Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pets #TheGallery

The theme of Pets on The Photo Gallery this week really pulled at my heart strings. I knew exactly which of my pets I was going to talk about.

I've had cats since I was a baby. I remember my first cats in our house in Edinburgh. I think we had two but I remember for sure that one of them was called Noodles.

When we moved to Spain, I had a dog called Susie and a cat called Patches.

When we lived in Mexico, after much convincing and bringing home of random cats, my Step dad agreed we could have a cat and she was called Brigadoon. She had five kittens but only three of the litter survived.

When we moved back to Edinburgh, we convinced my Gran to get a cat and he was called Lucky.

When we moved to Manchester, we adopted our cat Mishka. Lucky came to live with us when my Gran passed away.

Then I moved back to Scotland and Husband already had 2 cats, Guiness and Morgan. Morgan still lives with us and we've added to our pet count with Jazz, Felix and, our two boys who went to sleep this year, Rocky and Casper.

This is Casper.

All of my cats are important to me. They each have their own personality and ways about them. Morgan can be grumpy and likes to chase the neighbourhood dogs. Jazz (or Jazzy Wazzy as I call him) is so laid back and cool and Felix, our new addition, is a lunatic. Rocky was a grumpy so and so and we also thought he was a bit thick for a cat. But Casper, he was just the most special cat we could ever hope to meet.

We adopted Casper at the age of 8 weeks. We'd been visiting him since he was a week old. The kids adored him. He was their first pet. Miss C would carry him around like a baby. Poor Casper never had a minutes peace but, I think that was good for him and he doted on Miss C and Wee Z.

He loved a cuddle and would come into bed, right under the covers and snuggle in. He would sit in the bath with the kids and let them wash him. He would follow us to the main road on the way to school. I had to call Husband to get out of bed and come and get him incase he decided to come all the way to school. He loved to share chocolate with me.

Casper was poisoned back in May. We put him to sleep the day before Wee Z's birthday. The kids were heartbroken, especially Miss C. She cried a lot that day. She still asks for him. She asked her Daddy to bury him under her window so she knew where he was and so he would be close to her. Jazz had developed a close bond with Casper so he was upset when his play friend wouldn't wake up. We were devastated. Losing a pet is hard at any time but to lose him under such cruel circumstances and at such a young age was really, really hard. Then we lost Rocky, who was also poisoned, four days later. It was a tough month.

I swore I wouldn't get any more pets after the boys went to sleep. However, in the way that fate plays out sometimes, we happened to go into the pet shop about 5 weeks ago and there was Felix. He was 7 weeks old which meant he was born around about the same time Casper and Rocky left us. He was black and white. Rocky was our black cat and Casper was our pure white cat. We brought him home and he is just as spoiled (and just as tolerant!) as all the other cats have been.

I don't think we'll ever be without our pets!

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