallery, back in 2011.

This photo was taken on the same day. Husband even captioned this photo along the lines of, "oh my God Mummy, Miss C has farted!" 

Miss C certainly doesn't do herself any favours with her "I think I need a poo" face.

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Second Karate Competition

On Sunday 21st April, Wee Z had his second karate competition. Wee Z has been going to karate for over a year now and has progressed up to an orange belt. Sometimes he complains and says he doesn't want to go but once he is there, he enjoys himself. I think it helps that his best friend goes to karate with him.

That Sunday morning, we didn't set an alarm. We never set an alarm on a Sunday morning anyway as the kids always wake up around 7:30 and wake us up in turn. This Sunday they decided to sleep until 8:45. The competition started at 10:00. Cue a mad dash to get ready!

We arrived at the competition in time. Wee Z's group wasn't fighting until 11:00 so we were able to watch some of the other age/height groups competing. The older kids were obviously much more fun to watch as they had more experience and training. Husband was explaining the point system as he knew it from when he went to karate.

When it was time for Wee Z to fight, he didn't seem himself. The hall was really, really warm and this was when Miss C started feeling unwell. Wee Z didn't seem to be concentrating as he usually would  be. He was up against a taller boy for his first fight. They both did quite well, scoring points equally up until the last round where the tall boy ended up getting the points and winning the fight.

On his second fight, again Wee Z didn't seem himself but he fought on and won his fight. He was remembering his punches and blocks but didn't use very many kicks, which score more points.

He didn't make the final round but he did really well considering he came out for some fresh air and told me he wasn't feeling too good. I was really proud of him for not giving up and trying his best.

We stayed to the end of his group fights. One boy got a kick right in the teeth which looked really sore. Thankfully he had his mouth guard in or he might have lost a tooth. He carried on fighting though and he went on to win his category.

The competitions are a great experience for Wee Z and also for us. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition on a Sunday morning to set you up for the day.

Dr Duck - Book Review

We received Dr Duck to review as part of the Little Tiger Press Parent Panel. Dr Duck is written by Steven Smallman and illustrated by Hannah George and is priced at £10.99 for the hardback.

Dr Duck has a busy day curing the various ailments in the zoo and it starts when Porcupine sneezes and loses all her quills. Dr Duck works hard to make his patients feel better in the best way a Dr Duck can do.

Wee Z read this book to Miss C at first and I could hear them giggling together. I didn't know what had caused such a fit of laughter between them until I read the book with them at bedtime. Gorilla's smelly bottom was the culprit. I was laughing along with them and I asked them if they knew someone who would really enjoy this story too. They said Bella as Bella loves a good trump tale.

This is a really fun book with colourful pictures and a surprise pull-out ending. We enjoyed spotting the zoo animals and guessing who would be unwell next.

The book is written in rhyme so it is good for Wee Z to be thinking of what words could be coming up and for Miss C to learn about words that rhyme.

Dr Duck is aimed at children aged 3 and over. I'd say that's about right and an easy book for first readers to read themselves.

We give this book 5/5

We received Dr Duck for the purposes of a review as part of the Little Tiger Press Parent Panel. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekSixteen

Last Sunday, we spent the morning at a birthday party at the local soft play. The kids had a great time running around, using lots of energy and eating party food. After lunch, the kids had their first swimming lessons. They both did really well.

On Monday, it was the last day of the Easter holidays. We went to the library to return some books and get some new ones out. The kids decided we should have McDonalds for lunch so that's where we went. When we came home, we had a chilled afternoon before I had to go to work.

On Tuesday, it was back to school for Wee Z and back to normal for Miss C and I. Miss C wanted to play with her Happyland toys so out they came. She played away quite happily until we had to pick Wee Z up. He had a good first day back at school.

On Wednesday, it was a horrible day. The rain was pouring and the wind was blowing. We dropped Wee Z off at school and then came home and had a house day. I did the cleaning and Miss C played with her Barbie swimming pool.

On Thursday, Miss C went back to nursery. She was excited to see her teacher and also her Gran who works there too. I had to wait in for my new suite to be delivered. It came just after lunch and once it was set up, Miss C couldn't wait to have a lie down on it. In the evening I took Wee Z to karate to get in some extra practise for his competition on Sunday.

On Friday, after nursery, Miss C and I had lunch and then we went to the park as it was such a lovely day. It was still windy but when the wind was away, the sun was warm. Miss C said she loved the sun being warm on her face. After the school run, Miss C went back to ballet and then Wee Z went to his Friday club. Husband was off to the pictures which meant I had a night to myself. I caught up on blogging (both reading and writing) and then did some online shopping for the birthdays we have coming up very soon!

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning but when I came home we headed out to a fun day near us. There were horses and cows and huge tractors. Wee Z was quite impressed by the tractors. We then went to the park and went on a big walk, exploring the forest and castle ruins. It was fun to spend an afternoon together.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

365 Project Days 104 - 110

Day 104 - Nice lipstick
Day 105 - Lunch at McDonalds
Day 106 - Daffodils
Day 107 - It's raining, it's pouring
Day 108 - New couches
Day 109 - Playing in the garden
Day 110 - Fun at the park

Hiding in the Bushes #CountryKids

We're hiding in the bushes
Having lots of fun
Watch out! Here comes Mummy
Run! Hide! Run!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday is Caption Day #SatCap

A few weeks ago I shared a photo of my cat on Husband's scooter.

Here he is again, this time on Husband's motorbike, enjoying the sunshine.

I think he is a secret thrill-seeker.

Can you come up with a caption for this photo?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Flashback Friday - Meeting Bella for the First Time

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my story of first time Motherhood with Wee Z.

Wee Z was the first Grandson in our family. He was the first male born on my side of the family in over 45 years. Everybody was excited to meet him. My Dad and Husband's Dad were the first to meet Wee Z at the hospital followed by the rest of Husband's family and our friends.

The one person I was really excited for Wee Z to meet was my Mum, his Bella. The name Bella came about because of our ties to Mexico. Abuela is the Spanish word for Gran so we decided to shorten it to Bella.

Staying so far away meant that my Mum and my Sister wouldn't be able to meet Wee Z until they could take time off work. My Mum also wanted to give us some space to get settled. To be honest, I wished she had come up straight away as she would have been the one family member I wouldn't have told to beat it.

They planned to visit the first week in July. Wee Z would be 1 month old. It seemed like an age away but it came in fast.

When they arrived, I'd left Wee Z in the living room lying on one of the baby mats and he was cooing at his teddy bear. My Mum came in, hugged us and then went to look for him. "Why is he on the floor?" she asked. She was immediately down beside him, looking at him and taking him in.

The Bella and Wee Z relationship began.

My Mum was the only person other than Husband who fed Wee Z for me when he was a baby. She wasn't sure what to do with the bottle, my Sister and I being breastfed babies, but Bella quickly got the hang of it, just as good Bellas do. She was up with me when Wee Z woke, asking if I needed anything, getting him washed and dressed and helping around the house.

All too soon it was time for Bella to go home. It would be another 4 weeks before we saw her again. It was hard to see them go but it made the visit even more special.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Facebook: No it Won't Cure Disease or Get You Pregnant!

Before I start this post I have to say, I do love Facebook and I don't think I'll be giving it up anytime soon. However, it is starting to get on my lady bits.

When I first started using Facebook, I had no idea what I was doing. I used to use Bebo...remember that place? But I noticed that most of my friends from school were using Facebook and I did want to keep in touch with them so I set up my Facebook account. Within a few months, my Bebo account was deactivated.

I'd caught the Facebook bug.

I didn't have a smartphone up until almost 18 months ago. Husband's big mistake was convincing me to get one. How easy it was to just switch on my WiFi and check Facebook (and twitter too!) for a few minutes.

I became a Facebook addict.

I loved seeing photos of niece and seeing how she was growing. I like being nosey reading status updates and catching up with old friends. I toyed with the idea of switching to Pirate English.

But the thing I have noticed happening more and more on Facebook that is really starting to get on my nerves is the amount of rubbish being randomly shared and appearing in my timeline. Every time I log in to Facebook now, you can guarantee there will be a picture of someone I don't know telling me that if I "like" this photo it will help cure something. It will stop something. It will make something happen. The most ridiculous one I saw was the photo of a person holding a sign saying "If I get 1 millions likes for this photo, my partner will let me have a third baby!" I thought how about you have a baby because you love each other not because 1 million people on Facebook said it was OK!

Most recently, the thing that really disturbed me was the photo of a young girl doing a marathon. Apparently this young girl had died in the Boston explosions that happened on April 15th. It really, really annoyed me. The story/post/photo was a fake (I checked as I'd been following the news) and had originally been shared by someone screen grabbing a twitter post and then sharing it on Facebook. That young girl hadn't died in the Boston attack and yet someone thought it would be a good idea to post this on Facebook and encourage the world to share. People were posting, "RIP little angel" and so forth.

What about the REAL victims and families of the awful attack in Boston? The 8 year old boy who DID sadly lose his life?

Facebook is great for keeping in touch, laughing at other peoples' updates and sharing the occasional photo of something funny. Facebook isn't going to cure illness, heal the world and make it a better place. It also won't get you pregnant*.

*Unless, of course, you are so addicted to Facebook you check your newsfeed whilst having intercourse and forget to use contraception.

Youth #TheGallery

Miss C asked me once, "Mummy, do you want to get old?" and I said, "No, not really!" Miss C then asked me, "Do you want us to grow up Mummy?" and I said, "Yes, I do want you to grow up". Miss C, not ever being known for her wisdom up to this point in her life, turned to me and said, "Well then, you'll need to get old if you want us to grow up!"

I'm not scared of getting old. I know it is just one of these things that will happen and I'm hoping that I will keep growing old for a long time. I don't look upon my birthday as that dreaded time of year when I'm getting another year older. I know that I'm not old in the grand scheme of ages. I'm still in my twenties. I have another few years before I hit my thirties and I'm not dreading turning the big 3-0. I'm still a young thing really.

I look in the mirror every day. Not in vanity, just to put my moisturiser on or to brush my teeth. I still see the same girl staring back at me. She doesn't look that much different. Less spots maybe. Less puppy fat around the face maybe. Do I look any older? I don't get asked for ID in Asda for drink any more so I obviously look over 25.

But I don't feel any older than the girl I remember always being.

Maybe one day I'll look in the mirror and it will hit me. I won't see that girl any more. I'll see someone with wrinkles and bags under her eyes and greying skin.

Until that day arrives, I'll enjoy my youth and being young whilst I can. Who knows when that first wrinkle or grey hair may appear?!

Monday, 15 April 2013

The First Swimming Lessons

Growing up abroad meant my Sister and I were rarely out of a swimming pool. We used to call my Sister "the fish" because she could swim so well, especially under water. I think we would have swam all day, every day if we had been allowed.

Being able to swim is such an important life-skill, so from a few months old, Wee Z and Miss C were both in the swimming pool. They were both dunked under the water on their first visit and didn't bat an eyelid.

Husband would take them both swimming most weekends when he could. He would take them as he is a member of the gym so he didn't have to pay for them all to go. I would spectate and then we'd go as a family when the gym started their fun nights for the family for only £3.

When Miss C started ballet, Husband would take Wee Z swimming himself. This was when Wee Z really came on and went from wearing armbands and being nervous about taking them off, to swimming himself.

We talked about sending the kids to swimming lessons. We had been thinking about it for awhile but then things like money got in the way. Or the lack of it. Husband was still taking the kids when he could but Wee Z was getting to the stage where he didn't want to learn to swim, he wanted to play.

Finally, things changed for us and it meant we would be able to send Wee Z and Miss C to swimming lessons. We contemplated one on one lessons with an instructor but decided to go with a class lesson to see how they got on.

Yesterday was their first swimming lesson. They were in different classes as the classes are made up on ability. As they hadn't been before, they were placed in the beginners class to their age group.

Miss C was first up. She popped her armbands on and got on really well. It was amazing to see her actually swimming. She had to wear their armbands but hopefully, after a few lessons, she'll gain more confidence and take them off. She came out of the pool beaming and very pleased with herself.

Wee Z's lesson was straight after Miss C's. As it was his first lesson, he had to wear their armbands. He was given two rings to wear on each arm and then he went into the pool. They ran to the other side of the pool and then the instructor showed them what he wanted them to do. They were to stand like a starfish in the water and then fall face first into the water and start to swim. When it was Wee Z's turn, he stood starfish, fell into the water and started swimming. The second instructor, who was in the pool, took his first set of rings off and then told him to swim again. As soon as he came up for air again, he took the second set off.

I was watching the whole time as they seemed to be testing how well Wee Z could swim. At one point the second instructor took him to the side of the pool and asked him to swim on his back. Wee Z can swim quite well on his back but he doesn't keep his legs up high enough. The second instructor soon had him kicking higher and faster. Mid-class, they had Wee Z showing the others how to do the forward crawl. I think my face was aching from smiling so much.

At the end of his class, his instructor came up to me and said they were going to move Wee Z up to the next class because he could swim so well and they wanted to push his swimming on. All those lessons with Daddy really paid off.

We were beaming parents and so proud of both of our children.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

What We Did Last Week #Week15

Last Sunday, we took a walk to the park and met up with Mama N and her kids. We went to see the new baby animals and then headed over to the swing park so the kids could play. Husband took us out for dinner which was nice. The kids enjoyed playing the the play park outside the restaurant and didn't want to leave.

On Monday, we started the second week of the Easter holidays. My Grandma came to visit and took us for lunch. We had a lovely chat and catch up and then we went for a nosey around the shops. I'd been informed by Cupcake Neighbour of a bargain in one of the little boutiques in town, selling half price Ugg Boots. They had the ones I wanted for Miss C and, for only £50, this was a bargain I wasn't missing out on. Miss C was delighted with her new boots.

On Tuesday, we met one of Wee Z's school friends for a morning at the soft play. They had a great time running around together and I had a coffee with his friend's mum. In the afternoon, the kids played on the trampoline and we had lunch outside as it was lovely and sunny.

On Wednesday, I spent the morning cleaning the house and having a general tidy up and clear out. In the afternoon, the kids went outside to play on the trampoline.

On Thursday, the kids didn't wake up until after 9am. We had breakfast and then watched some Tom and Jerry on TV as the weather was horrible. There was more clearing out in the afternoon and the kids played together with Wee Z's Star Wars toys.

On Friday, after a morning of food shopping, I had a date with my iron and the kids played in their rooms. Wee Z set to work on a new Lego set he got for Easter and Miss C played with her Happyland toys. It wasn't a very nice day but that didn't stop the kids wanting a shot on the trampoline. Wee Z went to his Friday club after dinner whilst Miss C and I cuddled up to watch Tangled. Again.

On Saturday, I took Wee Z to karate. After lunch we went to see the owl show in town. Miss C's favourite owl was there so she held her and gave her a cuddle. Then we met friends at the park. The kids played together in the play area and then decided it was more fun to find some big sticks and poke them in the mud. Needless to say, they left the park quite muddy!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

365 Project Days 97 - 103

Baby Animals #CountryKids

Spring is in the air
New life is appearing everywhere
We went to the country park
And saw some new babies there

There were little baby chicks
A pair of newborn goats
And a nosey, brave white lamb
Who almost ate Miss C's coat

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday is Caption Day #SatCap

My cats. The bane of my life.

Ah I love them really but they are pesky little creatures. We have Morgan, the brown, orange and black one, who is afraid of her own shadow. Rocky, the big black one, who has the grace of an elephant and is really quite moody. Casper, the white one, who is the biggest softy and then Jazz, the new addition, who is proving to be quite a mischievous little kitten.

Here they all are in a rare moment of tolerance for one another. Can you come up with a caption for this photo?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Spaghetti and Sausages - Recipe

Pasta is such a big hit in our house, I honestly think the kids would eat pasta every night of the week if I let them.

My friend had asked me if I'd seen the photo on Facebook of the spaghetti inserted into slices of hot dogs before being cooked. I hadn't, but it sounded so fun that I had to give it a go. I also wanted to see if it actually worked.

The kids had great fun putting smoked sausage on pieces of spaghetti and they couldn't wait to eat it.

Here's how we made spaghetti and sausages:


Smoked sausage, sliced

For the sauce

1 clove of garlic, crushed
1 onion, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
1 can of chopped tomatoes
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of basil
Salt and pepper to taste

Let's Cook It:

Fill a pan with water, add some table salt and bring to the boil. Slice your smoked sausage up quite chunky and then carefully insert a few pieces of spaghetti into the sausage. Push the spaghetti through until the sausage is about half way down. Cook the spaghetti in the pan of boiling water as per pack instructions.

To make the sauce, fry your onion in some olive oil on a low heat for a few minutes and then add in your crushed garlic. Fry for a further minute and then add in your red pepper. Fry for a few minutes and then add in your chopped tomatoes and then half fill the empty can with boiling water and add to the pan. Stir in 1 teaspoon of sugar, to cut the acidity of the tomatoes and season with salt and pepper to your own tastes. Add in 1 teaspoon of basil (fresh or dried) and let it cook gently for 10 minutes.

Once the spaghetti is cooked, drain and add it straight to the sauce. Stir through and then serve with some Parmesan cheese.


Flashback Friday - Three Weeks Old

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my story of first-time Motherhood with Wee Z.

At three weeks old, Wee Z weighed 9lbs 6oz. He'd put on almost 2lbs since he was born. We could see him filling out around the arms, legs and torso and he was starting to lose that "wrinkly old man" look that babies seem to have when they are born. Like their skin just isn't made to fit yet?!

He was feeding well and was sleeping well too. He took comfort in a dummy, something we said we'd never get for our babies. It did help comfort him though which was better than him crying himself off to sleep.

He was enjoying his baths too and we were gaining in confidence with washing him. I was always scared I'd drop him in the bath and he'd sink but I never did. He used to jump whenever his hand hit the water and made the water splash on to him but he never cried, he just carried on moving his legs and arms about.

I was counting down the weeks to when Wee Z would smile at us. When he was asleep, his face would make like he was going to smile but people would tell us it was just wind or him dreaming. He was becoming more aware of us though and would stare at us intently, like he was soaking us up like a sponge. I always used to wonder what he was thinking when he was looking at us like that.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sunday, 7 April 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekFourteen

Last Saturday, we arrived in Manchester. I was shattered after the drive and my bum was numb! We had lunch and then the kids went for a walk with Bella and Pops. In the evening, my Mum made lamb hotpot, which was yummy and I watched Bridesmaids.

On Sunday, the kids decided to get up mega early. We had breakfast and then went for a walk with the dog. The kids had a great time on the walk. They were climbing steep hills, running through the fields and exploring the many trails on the walk. In the evening we went for a meal with Miss Baby K, my Sister and her partner.

On Monday, we went shopping. We got shoes for Miss Baby K for her birthday and I bought my Mum a new gym bag for her birthday as that's what she wanted. In the evening, we watched TV and had fish and chips for dinner.

On Tuesday, we set off for home. When we got back, I spent the rest of the afternoon tidying, washing clothes and putting stuff away. The kids had fun playing with their new Trunkis I bought for them. It was nice to get back to my own bed!

On Wednesday, I spent the morning cleaning the house. The kids were happy to be back to their own toys and spent the morning playing nicely together. In the afternoon, we went outside to play. I cleaned the garden whilst Wee Z did a math workbook and Miss C pushed her baby around the garden in her buggy. It was a gorgeous day!

On Thursday, we went swimming. I also booked the kids in for their swimming lessons. After swimming, we went for lunch at Pizza Hut and then went to the park to play as it was such a lovely day. It was still windy though so it was quite cold but when the wind went away, the sun was so warm! Wee Z went to karate after dinner and then we got some chips on the way home.

On Friday, we played outside as it was lovely and warm. My MIL came to pick the kids up for their first sleepover at her house at 3pm. Husband and I didn't know what to do with ourselves once they were gone. We had a lovely steak dinner, watched a film and then went to bed.

On Saturday, I woke at 8am and remembered I didn't have to get up so I went back to sleep for another hour. I baked a chocolate cake and the kids came home from their Gran's house at 11am. After lunch, Husband built the trampoline with help from the kids. They then spent the rest of the day playing outside.

Here's hoping the sunshine is here to stay for awhile.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

365 Project Days 83 - 96

I missed the linky last week as we were away to visit Bella and Pops, so I have made 2 photo collages of days 83 to 89 and days 90 to 96. I couldn't miss out my days now, could I?!

Country Walks #CountryKids

It was Easter Sunday
And after rolling our eggs
We went on a big long walk
Which tired out our legs

We saw horses in the field
And a couple of friendly ducks 
We had lots of fun on our walk
Even though Mummy slipped in the muck

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday is Caption Day #SatCap

We were out for a walk, a really long walk and I was hinting to my Mum that I was getting pretty hungry.

We then stumbled across this guy...

Can you come up with a caption for this?

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