Sunday, 30 June 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwentySix

Last Sunday, Husband let me have a lie in despite him being the one who was more worse for wear than I was the night before. I got up about 10:30. I felt better for a long lie. I'd be up during the night feeling a tad unwell. Wee Z managed to split his head open in the garden. It wasn't a bad split but Husband still took him to A&E so he could have the wound glued together. Miss C had her first swimming lesson in her new group and managed to swim with no armbands!

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z for the last week of term. Miss C and I had a house day, having a clean up and playing games together. We played Red Rover and snakes and ladders. Even Jazz joined in with the fun!

On Tuesday, Miss C and I washed the car. I think birds must be attracted to pooing on silver cars as mine always seems to have some bird poo on it.

On Wednesday, we went to school to see Wee Z receive an award. It was great to see so many children receiving awards and quite a few from Wee Z's new class received awards which was quite encouraging. I've been worried about who he is going into a class with as I don't know any of the children.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. It was my day off so after picking Miss C up, we went to Tesco for some shopping and then we went to Burger King for lunch. Our local Burger King has a soft play so Miss C was able to play for a little while after her food. It was a miserable day!

On Friday, it was the last day of school and nursery. We picked Wee Z up at 1pm and headed into town to pick up some passport forms to renew Wee Z's passport (1 for any mistakes and 1 for the actual one to send!) I took Miss C to get her feet measured and she has grown a full size, wee monkey! Sadly they had no shoes that we liked in her size! Wee Z had his last Elite Squad training at karate before the holidays. I think he is looking forward to the break.

On Saturday, I had to work. When I came home, we went out into the front garden area to practise riding bikes without stabilisers. Wee Z has been able to ride without them since last year but his bike was too big for him to go. He did a great job riding himself, he just needs to practise his stopping and starting. Miss C got on OK but needs to get her legs working a bit faster.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

365 Projects Days 174 - 180

Day 174 - Chocolate Orange cupcake
Day 175 - Sleeping in the tent
Day 176 - Some new books to read
Day 177 - Enjoying the sun 
Day 178 - Burger King for lunch
Day 179 - The weekly food shop
Day 180 - The walk home from work

Scooter Rides #CountryKids

Scooting along the street
Getting places quicker
Miss C's still got 3 wheels
But Z's two wheels look slicker

Scooting to school and back
We're keeping really trim
 But the scooters are away for now
Because the weather is quite grim

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 28 June 2013

We're Playmobil Playologists

The day that Casper was found lying in the grass was the same day that we found out some rather exciting news. At the time, sadly, it was overshadowed with worry for our Casper. However, it did make me smile on a day where I thought smiling would be impossible.

We were chosen to become Playmobil Playologists!

Miss C got the My Take Along Animal Clinic for Christmas and she loves it. She loves animals anyway so we knew she'd really enjoy playing with it and the fact that she can carry it from her room to the living room without bits falling out halfway down the stairs is fantastic!

I've loved Playmobil since I was little. I couldn't tell you whether we actually had any sets because we moved around a lot and a lot of our toys were left at old homes. I do remember admiring the huge hotel in a shop display and my fingers itching to play with the neatly arranged figures.

If we go to a toy shop like Hamleys or Toys R Us, the kids stop and look at the Playmobil packaging and start listing which sets they want. Miss C wanted the Princess Fantasy Castle and Wee Z was admiring the Pirate Ship for Christmas last year but they were a bit out of our price range at the time. I keep looking out for bargains in the sales though!

Today we took delivery of our first package from Playmobil and the kids were super excited. Miss C is delighted with her toy as she had been admiring it on TV for awhile! The reviews will be up shortly.

Flashback Friday - The First Year at School

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm writing about Wee Z's first year at school. The Summer holidays are almost upon us and it is hard to believe that 10 months ago, Wee Z started Primary school.

The first day was back in August 2012. The start times were staggered for the Primary 1s so they didn't feel too overwhelmed and so the classroom area wasn't too crowded. Wee Z started at 9:30 along with his friend Miss E. They all looked so cute in their uniforms.

Wee Z was going into Primary 1/2 so there would be Primary 2 children in the class with them. Wee Z recognised a few of the children from the nursery attached to the school. He clicked with one of the kids straightaway as he knew him already and he introduced him to his friend and they became the three amigos.

The first few weeks, the kids only had to be in school until 12:30pm. By September, they started a full day at school. That first week was when Wee Z was moved to a Primary 2 table and started doing Primary 2 work. He was independently assessed and was aged at 9 years 6 months in terms of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension ability. His math assessment wasn't designed to determine an age but to see how far he could go with numbers. He went pretty far.

In December, Wee Z had a part in the Christmas Nativity. He had to stand up and shake a tambourine and he did this very well. All of the children were fantastic.

In January, Wee Z achieved Pupil of the Week which was awarded to him at his assembly. He got this for hard work and effort in all his work.

Wee Z achieved his bronze, silver and gold award too. We're still waiting to see if he got his diamond and platinum awards.

He did really well at Sports Day and enjoyed taking part and trying his best. He even managed to score two baskets in the basketball event.

Which brings us to the end of the year. I am super proud of all of Wee Z's achievements this year and long may it continue. He really enjoys school which is great and hopefully his motivation continues right through Primary school and into High school too. I'm sure it won't be long in coming round!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Green #TheGallery

The school year is almost over for us. On Monday Wee Z came home with all of his homework books, class jotters, worksheets and art work. It is great to see all of his work but where the heck am I supposed to put it?

When we went to our first parents' evening last year, whilst we were waiting to see Wee Z's teacher, we were able to walk around his classroom and look at all of the childrens' work. We read stories written by Wee Z and his friends, looked at things they had made and admired their artwork.

It was this picture in amongst Wee Z's artwork that he had brought home with him that caught my eye for the theme this week.

I remember seeing it in his classroom and being amazed that Wee Z had managed to paint this picture. Wee Z is known for his academic side, his head constantly in a book of some sort. He very rarely wants to draw or paint. This picture was a real surprise to us.

I think this is one of the pieces of work we will keep from his huge pile of work he has brought home.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwentyFive

Last Sunday, we were up early for Wee Z's karate competition. He did pretty well in his group. He won two fights and his third fight was a draw so the referee had to call the winner. He chose the other boy, sadly, but there was hardly anything between their fighting abilities and I think it came down to who pulled off the best moves. We stayed to watch Wee Z's best friend as he was in a different category. After lunch, the kids had their swimming lessons and because it was the last in their current block, they had a fun swim.

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z and it was Sports Day! Thankfully the rain held off for the event. The kids seem to have great fun and it was good to see them enjoying themselves.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I washed the car. Miss C loves helping with the sponge and the hose. Thankfully the rain held off so our efforts weren't put to waste.

On Wednesday, Miss C and I cleaned our front garden. We don't really go out there but it was starting to get a bit overgrown with weeds! Wee Z's best friend came over to play after dinner whilst his dad finished off our hut roof. Miss C has a bit of a crush on him I think as she kept trying to cuddle him.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery and I signed up as a parent helper for their nursery trip to the park. Wee Z was on his own school trip to another park and he was very excited about it. After nursery, Miss C and I went in to town to get some lunch and some shopping.

On Friday, it was "Move Up" day for Wee Z which meant he moved to his new class. A mix up with the classroom assistants meant that Wee Z was left without his friends to play with at break and lunch time and he came home very upset which made me really upset too. Miss C went to her last ballet class before the summer holidays begin. Her ballet shoes are now too small for her!

On Saturday, it was my weekend off so I got a lie in until 9:15! Bliss after a week of early rises. I took Wee Z to karate and he got his second tab. In the afternoon, Husband took the kids swimming and I got on with my housework. In the evening, Husband and I got dressed up for a 60th birthday party. It was a lot of fun and there was far too much to drink.


Saturday, 22 June 2013

365 Project Days 167 - 173

Day 167 - Happy Father's Day
Day 168 - First school Sports Day
Day 169 - Lots of Lalaloopsies!
Day 170 - Enjoying a book in the sun
Day 171 - Playing in the park
Day 172 - Hula Hoop rings
Day 173 - Some books before breakfast

Our First School Sports Day

On Monday it was Sports Day at school. Before bed on Sunday evening, I did a sun dance in a hope that it would make the rain stay away.

It worked!

Miss C and I went along to watch Wee Z and his friends take part in lots of different events. Wee Z was wearing orange, the colour of the House group that he is in, so we couldn't miss him!

There were events such as shot putt, long jump, hurdles, basketball hoops, beat the goalie and javelin (with foam javelins!) Each House group in the school has a different colour and the field looked so colourful; like a rainbow! The kids were all in good spirits and excited to have some fun.

Wee Z seemed to do quite well. He scored two baskets at the basketball hoops and scored a goal at beat the goalie. Wee Z's best friend is in the same House group as him so his mum and I stood at the side cheering them both on. Miss C seemed to enjoy running up and down the big hills surrounding the playing fields.

The Sports Day finished with a race. The P1 boys were called to the starting line and Wee Z ran up, ready to go. He didn't win but he didn't come last either. We then watched the P2 boys and this is where I saw a difference between them and Wee Z. They were all taller and they were all a bit more competitive than the P1 boys. Someone tried to cut in front of Wee Z's best friend and then they fell on their face...that's Karma for you! There was none of that in the P1 races. Just goes to show the difference a year at school makes.

There wasn't a competitive feel to the Sports Day at all (apart from during the races!) which was a bit of a shame. I don't see anything wrong with having winners or losers. It never harmed us at school. The kids did enjoy themselves though and I guess that is the main thing.

Oh and the rain held off all day.

A Nursery Trip #CountryKids

We went to the park this week
On a Nursery trip
Mummy was a parent helper
And hoped no kids were sick

We played in the playground
Having lots of fun
Miss C enjoyed the swings the best
She got a push from everyone 

We had some cheese sandwiches
Followed by some biscuits
We fed the hungry little ducks
The crusts from our picnic

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 21 June 2013

Flashback Friday - Your First Holiday Abroad

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my journey into first time Motherhood with Wee Z. As the summer holidays approach here in Scotland, I thought I'd share the story of our first holiday abroad.

We went to visit Bella and Bello at their house in Manchester and Bella suggested we should go on holiday together. Just Wee Z, Bella and I. Husband wouldn't be able to get time off work and Bella and Bello were, sadly, separating.

I booked our trip to Portugal for a week. Portugal is one of my favourite places to visit. It is so beautiful, especially near the Marina in the town of Vilamoura. We went there for our Honeymoon only 2 years before and although that ended badly, it hadn't spoiled my love for visiting Portugal.

Our flights were booked to leave quite early in the morning. My Mum had travelled up to us the night before from Manchester and Husband drove us to the airport. It was strange leaving him behind. I think he was sad to see us go but also looking forward to some peace for a week.

Wee Z did great on the plane. I, stupidly, booked a window seat and a middle seat which I have never done again since toddlers like to get up and have a little wander up and down the aisles. Aisle seats all the way!

It was September when we went to Portugal so it was still sunny but not scorching hot. Ideal weather for Wee Z. He loved going in the baby pool and trying to swim. When he got tired, he'd crash out under an umbrella on a sun lounger and my Mum and I were able to have a little rest.

One day we went to a nearby water park. Wee Z loved watching the dolphins and going on the rides.

In the evening, Wee Z loved going to the entertainment nights in the hotel bar. He got up to dance with Bella. Quite a few people thought he was with his mum when he was with Bella. Bella was most flattered.

All too soon it was time to come home. My Mum got off the flight back to Scotland and was straight on her flight back to Manchester. It was lovely spending a full week with her but I think we were also ready to say goodbye to each other! It was great to see Husband again. Wee Z definitely missed him a lot.

Little did I know that a week after coming home from our holiday, we'd be in for a big shock!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dads #TheGallery

One of a kind
Unconditional love
Reads us bedtime stories
Drives a motorbike
Always there for us
Dotes on us too
Always plays games
Best Daddy in the whole wide world

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sometimes Being Brainy Sucks

I think most parents would love to be able to turn around and say, "look how clever my child is!" It's a parents' prerogative to be proud and boast about their children. I try not to talk too much about Wee Z and how bright he is, but sometimes you just have too, especially when it comes to school.

Wee Z started school in August last year. Wee Z has always been clever although we never knew the extent of how clever he was. From looking at him against other children, he was definitely bright for his age. There was going to be a composite class and I asked for him to be placed into the composite class. His nursery teacher had already placed him at the top of her list to go to the composite class. I thought the composite class would be the best place for him so he could feel included within a group instead of being given an individual learning plan as the nursery had suggested for him going into a P1 class.

Wee Z was assessed at school within the first few weeks and moved to a P2 table and he started doing P2 work and P2 homework. He was independently assessed at school with some writing, reading, comprehension and math tests. He was given an age of 9 years and 6 months based on how he had performed on these tests. He was only 5 years and 2 months old at the time.

Throughout the school year, Wee Z has been consistently at the top of the P2 part of the class. His teacher has been so impressed with his ability to learn and yet, he still has the ability to stop when the work is done and go and have fun with his friends. Most "gifted" children tend to be introverts and like to carry on doing their own thing instead of mixing with other children. Wee Z's teachers can't believe what a break from the stereotype he is.

He has made some fantastic friends.

I had a meeting with the school to find out what would happen to Wee Z in August this year. If there was not going to be a composite class, where would Wee Z go? I asked for him to be placed with a P3 class so he could continue his learning from where he would leave off. This wasn't about me being able to sit and brag about my child being moved up a year, this was about doing what was best for Wee Z academically. If he went into a P2 class, Wee Z would require his own individual learning plan and would be sitting himself. He'd have no-one to discuss the homework books with. No-one to do spelling tests with. I didn't want that for him.

Luckily we found out there is going to be a P2/3 class in August and Wee Z will go there. Sadly, no-one from his current class will be going with him as children don't normally go into a composite class two years running. I told Wee Z, since it is "move-up day" on Friday, that none of his friends were going to be in the same class as him. He wasn't happy. He said, "I hate that school!" 

I know you don't just go to school to make friends but that is also a huge part of your childhood and I feel horrible for him. I don't know what to do.

Our school has a split playground. The P1 classes and the P2 classes go through the school and into their own little playground whilst the remaining year groups share the big playground. The composite class will be split up at break times so all the P2 children will go to one playground and the P3 children will go to the bigger playground. I have insisted that Wee Z should go to the big playground. His friends will be in that playground. At least that way he will still see his friends. The Deputy Head doesn't see this being a problem but still needs to run it by the Head. What do I do if they don't agree?

I am thrilled to have such an intelligent boy. A boy who is keen to learn and seems to just absorb information like a sponge. I also love that he is so extrovert. He doesn't shy away from people and enjoys being around other children, although, he does prefer to be with older children. I'd hate for that to change because he has been separated from his friends. I'm worried he will feel he is being punished for being smart. And what happens next year? And the year after that? Should I push harder for him to be moved up a year? I want him to be challenged, not to feel like he is just flying through his work. He complains his homework is too easy. He boasts that he can spell the most words in his class when they do spelling tests.

At home, he solves Codewords puzzles himself, using a dictionary. He started doing Sudoku. He loves math workbooks and is currently working through a Carol Vorderman book aimed at 10 year olds. He can convert fractions into decimals and vice versa...I can't even do that sort of stuff.

I worry that because Wee Z does so well, he'll be forgotten about. Left to get on with his work because he has shown he is more than capable. If he were to go into a straight P2 class or P3 class next year, I think that would most definitely be the case. A teacher can't just focus on one pupil, can they? And the children who misbehave and aren't doing well are going to get the attention over Wee Z, aren't they? 

Having a brainy child is great, but sometimes it also sucks.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwentyFour

Last Sunday, the kids let us lie in until after 10am! I couldn't believe it. All that fun in the sun the previous day had obviously tired them out. Wee Z had been invited to a bowling birthday party so I took him there and then Miss C and I went to the shops to buy her some new sandals. She chose some very pretty ones from Next that cost £14. Luckily I still had vouchers from Christmas left over. After the bowling party, I took Wee Z to his swimming lessons where he achieved his number 5 swimming badge. He now needs to get his number 6 badge before he can move up a class.

On Monday, it was back to school for Wee Z and back to work for me. When I came home from work, Miss C and I walked to school to pick up Wee Z. I helped Wee Z with his homework and then the kids played their Leappads whilst I did my kettlebell workout.

On Tuesday, it was pouring with rain by the time I got home from work. Miss C had been invited to a fun day at nursery and Mummy N picked her up and took her to her house. I picked her up and we went to Next to pick up an order. We drove to school to pick up Wee Z and spent the afternoon indoors. Wee Z was writing a new story and Miss C played with her toys.

On Wednesday, Miss C went to soft play with Mummy N and Wee L and then went to McDonalds for lunch. I picked her up and we took a bike ride to school to collect Wee Z. After dinner, Wee Z's best friend came to play whilst his dad mended our roof on our hut. They played on the trampoline with Miss C and then watched some TV together whilst I got Miss C ready for bed. Miss C wasn't impressed with being put to bed before Wee Z.

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. After I picked her up, I went to the Doctors to have some more blood taken for some tests. We then went for lunch at our favourite cafe where I had the most delicious soup I have ever tasted. It was sweet potato thai coconut and it was divine. Miss C had a cheese and ham sandwich and we shared a piece of carrot cake for pudding.

On Friday, Miss C had a ballet show. We invited my MIL along to watch her too. She did a good job of remembering her routines and joining in. She has definitely come along way from when we saw her do her first ballet show. Wee Z had his Karate Elite Squad training after dinner. He has a competition on Sunday so they practised hard. It will be interesting to see if the Elite Squad has helped him improve his competition techniques. We had to take our cat Morgan to the vet as she had a huge absess in her face. I think I'm the vet's best customer this month! Thankfully she was OK and has some medicine to take.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning. It was pouring with rain all day. Quite a difference from last weekend when we enjoyed the sunshine and the paddling pool. The kids watched a film whilst I caught up on some blogging and Husband lay on the couch, relaxing. It was definitely a day for staying indoors!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

365 Project Days 160 - 166

Day 160 - Cuddles with Morgan
Day 161 - Revising for a spelling test
Day 162 - Playing our Leappads
Day 163 - Buttercups
Day 164 - Carrot cake, yummy!
Day 165 - Browsing for holidays
Day 166 - Wee Z's loving his Maze Ball

Perfect Weather for a Paddling Pool #CountryKids

Last weekend was the perfect way
To spend a fun sunshine filled day

Out came the paddling pool
Filled to the top to keep us cool

It was a lovely, warm summers day
If only the little clouds stayed away

Mum enjoyed reading her book
And Wee Z decide to follow suit

Miss C played with the water guns
Summer is the time for outdoor fun

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 14 June 2013

Wee Z's Stories - Monster Island

Before Wee Z started school, he loved to write stories although his stories were often short with very few connectives. Now, he writes long stories with lots of connectives, adjectives, verbs etc and he loves to sit and write stories about him and his best friends.

On Tuesday he wrote this story which I'm about to share with you and then took it in to school to read to his class on Wednesday. I thought writing them on here for him would be a great way to keep his stories so he can read them in the future.

J and R are his best friends at school although J seems to feature in this story more than R does. It did make me laugh, especially when he seems to turn into a spy part way through the story.

Monster Island by Wee Z

Once upon a time J and R came to my house. Suddenly the magic key began to glow. It was time for another adventure. It took us to Monster Island.

"Where are we?" said J.

"We're on Monster Island!" I said.

"Oh my god!" J shouted. "You've woken the monster!"

"What?" I said.

"AHHHHHHHH!" screamed J.

The monster said "YUMMMMMM!"

"Who was that?!" J said.

"That's the monster!" I said.

"Help!" J said. "I'm getting eaten by a monster! Noooooo! I'm dying!"

"Yum!" said the monster.

"Noooooo!" I said. "But I have to go and save him!"

I jumped. "2201, I'm in the mouth OK? Do you hear me?" I said.

"Yes 2502!" said spy J.

"OK, I'm coming to save you 2201!" I said.

"Thanks 2502" said J. "You're the bestest friend in the world."

"Got you!"

"Thanks Z" said J.

Suddenly the magic key began to glow. It was time to go.

"Phew!" we said.

Mum shouted us down. "It's time to go" she said.

"Time to go where?" said J.

"It's time to go out for tea" I said.

"Where?" said J.

"Pizza Hut" I said, "and after that we're going to the cinema!"

"That's great Z" said J.

"Hurry up boys!" Mum said.

"Let's go!" I said.

After that we came back to my house. Then we had supper and we went to bed with R. Our book got read to us and then we went to bed.

The end. 

Flashback Friday - 14 Months and Learning to Walk

For Flashback Friday this week, I'm continuing my journey of first time Motherhood with Wee Z.

Parents always seem to will their child to do something. Achieve a milestone. When will they cut their first tooth? When will they roll over? When will they clap?

Ours was when will he walk?

Just before his first birthday, Wee Z showed signs that he might start walking any minute. He would happily cruise around the furniture to get to where he wanted to be but he never really had the confidence to just let go and go for it.

He would walk with his baby walker and would sometimes hold both of my hands and go for a little stroll but he'd just sit down if you tried to let his hands go.

We kept willing him and willing him to walk.

At 14 months old, he took his first few steps and started walking. It made me laugh how he would walk with his hands up in the air to keep his balance.

After a few days of mastering a few steps, he took some more steps and his arms started to move down to a more appropriate height for walking.

Pretty soon there was no stopping him. He was running. I was chasing him. He just wanted to go anywhere and everywhere. He was in to everything he couldn't get into before.

And we stood watching and thinking...why were we willing him to walk so much?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Inspirational Women #TheGallery

Choosing one photo of an inspirational woman is pretty hard.

I know lots of inspiring women.

The friends who raise their children single-handed and do a tremendous job. I don't know how they do it. I'd be lost without Husband there to help me out every day with the kids.

My Sister, who works as many hours as she can and still devotes as much time as she can to Miss Baby K.

My Friend, who has just had a baby and the way she has taken to Motherhood like a duck to water.

My Mum, who still looks out for us after all these years. Who raised us through hard times and through good times.

A family member who is coping with her mother's illness and is still working hard and looking after her own children.

The list is endless. Every woman I know inspires me in some way.

However, the most inspirational woman in my life is my little girl. A woman in the making, even at the tender age of four.

She inspires me to look at the world through her eyes.

She inspires me not to worry too much about how I look. 

She inspires me to be healthy so I can be here to watch her grow.

She inspires me to love a lot harder, squeeze a lot harder and laugh a lot harder.

She inspires me to be the best Mum I can possibly be.

And I hope that this will inspire her.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

What We Did Last Week #WeekTwentyThree

Last Sunday, Husband let me have a lie in. I think I needed it. The shock of what had happened to Casper was really affecting me. I walked around in a bit of daze. My friend came to visit with her baby which was lovely and took my mind off Casper. The kids had swimming lessons in the afternoon and because Miss C's lesson is off next week due to a swimming gala, we found out she was moving up to the next stage class. That made me smile after a lot of tears.

On Monday, it was back to work for me on my early shifts. I took Wee Z to school and then headed back to work. When I got home, I found my cat Rocky lying on the decking in pain. We took him straight to the vet who ran some tests and confirmed he had been poisoned too. This time the vet was able to confirm it was antifreeze poisoning due to the symptoms Rocky was showing and it was more than likely that this had been what poisoned Casper. We had to put Rocky to sleep that evening. I was distraught and angry.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I spent the 40 minutes I had with her in the garden before we had to pick Wee Z up from school. Miss C wanted to cycle to school as it was a lovely day. The kids played in the garden with my neighbour's Grandson for the rest of the day, only coming in to eat and drink and go to bed.

On Wednesday, Miss C went to soft play with Mummy N and Wee L. Then they had lunch and Miss C told me she had spaghetti bolognaise which is her favourite. When she came home, I watched Wee L for a little while and they both rode their bikes to school. I had to run to keep up with them!

On Thursday, Miss C went to nursery. As I was working, Mummy N picked her up from nursery and she went to her house to play. In the afternoon, Wee Z and Miss C played in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. We took Wee Z to karate after tea and fell into bed at 8pm, exhausted!

On Friday, it was my day off and the sun was shining. After nursery and lunch, Miss C and I went up to Mummy N's house which is only a few doors up and sat in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. I picked Wee Z and Miss E up from school whilst Miss C stayed at Mummy N's and got dried. I took Miss C to ballet and then Wee Z went to his Friday club. My arms had definitely caught the sun as they were a bit red when I came indoors.

On Saturday, the kids gave us a lie in until 9:30! The sun was shining so we decided to have a day off karate and enjoy the sunshine. We put the pool up so the kids could enjoy a swim and I lay on my deck chair and read my book. We sat outdoors all day. In the evening we went for dinner with friends. A great way to spend a Saturday.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

365 Project Days 153 - 159

Day 153 - Meeting Cupcake Neighbour's new puppy
Day 154 - A cuddle with Jazzy Kitten
Day 155 - More cuddles with Jazzy Kitten
Day 156 - Scooting around
Day 157 - Walking to school, hand in hand
Day 158 - Ready for fun in the sun
Day 159 - Enjoying the sunshine

Walking to School #CountryKids

We walk to school every day
Holding hands along the way
 We don't always enjoy the exercise
But Mum insists walking helps firm up her thighs

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Poem for Our Pet

It's been a week since you passed
And not a day goes by
Without us thinking
And wondering why?

Why was it you
who became so ill?
Why were you taken from us
Against our will?

Did someone hurt you?
Did someone cause you pain?
I wish you could tell us
It's driving me insane

Was it deliberate?
Was it just a mistake?
I wish we had found you
Before it was too late

Rest in Peace little Casper
Sleep tight little you
We'll love you forever
We'll never forget you

Casper with his buddy Jazz

Flashback Friday - The Day we Brought Casper Home

For Flashback Friday this week, I've decided to talk about Casper, our cat who was put to sleep one week ago today. I thought I'd share the story of his first day at his new home.

When we found out we were getting a new addition to our pet family, I did blog about it. We had put our cat Guiness to sleep in March 2009 and we felt ready to introduce a new cat to the house. We had to get a kitten since we already had the 2 cats, Morgan and Rocky, and because we had Miss C and Wee Z. We didn't want to terrify an older cat. It wouldn't have been fair.

We brought Casper home on April 9th 2011. I remember the date as it was the same day my Mother-in-Law remarried. We were so excited to pick him up. I think I had to work that morning but as soon as I'd finished, we drove straight down to the local SSPCA shelter to pick him up. His brothers and sisters were also going to their new homes that day. Their mum had been adopted by a family too.

We gave the pet carrier to one of the staff and she went and got him. I made sure it was definitely Casper she picked out. He was the only pure white kitten out of the litter with just a dash of black on his tail. He was so cute. He looked tiny in the pet carrier.

He sat in the back of the car with Miss C and Wee Z on the journey home. The kids talked to him and I kept my hand near the door to the carrier so he would feel safe.

When we got home, we opened the cage in the kitchen and he came straight out and over to the food bowls and litter tray. He knew where to go for his business straightaway. He looked around, had a good sniff and was followed by a curious Miss C. She was almost 2 back then but still knew to be gentle with Casper when she picked him up. She did pick him up a lot! He never used to mind though.

Casper came and sat on the couch almost immediately. He was making himself quite at home. Obviously the staff at the SSPCA had done a fantastic job with the kittens and getting them used to people and being handled.

The other cats weren't too keen on him at first but after a few weeks they came around to the idea of a new friend for them. Casper was such a friendly cat and he adored Miss C. He'd follow her or she'd follow him everywhere. He was the perfect addition to our little family.

Looking back at these photos, I still can't believe Casper (and Rocky of course) is gone. I can't believe it has been a week. A week since I found him, lying in the mud in a lot of pain. I know he is not in pain now and we did the best thing for him but I'm still hurting. He may have just been a cat but he was our pet. Our companion.

He was one in a million.

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