Friday, 17 May 2013

Flashback Friday - Weaning

For Flashback Friday this week I'm continuing my story of first time Motherhood with Wee Z.


This was a word that scared me. It scared me because I had so many questions without many answers. How much should I give him? When should I give him his food? Would he still need his milk? How will I know he is full? My mind was in a whirlwind.

My health visitor came out to give me a talk about weaning but it didn't really help much. I ended up just buying some baby rice to try Wee Z with and hoping for the best.

At four months old, Wee Z got his first taste of food. Baby rice. He was not impressed.

I tried him on some banana, mushed up with some of his baby milk. He liked that a bit more.

I gave up on baby rice and decided to just go with fruit and vegetables for him. Annabel Karmel was my saviour. I would puree apple and pear for him to have after his lunch time bottle. He would only take a little bit at first but after a few weeks, he was finishing the tiny bowl of mush I was feeding him.

We tried carrots, swede, potatoes, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. He loved them all. When he was 6 months old, he was eating 2 meals a day and still taking his milk. My baby was starting to fill out quite a bit. He loved weetabix with his apple or pear mixed in with his milk.

By 7 months he was eating 3 meals a day. He loved pasta shapes with Annabel Karmel's bolognaise sauce. He also loved broccoli and cauliflower cheese. It was a bit of a chore cooking all these separate meals for Wee Z but the beauty of it was, I could fill the freezer with lots of meals to last him a month.

Wee Z tried a jar of baby food once when we went down to visit Bella. He hated it. Apart from that one time, Wee Z never had a jar of baby food. Not because I had anything against using pre-made baby food but because it worked out cheaper for me to buy and cook his meals in bulk.

By 10 months, Wee Z had cut out most of his milk feeds, just having a bottle before bed and was eating lots of different foods. He loved banana sandwiches and finger foods in general. He also loved yoghurt. He loved being able to feed himself.

So weaning wasn't so bad after all but I am pretty glad we are away from that stage now. I don't miss how messy he used to get!

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