Monday, 16 September 2013

What Did We See Today? #bootseyecheck

There are plenty of things I take for granted in life, my eyes being one of them. I can't imagine not being able to see my children, look at their beautiful faces, see them smiling at me and watching them grow up.

Looking after your eyes is so important and as it is National Eye Week this week, we were asked to take part in a fun task with Boots. I had to give my camera to the kids and get them to take some pictures of their walk to school and see what they saw through their eyes.

Wee Z loved taking these photos and it was interesting to see all the things he notices when he walks to school. I love that he took photos of flowers and the berries on the trees; these are the things I love to look at whenever we are out walking. I also loved that he managed to notice a tiny snail on the wall.

Something I'm bad at is remembering to have regular eye tests. I don't need glasses however, recently I've been getting bad headaches and I wonder if the amount of time I spend working on a computer is affecting my vision. I really must get myself booked in for an eye test.

Not only do eye tests check your vision, they also check for underlying health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. An eye test is recommended every 2 years because of how your vision can change.

80% of your memories depend on your vision so it's so important to care for your eyes, protect your eyes and have regular eye checks. 

You can arrange an eye test with Boots or you can download the Boots Opticians Eye Check app on to your apple product. For any advice on eye healthcare, you can visit the Eye Health Centre.

We have received an eye health kit for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. 

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