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Friday, 16 August 2013

Flashback Friday - The Trials and Tribulations of Pregnancy

For Flashback Friday last week, I shared the news of our first official scan of our new baby, Miss C.

I was excited to be pregnant again but it's like as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, the various pregnancy ailments start to appear. Tiredness, headaches and sickness. I suffered with all of those throughout my pregnancy.

The sickness was the worst part and feeling nauseous whilst looking after a toddler wasn't great. I'd struggle to get out of bed in the morning and then, by lunch time, I needed a nap. Wee Z wasn't really napping any more, but when he did, I took advantage of the time to have a rest myself.

I had a lot of time off work when I was pregnant with Wee Z because I was so ill with him but thankfully, I still managed to make my work whilst pregnant with Miss C. I think the fact I was only working 2 nights and 1 weekend day a week helped!

Whilst pregnant with Wee Z, I couldn't stand to be around the smell of lavender. It was the same with Miss C which made me think I might be having a boy again. Even thinking about it now makes me feel a bit sick. I remember a woman talking to me who must have used lavender perfume or fabric softener and I had to refrain from throwing up right beside her.

Towards week 15 of my pregnancy I started to feel a bit better. I wasn't feeling as sick nor did I have headaches but I was still so tired. I also noticed that I wasn't a big as I had been with Wee Z at this stage of the pregnancy. I think all the running around after a toddler was keeping me fit and wearing me out too!

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