Friday, 5 July 2013

Flashback Friday - My Summer Holidays in Berny Riviere

For Flashback Friday this week, I thought I'd share the story of my most memorable Summer holiday.

I was very fortunate growing up to go on some amazing Summer holidays. The South of France, Spain, Portugal, Cancun, California, Florida, Italy - to name but a few. My most memorable holiday was the one we took with my Dad about 13 years ago in France.

We started the holiday spending a few days in Disneyland Paris, staying at the Sequoia Lodge hotel within the park. It was an amazing few days. We'd been to Disneyland in California and in Florida so we had an idea of what to expect but that didn't take away from the magic of being there in Paris. It was just a bit wetter.

After Disneyland, we went to a camping resort in Berny Riviere. We were staying there for 10 days if I remember rightly. I was a bit homesick; I was missing my friends and my boyfriend. Luckily, I met some of my best friends on my second night there. They welcomed me into the group and we were thick as thieves the rest of the holiday.

By day we lay at the pool, enjoying the sun and eyeing up the cute boys. I ended up kissing two boys whilst I was there (so much for the boyfriend at home eh?!) but it was all a bit of fun. We were 14 at the time. We were enjoying our holidays. We had the freedom to come and go as we pleased and we could drink cocktails legally!

The nights were spent in the resort restaurant/bar area. We shared Sex on the Beach cocktails and danced the night away. I still listen to some of the songs the bar played. We had our own dance routines. It was so much fun.

I didn't enjoy sleeping in a tent too much. It was cold at night. The only night I was warm was the night I had way too much to drink!

We kept in touch once we all got home. The girls came to visit me in Manchester and we had a great day out at the Trafford Centre. I lost touch with one of the girls but the other girl, Miss H, came to our wedding and we still keep in touch through Facebook. I wish we lived closer because we got on so well but I know if we ever meet up, our craziness will just pick up where it left off.

I really hope Wee Z and Miss C will grow up and enjoy holidays like my one. Holidays like those stick with you forever.

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