Friday, 31 May 2013

Flashback Friday - Wee Z's first birthday

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my story of first time Motherhood with Wee Z. It is almost Wee Z's sixth birthday so I decided to share the story of his first birthday.

Wee Z's birthday was celebrated over 2 days. Some of the family came on the Saturday, the day before his birthday, whilst the rest came on his actual birthday for which we had organised a small party.

On the Saturday, my Dad and Grandma came to visit as well as my youngest Sister and her Mum. They had travelled from way down south and we hadn't seen my Sister in years. This was her first time meeting her nephew. The sun was shining all day; it was actually really hot. Wee Z enjoyed eating his first piece of chocolate and playing with his new dinosaur toy. Husband's brother came that day too along with his Dad and his other brother.

On the Sunday, my Mum and Sister arrived from Manchester. It was great to see them and they were staying for a few days afterwards. That day was miserable although the rain did hold off long enough for us to play outside on Wee Z's new swing. We had invited a few friends along with their kids. There was only one baby younger than Wee Z, the rest were older and made a fuss over Wee Z. He wasn't too bothered with all the attention though.

We brought out his birthday cake which he started to pick at. He cried when we took it away to be cut up.

After the party, we sat and opened all of his presents. Wee Z was shattered and had an early night that night. Turning one must have been hard work for him!

My Son's Sixth Year in Photos

How much has my little boy changed in the last year? As his sixth birthday approaches, I've looked out some of his photos from the last 12 months. The changes are scary! He has definitely grown in height and he has completely lost any sort of puppy fat from his face. He is now a proper little boy with only 4 years until he reaches double figures!

August - Starting school
October - Chicken pox visited

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Birthday Party

We awoke on Sunday morning and the first thing I did was run to a window to check the weather.

It was raining.

I may have used some expletives.

The party guests were due to arrive at 11am. We were all awake, dressed and ready to go from 9:30am. That was no mean feat since there were 5 adults in the house needing showers and 3 children to get dressed.

The owls arrived at 10:15am. Thankfully, as they arrived, the rain went off and the sun started to peek through the clouds. Our sun dances were starting to work.

Miss C was delighted to see her favourite owl, Honey, there to see her. Wee Z was straight over to his favourite owl and they got to hold them before the party guests arrived.

Guests began to arrive and all the kids were excited to see the owls and hold them. The adults were able to sit on the deck chairs whilst I ran around the kitchen getting drinks and food ready.

The owls stayed for 2 hours. I think they would have stayed longer but they looked a bit stressed out and the kids were getting hungry.

We had prepared a huge buffet of chips, cocktail sausages, chicken satay skewers, fish bites, southern fried chicken bites, salad, crisps, fruit and breadsticks. We also served up 3 types of pizza; chicken and onion, pepperoni and four cheese. I bought them from Asda as their freshly made pizzas are delicious and very reasonable at only £3.50 for a 14 inch. For pudding we had made top hats and we had some birthday cake too.

My party plates and cups were provided by Asda who also sent us some party prizes and party bags. They sent us some Spiderman and Cars themed plates, cups and napkins and I bought some of their girly range for Miss C.

After the food, we played some party games including Pass the Parcel and musical statues. The kids then danced and had a bounce on the trampoline.

And the sun stayed out all day!

By bed time, the kids were knackered but the fun was not stopping for my Sister and I. We were heading out with some of the girls for a few drinks. Well deserved I think after slaving in a kitchen all morning and then clearing up all afternoon!

We received some of the Asda party range to use. I also bought some of the range myself and found their prices to be very reasonable. The plates and cups were great and did a good job with all the food piled on to them and all the juice poured in to them. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Letter to my Four Year Old Miss C

Dear Miss C,

I can't believe it is your fourth birthday today. As always, the years seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.

We planned a party for your birthday and invited all of your friends and family. We planned a surprise for you by arranging for your favourite owl to come and see you. She brought some of her other friends with her and you loved it. You were so happy to see the owls.

You love animals so much. It doesn't matter what kind they are, you go straight over to them and start talking to them and asking questions about them. We think you might become a vet when you are older. You were so funny to watch with the owls, kissing them and petting them. Daddy wants to get you your own owl since you are so good with them. I'm not sure the cats will be impressed but it is certainly cheaper than the pony you keep asking for.

We've booked a table at your favourite Italian restaurant for your birthday meal. You love pasta, just like Mummy, and I'm pretty sure you'd eat spaghetti bolognaise every day of the week if you could.

You got lots of lovely presents from your friends and family who came to the party. Mostly it was dressing up stuff as you love to dress up in pretty costumes and jewellery. You also got a Lalaloopsy doll from Bella and Pops and a Pascal from Tangled. Tangled is your favourite film at the moment and you can't wait to meet Rapunzel when we got to Disneyland this year.

You are such a sweet little girl and love to cuddle up to the people you love. You have such a lovely relationship with all of your Aunties and Uncles (real and adopted ones) and such a special relationship with your God Parents too. You always tell the people you love that you love them or you've missed them. It is so sweet.

You and your brother have a very good relationship. Like all siblings, there are times when you drive each other crazy but when you see him after his school day, your face lights up and you love playing with him and trying to copy some of the things he does. You call him your Best Friend...when you like him that is.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday my little princess. I can't believe how fast you are growing up!

We love you lots and lots.

All my love, forever and always,

Mummy xxx+o

Sunday, 26 May 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwentyOne

Last Sunday, Husband was up early for work but I managed to sleep until 8:15 before the kids decided it was time for me to get up and feed them. We spent the morning doing some arts and crafts. In the afternoon, we went to visit friends in their new house which was gorgeous. The kids loved running around, exploring the rooms and decided they wanted a house just like it. I then took the kids to their swimming lessons. I've noticed a huge difference in their swimming abilities in the few weeks they've been going.

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z and back to late shift for me. Miss C and I spent the morning weeding the garden and tidying up. In the afternoon Miss C went for a bike ride whilst I ran alongside her. I was pretty warm after that!

On Tuesday, the sun was shining. Miss C and I went to the park after lunch. Miss C managed to cycle all the way to the park, to school and then home again. She was quite tired when we got home. The kids played on the trampoline for a little while before coming in for some much needed rest and spaghetti bolognaise for dinner.

On Wednesday, Husband was off work for his Stepdad's funeral. He took the kids to school whilst I did my cleaning and my workout. Miss C and I spent the afternoon clearing out her cupboards of all her clothes that don't fit her anymore and then we took a bike ride to pick Wee Z up from school.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. When I picked her up, we came home for lunch and then went to the shops to get some milk. We decided to get a sweetie too so Miss C chose a Hello Kitty chocolate lolly for herself and a Skylanders Giants lolly for Wee Z. I had a Wispa Gold, one of my favourites!

On Friday, Miss C and I went for a walk with Mummy N and Wee L. The kids got some sweeties from Mummy N and the bikes were almost left in the street so they could eat their treats. Ballet was off for Miss C so the kids played together in the garden after school.

On Saturday, I went into town to pick up Miss C's birthday cake and buy lots of party food. I also got my nails done. Bella, Pops, my Sister and Miss Baby K arrived at 4pm and Wee Z and Miss C were delighted to see them. We had the paddling pool up since it was such a nice day and Miss Baby K couldn't wait to get in! The kids had a great time sliding into the pool and splashing around. 


Saturday, 25 May 2013

365 Project Days 139 - 145

Day 139 - Breakfast 
Day 140 - Ta da Mummy
Day 141 - On the swings again
Day 142 - Sleepy girl
Day 143 - Little Jedi
Day 144 - Strawberry cake 
Day 145 - Hot enough for a paddling pool!

The Plans for the Birthday Party

Getting things ready for a birthday party can be pretty stressful, especially if you are hosting it in your own garden and expecting 15 kids plus their respective carers.

The most stressful bit, of course, is whether the rain will stay off.

This Sunday, we are hosting a joint party for Miss C and Wee Z. The party itself really is more for Miss C as we have booked her favourite owls to come and see her for a few hours. She doesn't know they are coming so I can't wait to see her face on Sunday morning when they arrive. Wee Z wanted to go out for pizza and soft play with his two best friends so we agreed to do that for him on his actual birthday.

Bella, Pops, my Sister and Miss Baby K are coming up for the weekend. It will be great to have them visiting as they haven't been able to come up for one of our parties before.

I have prizes wrapped for the party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues. I have plenty of napkins, paper plates, paper cups and balloons. We're making lunch for everyone and we'll serve pizza, chips, salad, fruit, sausages, chicken bits, cheese and our favourite: Top Hats.

Enjoying the sunshine last year

For the party last year, the sun was splitting the skies and it was a glorious day. We decided to put the pool up for the kids to enjoy. Friends and family arrived at 12pm and didn't leave until 8pm. I don't think we'll be as lucky with the weather this year somehow.

I just hope it stays dry for the day.

I don't think I could cope with 15 kids plus adults, 4 cats and 8 owls in my house all at once.

Bouncing High #CountryKids

We're bouncing on the trampoline
Having lots of fun
Doing silly handstands
And landing on our bums

We're bouncing on the trampoline
Doing some cartwheels
Sometimes we just jump about
And shout alot and squeal

When we get Mummy on
She doesn't jump too high
Because sometimes she pees herself
And it runs right down her thigh

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 24 May 2013

Baa Baa from Orchard Toys - Review

We received a brand new game from Orchard Toys called Baa Baa to review. This is colour recognition game with lots of cute little sheep wearing different pieces of clothing. Miss C couldn't wait to play it as she loves animals.

We made a video of us playing the game:

To recap:
  • Suitable for ages 3 and over however, I think a younger child could join in with a bit of help. I don't think you would get past the age of 6 with this game, as it is quite easy to play.
  • For 2 - 4 players
  • Encourages colour recognition beyond the primary colours
  • Encourages turn-taking
  • Encourages matching skills as children have to match the colour of a sheep's clothing to the colours on their board
  • Fun and easy to play
  • Lasts about 10 minutes
  • Costs £9.50 from the Orchard Toys website

Miss C really enjoyed playing Baa Baa and it was great to see just how many colours she actually knows as she doesn't really like to sit and show you in practise.

Overall we would recommend this game to parents with young children of a similar age to Miss C.

We give Baa Baa a big 10/10

We received Baa Baa for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Flashback Friday - Miss C's First Birthday

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm taking a break from my journey into first time Motherhood with Wee Z and writing about Miss C's first birthday, since it is almost her 4th birthday.

On the day of Miss C's birthday, as she turned a whole year old, we spent the day at home. She opened her presents with great fascination. She was too young to really enjoy present opening at Christmas time but she loved the paper crunching in her hands and the toys singing to her from inside their boxes on her birthday.

Wee Z was on hand to help her try her new toys and show her how they worked. She was happy to share (unlike now!) and watch her brother showing her what to do.

We had some butterfly fairy cakes and I put one candle in hers for her to blow out. She was a bit confused by the candle but enjoyed her first taste of cake.

We had a joint party for her and Wee Z since their birthdays are so close together (bad planning on our part!) and invited all of our friends and family. Miss C loved her party dress but wasn't so keen on her party shoes. She loved having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her and clapped her hands when they finished.

It was a brilliant day and Miss C really enjoyed herself.

I can't believe she is about to turn four now.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Daughter's Fourth Year in Photos

Miss C turns 4 very soon and, like last year, I decided to put together some photos of her from the last 12 months. As soon as I start looking at photos over a yearly period, it scares me to see the changes in my kids. You don't notice them when you see them every day!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Drink #TheGallery

The last time I had a good drink was Christmas Eve Eve (so the night before Christmas Eve) when we organised a girls' night out with a few of the Mums from the school.

We met up at a local pub that sells quite cheap drink. I wasn't intending on staying too late as I didn't have a lot of cash and I was working the next day.

It obviously didn't pan out like that.

I didn't get home until gone 11pm and I was as giddy as a school girl.

I started the night on Sex on the Beach cocktails and ended it on peach snapps and lemonade. These are my two favourite drinks when I'm out for a drink.

We ended up in an old man's pub. There was karaoke and we wanted to sing and dance and spend very little money - because the drink was cheap, not because the old men were buying us drinks.

It was a great night. I suffered the next day and barely made it through work although, because it was Christmas Eve, it wasn't very busy.

Our next night out is organised for this Sunday.

No work the following day!

It could be messy but it will definitely be fun!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our Favourite Walks

Walking is one of my favourite things to do. I love being outdoors, especially when the weather is nice and just going for a walk. It doesn't have to be a long walk; the school run is often just enough for me. However, I really enjoy our walks as a family and my favourite walk is the one we do in the local country park.

This is a pretty long walk with lots to see and lots of places to explore. There are plenty of trees to try to climb and plenty of things to talk about. There are lots of animals in the park too and a play area that the kids enjoy playing in. At the end of the walk, we are all tired but feeling good.

We've been doing this walk since Wee Z was a baby. It's great for the kids to be outdoors and getting some exercise through walking. Sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to do some exercise so having lots to see and do on our walk really helps keep them motivated. This is why it is one of our favourite walks.

The AXA PPP healthcare facebook page is filled with ideas and tips for families to keep walking throughout this month. They are also hosting a live web chat on Wednesday May 29th on the AXA PPP healthcare website between 11am and 1pm, discussing baby and child allergies to help parents prepare for the great outdoors.

We suffer with hayfever quite a lot during the Spring and Summer months, so I would probably ask health nurse Kamilla Doughery for some tips on easing those hayfever symptoms. Kamilla will be on hand during the chat to answer any questions parents may have in relation to allergies including symptoms and diagnosis.

If you have a question for Kamilla, you can leave it here ahead of the live chat on the AXA PPP healthcare website.

Here's hoping the sunshine stays for awhile so we can get out and enjoy more walks!

Featured post.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwenty

Last Sunday, the heavens had opened and it rained pretty much all day. The rain, however, did not dampen our spirits as we headed out to look for a new car. We went to a local BMW dealer and test drove a few cars and decided to go with a new 3 series. We did want the coupe version until Wee Z pointed out that the back of the car only had 2 seats so his friends would not be able to come out for his birthday. Practical won out.

On Monday, it was back to work for me and back to school for Wee Z. It was another miserable day and at one point I think it snowed. Miss C and I spent an hour together before Wee Z came home from school. We played a game after Wee Z had done his homework and then he read us his school book.

On Tuesday, after work, Miss C and I walked to school to pick up Wee Z and we walked home together. The sun was finally shining! The kids played on the trampoline and the seesaw together whilst I made dinner. It was nice to be able to enjoy some sun again!

On Wednesday, Miss C went with Mummy N and Wee L to a local toddler group. I picked her up after work and we played outside before going to pick up Wee Z from school. When Wee Z came home, he was complaining of a sore neck and he had a lump under his right ear with some bruising. Husband phoned the on-call Doctor to get some advice and they asked him to bring Wee Z out for a check-up. All was fine and he just needed to take some pain medicine before going to bed.

On Thursday, it was my day off. Husband and I took the kids to school and nursery and then came home to sort out a few of Husband's stepfather's things. After school, I picked up Wee Z and took him and Miss C to our new favourite coffee shop for some cakes. I had a lemon meringue pie and a smoothie and the kids had a cupcake each. A yummy treat!

On Friday, Husband and I dropped the kids off at nursery and school and went to pick up our new car. It was a gorgeous day which made it even nicer to be able to drive our new car home. Miss C and I went food shopping once I had picked her up and then we went to ballet after school. In the evening, after I picked Wee Z up from his Elite Squad Karate training, I went to Mummy N's house. We were all supposed to be getting a psychic reading but the person never turned up so we just drank our wine and had a good chat instead.

On Saturday, I woke feeling a little delicate. I went to work and then Husband picked me up. We decided to go to McDonalds for lunch as I always find it helps with a hangover. I felt great after my Happymeal! In the afternoon, the kids played with Playdoh and we watched some TV since it was such a miserable day.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

365 Project Days 132 - 138

Day 132 - A mini BMW ride
Day 133 - Cuddles with Jazzy Kitten
Day 134 - Bouncing on the trampoline
Day 135 - Bike rides
Day 136 - Enjoying a cupcake
Day 137 - Miss C's plastic car
Day 138 - Husband likes the new car

Splashing in the Puddles #CountryKids

It's Raining
It's Pouring
Being stuck indoors is boring
We want to go outside to play
So hurry up rain and go away

It's Raining
Not Spitting
We're getting fed up sitting
Mum is going a bit stir mad
And we are feeling very sad

It's Stopping
No Raining
So outside we go for splashing
We'll have to jump in the puddles fast
Because the dry spell might not last 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 17 May 2013

Flashback Friday - Weaning

For Flashback Friday this week I'm continuing my story of first time Motherhood with Wee Z.


This was a word that scared me. It scared me because I had so many questions without many answers. How much should I give him? When should I give him his food? Would he still need his milk? How will I know he is full? My mind was in a whirlwind.

My health visitor came out to give me a talk about weaning but it didn't really help much. I ended up just buying some baby rice to try Wee Z with and hoping for the best.

At four months old, Wee Z got his first taste of food. Baby rice. He was not impressed.

I tried him on some banana, mushed up with some of his baby milk. He liked that a bit more.

I gave up on baby rice and decided to just go with fruit and vegetables for him. Annabel Karmel was my saviour. I would puree apple and pear for him to have after his lunch time bottle. He would only take a little bit at first but after a few weeks, he was finishing the tiny bowl of mush I was feeding him.

We tried carrots, swede, potatoes, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. He loved them all. When he was 6 months old, he was eating 2 meals a day and still taking his milk. My baby was starting to fill out quite a bit. He loved weetabix with his apple or pear mixed in with his milk.

By 7 months he was eating 3 meals a day. He loved pasta shapes with Annabel Karmel's bolognaise sauce. He also loved broccoli and cauliflower cheese. It was a bit of a chore cooking all these separate meals for Wee Z but the beauty of it was, I could fill the freezer with lots of meals to last him a month.

Wee Z tried a jar of baby food once when we went down to visit Bella. He hated it. Apart from that one time, Wee Z never had a jar of baby food. Not because I had anything against using pre-made baby food but because it worked out cheaper for me to buy and cook his meals in bulk.

By 10 months, Wee Z had cut out most of his milk feeds, just having a bottle before bed and was eating lots of different foods. He loved banana sandwiches and finger foods in general. He also loved yoghurt. He loved being able to feed himself.

So weaning wasn't so bad after all but I am pretty glad we are away from that stage now. I don't miss how messy he used to get!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Explaining Death to your Children

On Monday evening, Husband's stepfather passed away. He had been ill for a long time so it wasn't totally unexpected however these things happening, expected or not, are never nice.

The kids were in bed when Husband phoned from work to tell me. I wasn't sure how I was going to tell them that he had passed away. They weren't close to him but they knew him from visiting him a few times and Miss C took a liking to his dog, Duke.

I decided I'd tell them when they woke up in the morning before Husband came home from work so I could prepare them for Daddy feeling sad. They both knew he had taken a turn for the worse and was very ill so I think we had prepared them as best we could.

"Daddy's stepfather passed away last night" I said to them both.

"Oh did he?" asked Wee Z.

"Yes Z, he is going to die cause he is not well!" said Miss C.

"No C, Mum's just said he died last night. So he is dead."

"Oh...Mummy is he in Heaven now?"

"Yes, he has gone to Heaven so Daddy might be feeling a bit sad when he comes in" I said.

The kids were eating breakfast when Husband came home from work.

"Daddy, we heard that your stepdad died last night!" said Wee Z.

"He is in Heaven now Daddy and his body is going to the ground. He must have been good cause he didn't go to the Devil!" said Miss C.

So, explaining death to your children. Clearly my children have it more than figured out.

New #TheGallery

When I saw Tara's prompt on Friday night, I thought to myself, what on Earth can I take a photo of? I'd already used my New baby photo in the previous New The Gallery theme. I couldn't do that post all over again.

On Sunday, we went shopping. Not food shopping. Car shopping.

We bought a new car.

I have never, ever owned a new car. Not even a nearly new car. Not that we've ever needed to own a new car. So long as it got me from A to B without breaking down, I was happy. But we always said that, if the day came where we could afford to buy a new car, we would.

So we did.

And I got my Gallery photo for this week.

I am really excited. Working hard really does pay off, even if you have to work bloody hard to get there.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Little Orchard Game from Haba - Review

As part of Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest, we received Little Orchard Game from Haba to review. We have made a video review of the game to show you how to play and to tell you a bit more about the game.

To recap:

  • Aimed at 3-8 years however I felt it would be more suited to the lower end of the age range due to duration and simplicity of play
  • Encourages memory skills as you need to remember where those crow cards are so the crow doesn't move along the path
  • Good for colour recognition as there are different coloured flower cards and you have to choose your flower based on the colour you roll on the die
  • Introduces the idea of playing against a virtual player - the crow
  • Encourages team play
  • Priced at £14.95 on Haba website (price may vary depending on retailer/stockist) which I felt was a bit expensive for what the game is however you can not fault the quality of the playing pieces, cards and the board itself

The kids loved playing Little Orchard Game and it has been in and out of the box quite a lot since we received the game. They play it together quite happily which is great for me if I need to catch up on some housework.

We would recommend this game however, I'd shop around for the cheapest deal.

We received Little Orchard Game from Haba for the purposes of an Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest review. This is an independent review and all opinions are my own.

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Day My Boy Recognised Numbers

When Wee Z was born, I was nervous about teaching him things, like how to read, how to count, how to recognise colours and shapes. I wondered how quickly he would learn these things and if it would be hard for me to teach him. When should he be learning? Should I just wait until school?

Wee Z used to love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse whilst I was getting ready or doing a spot of cleaning. He also loved to, once he could sit up, do his wooden puzzles. He loved looking at books and I could sit and read to him for hours.

My Mum bought Wee Z some skittles when he was about 9 months old. They were soft skittles with jungle animal heads and they were numbered 1 to 6 on their bellies. Wee Z loved them. When he started cruising around the couch or the unit, he would carry them around with him, giving them a chew every now and again.

One day I went out of the living room to the toilet and left Wee Z playing with his skittles. I came back a few minutes later and all 6 of his skittles were lined up on the unit in numerical order. I couldn't believe it. Wee Z was about 12 months at the time. I'd never sat with him and purposefully taught him the order or which number was which. How did he know?

I messed them up by moving them around to see if it had just been a fluke but no, Wee Z went straight back up and sorted them right in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Within a few days, he could count them up and bring me the number I asked for.

I was so proud of my boy and quite relieved that it seemed that I wouldn't have to do much teaching after all.

Little did we know that this wasn't the end to Wee Z's abilities.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekNineteen

Last Sunday, we went to a fund-raising day in town. Money was being raised for a terminal cancer patient, a young boy, so he could enjoy a holiday of a lifetime before he passes away. Everyone was in great spirits and had lots of fun. Miss C was delighted to see her favourite owl from the local display company. After the fund-raiser, we went to swimming lessons.

On Monday, I was up and ready for an early shift at work. No Bank Holiday for me! Husband had a busy day emptying our bedroom in preparation for the skirting boards to go on the walls and our carpet being fitted. The kids and I went to visit my friend and her baby in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, it was back to school for Wee Z. As Husband wasn't working until later on in the evening, we all walked to school together. It was a lovely sunny morning. I went off to work whilst Miss C went to the park with Mummy N and Wee L. They had a picnic, played in the park and threw stones into the water. Miss C was shattered when I met them at school to pick up the older kids.

On Wednesday, Miss C went out with Mummy N again whilst I was at work. They went to soft play and then to McDonalds for lunch. I had a very sleepy looking Miss C returned to me when I got home from work. We spent our afternoon lying on the couch together watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery and I went to work. Mummy N picked Miss C up for me and dropped her back home to a sleepy Husband. In the afternoon, we walked to pick up Wee Z and then headed to the library to get some new books. Miss C chose a Kipper book called Miaow which made us all laugh.

On Friday, it was my day off. I took the kids to school and nursery and then went for my food shopping. I picked Miss C up from nursery and we spent the afternoon playing indoors as it was raining. Wee Z was going to a friend's house after school so I only had to venture out to take Miss C to ballet and back. We watched Tangled (again) after her bath.

On Saturday, Miss C went shopping with her Gran for her birthday present. Gran took her to Build-a-Bear workshop where she was treated to Pinky Pie from My Little Pony. I went in to town to order the birthday cakes for the upcoming birthdays we have. It was another miserable day so we spent the rest of the afternoon indoors, doing the ironing and watching TV.

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