Sunday, 28 April 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekSeventeen

Last Sunday, Wee Z had a karate competition. He did well in his two fights. He lost the first one but won his second one and he got a medal for taking part. Miss C wasn't feeling too well so after lunch, she snuggled up on the couch and watched Tangled. I took Wee Z to his swimming lesson and then we had pizza for dinner.

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z. Miss C and I enjoyed an afternoon indoors as it wasn't very nice outside. Miss C played with her Happyland toys and I caught up with Hollyoaks. We walked to school to collect Wee Z but it was very windy and Miss C's baby almost took off in her buggy.

On Tuesday, we took a stroll to the park to feed the ducks. It was quite windy but the sun was out so we made the most of it being dry. The ducks were hiding from the wind though and there were seagulls everywhere. I hate seagulls and refuse to feed them so Miss C had a shot on the swings and slide instead.

On Wednesday, Miss C and I spent the day indoors as it wasn't very nice until school run time. Miss C played with her Peppa Pig toys whilst I did my usual weekly clean.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. I picked her up and then we had lunch. After lunch we went for some shopping. It was not a very nice day at all. It did start to brighten up as we went to pick up Wee Z. We got some yummy biscuits to enjoy as a treat whilst we waited in the car for school to finish.

On Friday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon indoors as it wasn't a nice day again. We'd managed to walk home from nursery just in time before the rain started. In the afternoon, I took Miss C to ballet and then we had a chilled out evening. Wee Z didn't want to go to his Friday club and decided he wanted an early night instead.

On Saturday, we awoke unwell. Wee Z had been up to the toilet twice during the night and I was up with really bad tummy pains. The kids had breakfast, I had some painkillers and then I threw up. We all went back to bed. I went back to sleep and the kids watched Tom and Jerry. When I woke up about 30 minutes later, I felt a bit better but my tummy was still churning. We went out for some fresh air and to buy a carpet for our bedroom. The kids played outside when we came home however I started to feel unwell again so it was back to bed for me.

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