Monday, 6 May 2013

Funny Things My Kids Say #23

We were walking to school one day last week and Wee Z turned to me to show me his wobbly tooth. It has only just started to wobble but already there is talk of the Tooth Fairy coming to visit.

"When you were younger how much did you get for your tooth Mum?" asked Wee Z.

"Erm, I think I got a pound" said I.

"When the Tooth Fairy comes for my tooth, I'm going to leave her a note" said Wee Z.

"What kind of note?" I asked.

"A medium sized note, like a square one (shows me the size with his fingers) and I'll write on it how much I want for my tooth from the Tooth Fairy!"

"It doesn't quite work like that I'm afraid. The Tooth Fairy leaves you a penny for your tooth. You don't request how much she leaves you!"

"Yes it does, my friend did it for his tooth and he got the amount he wanted...I'm going to ask for fifty pounds!!"

"Good luck with that!" I said.

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