Friday, 20 September 2013

Flashback Friday - Bumps and Toddlers

Last week on Flashback Friday I shared some photos of the 4D scan we had when I was pregnant with Miss C. This week, I'm sharing some photos I took of Wee Z and my baby bump.

Bumps and Toddlers don't really go together that least, I don't think so anyways. Toddlers like to jump and run and, sometimes, they combine the two and aim straight at your belly area.

Running around after a Toddler when you have a Bump is pretty exhausting however, this definitely helped keep my pregnancy weight gain to a minimum and I always slept well at night after a day running around after Wee Z.

The time when Toddlers and Bumps do mix is when you are feeling tired and your toddler is feeling tired and you both cuddle up on the couch and your Toddler cuddles in to your Bump and your Bump decides to kick your Toddler. They don't mind it though, they realise it's the Bump's way of saying "Hello!"

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