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Friday, 23 August 2013

Flashback Friday - A Pregnancy Photo

Continuing with my story of my pregnancy with Miss C, I thought I'd share a photo for Flashback Friday this week.

This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2008. Wee Z is only 19 months old here. I can't believe how much hair he used to have!

Obviously you can't see my baby bump but I think you can tell I'm pregnant. Or maybe it's just the way I'm sitting. I must be about 16 weeks pregnant here with Miss C. I can remember I was feeling knackered. We'd been up early with Wee Z, Bella and Pops were visiting and we were visiting my FIL when this picture was taken. I think he had made up some beef sandwiches and they went down pretty well.

Everyone was making a fuss of Wee Z that day which was great for me as it meant I got to sit down all day and eat a lot of, well, everything. I'd finally got my appetite back after weeks of feeling sick.

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