Monday, 9 September 2013

What's the Story? #6

This is me in my wedding dress, on my wedding day of course.

I remember the day we found my wedding dress. My Sister had come to stay with us for a few days as she was one of my bridesmaids. We had arranged to go to the city centre and look for bridesmaids dresses one Saturday in February 2006. My friend, who was my chief bridesmaid and my soon to be Mother-in-Law came along too. My Mum wasn't able to come as she was working, which was a shame, as it would have been lovely to have her there too.

We got the train to the city centre. It was a pretty cold day but we were all excited to go shopping. The intention was to find my bridesmaids dresses only that day but we would have a look at wedding dresses too. I knew what I wanted for my bridesmaids, I just had to find the right colour and style. 

We found them in the first shop we went into; BHS. They tried them on and they both looked lovely. We had a look at some wedding dresses but nothing really stood out. We went for lunch, my treat, to TGIs and then went on another wedding dress hunt. 

I tried one dress on in a little shop that I liked but it just didn't feel right. My MIL then mentioned a little bridal shop she had heard of nearby so we went for a nosey. It wasn't too busy so we were lucky to be able to walk in without an appointment. I had a look along the rails at the dresses to see what I wanted to try on. A girl was already trying on dresses and I remember us all looking at the dress she had on and thinking, she doesn't suit that dress, it's drowning her. I liked the dress though and I decided to try it on too.

When I came out to show my Sister, my friend and my soon to be MIL, they were silent. In a good way. My MIL said she was almost in tears and she was on the phone to my Mum telling her all about the dress. I looked in the mirror and knew that I had found my dress. The dress that had drowned one girl, I thought, looked amazing on me. 

And that was the day I found the dress that I would wear to celebrate the first day of the rest of my life.

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