Thursday, 31 October 2013

Me & Mine #1

I've been meaning to join in with Me & Mine, hosted by the lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful blog, for months now and I've always forgotten or not had time. It's such a lovely idea though; to get the family together and take a photo each month. I'm always scorning myself for not taking more photos of the four of us. After all, it is the four of us together that make up our little family.

This month, I promised myself (and Lucy) that I'd remember to join in. So here is our family photo for October...

It was taken on the teacups in Disneyland, just before the ride started. We're all squished together to make sure Husband manages to get all of us in the photo. It's not the perfect family picture but it's a picture of my little family and to me, it's just perfect.

dear beautiful

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween #TheGallery

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. It never has been one of those holidays that I've gotten excited about. We never used to go trick or treating when we were younger nor did we dress up in scary costumes.

Growing up in Mexico, I preferred Dia de Muertos which is celebrated over a three day period from October 31st and it's about coming together and remembering those loved ones who have passed away. I also love the artwork featuring the skull and one of my favourite things about the day was getting to eat chocolate skulls detailed with different coloured icing. I wish I had some photos I could share with you.

Back to Halloween in our house, Miss C had a Halloween party at nursery on Friday and she dressed up as Scooby Doo. Wee Z has a Halloween party at school tomorrow and he is dressing up in a skeleton onesie and his Jack Sparrow hat he got from Disneyland.

Husband got to work on carving a pumpkin incase we got any Trick or Treaters over the weekend. I had bought some sweets too. No one came, which isn't unusual. We haven't had a Trick or Treater to our house in all the years I've lived in it. I think most people prefer to stay in and have a Halloween party in the house or go out to a party somewhere. It's too darn cold to Trick or Treat.

It did mean I had to eat all the sweets I bought. It would be a shame for them to go to waste!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

What We Did Last Week #Week42

Last Sunday, we slept til 9:30 and I think it was just what we all needed. Wee Z was really unwell and he went back to bed after lunch and slept until tea time. Husband took Miss C swimming as her swimming lesson was off due to a swimming gala and I got on with the mountain of ironing!

On Monday, it was back to work for me but the kids were still off school for an in-service day. Wee Z was feeling worse so Husband took him to the Doctors and he gave him penicillin to take. I felt really unwell and tired when I came home from work so we decided a movie afternoon was called for and we all lay on the couch watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.

On Tuesday, I was feeling awful. My head was spinning and my ears were pounding. Miss C woke up unwell and had the start of conjunctivitis. I took the day off work to go to the Doctors and I was told I had a viral infection. Miss C got her eyedrops for her conjunctivitis. Another day of laying on the couch was in order.

On Wednesday, I went back to work. I was still feeling rubbish and when I got home, Miss C played with her Peppa Pig toys and I had some tea and toast. After school, the kids did some colouring in and then we watched TV.

On Thursday, we picked Wee Z up from school and headed to the shops to get some shopping and some birthday presents. We usually go to karate on a Thursday night, however, as we all still felt rubbish, we stayed at home and had an early night.

On Friday, Miss C had her Halloween party at nursery. I had bought her a lovely costume of a tutu with rainbow spiderwebs, a bat headband and cobweb tights but she decided she wanted to dress up as Scooby Doo instead. Wee Z went to a birthday party after school with a fancy dress theme and Miss C decided to practise her pencil skills with some of the Early Writers range we received from Stabilo. She loved doing the worksheets that helped her practise drawing circles and helping a little mouse get back home. The pens and pencils are nice and chunky so she found them easier to hold than a normal pen or pencil and Wee Z loved the grooves in the pencil for his fingers to go in.

On Saturday, thinking we couldn't feel any worse, I woke up with tonsillitis. I felt awful. Husband took Wee Z to karate as he was feeling much better. Miss C stayed at home as she wasn't feeling too good and had been up during the night. After lunch we went in to town. We had promised Wee Z we would get him a TV for his room so he could play Xbox on his own TV so we went to choose one for him. He was so excited to get his very own TV. After dinner, Wee Z went to a birthday party and Miss C and I stayed at home and watched The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child.


Saturday, 26 October 2013

365 Project Days 286 - 299

Day 286 - Miss C with her favourite character from Doc McStuffins, Lambie
Day 287 - Minnie Mouse themed nails 
Day 288 - Waiting for the plane
Day 289 - Disneyland Paris here we are!
Day 290 - All dressed up for Halloween, Minnie Mouse with Miss C
Day 291 - Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Day 292 - A snack on the plane home

Day 293 - Gorgeous Rapunzel canvas for Miss C's room
Day 294 - Wee Z with his lightsaber he made in Disneyland
Day 295 - Miss C has conjunctivitis
Day 296 - Taking baby for a walk
Day 297 - Wee Z takes after his Mummy
Day 298 - Miss C as Scooby Doo for her Halloween party at nursery
Day 299 - Butternut squash soup

Walking to Disneyland #CountryKids

This was no ordinary walk
This was a walk with a purpose
This was the walk to the place of Magic and Fun
This was our walk to Disneyland

Fog hung over us most mornings
A sign that the sun would shortly appear
The air was crisp and fresh
And the kids ran with excitement

So many things to spot on a walk
That takes you to Disneyland
There are trees and signposts
The beautiful lake to take in

My favourite was the sight 
Of the hot-air balloon
Colourful and majestic 
Sitting infront of Disney Village

The kids loved seeing the ducks
The ducks in France look a bit different
They were also very amused 
By the large toadstool they found

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 25 October 2013

Disneyland Paris - Our Review

Having been to Disneyland Paris in 2000, I was super excited to take my family there. When I went all those years ago, the Disney Studios were just being built so I was really looking forward to going to a new park as well as visiting the old park.

We booked our holiday through Thomas Cook. I prefer to book holidays with a travel agent doing it for me rather than trying to do it all myself and end up forgetting something the flights. We decided to stay at the Sequoia Lodge as I'd stayed there before and I knew it was a nice hotel. We booked a half board basis and when I saw the prices of some of the main meals, I was glad we did. Half board meant we had the choice of eating lunch or dinner at selected restaurants from a set menu or from a buffet. We had to book our meals though which the hotel did for us every day. The set menus had a good selection for both adults and kids and a non-alcoholic drink was included with the meal.

The hotel was lovely and clean and the breakfast food was yummy and there was always plenty on offer. Sadly, there was no hot food unless you ordered at an extra cost. We were issued with a breakfast card with an allocated time for having breakfast which seemed to be in 15 minute slots. I don't know what would have happened if we'd missed our slot but as we were leaving around 8:15am, queues were starting to build. The rooms had towels so we didn't have to take our own and these were replaced every day. The room had a safe and air conditioning too.

It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel to the park but we also had the option to take the free shuttle which ran every 10 minutes. We didn't bother with the shuttle though, preferring to walk through Disney Village and enjoy a morning stroll. Other hotels that are close to Disney Village are the New York and the NewPort Bay.

As we were staying in a Disney hotel, we had the advantage of getting in to the park 2 hours early and some of the attractions, mainly Fantasyland, opened early so we could get on the rides before the queues started. It wasn't ever that busy though. The longest queue was 25 minutes in the Disney park and 55 minutes in the Studio park but that was down to technical issues.

On any holiday there can be some problems. There were plenty of technical issues with rides not working or being out of service (these were notified to us before we travelled and on the information board in the park) and some of the rides broke down when we were on them. We had to be evacuated from The Pirates of The Caribbean ride when it broke down. Apparently 2 people fell out of the boats or the boats had stopped working...the French person's English wasn't that great.

The most disappointing thing to me was the state of the toilets. Apart from the one in our hotel room, every toilet we went into was disgusting which wasn't what I expected from somewhere like Disneyland. Wee Z came in to the ladies with me and freaked out when he saw a used sanitary product hanging out a bin. We didn't let these things spoil our holiday but, when put together, I can see why some people have been giving Disneyland Paris a bad review.

If you do plan to go to Disneyland, here are some things you must do if you go:

  • See the parade - Get to Main Street about 30 minutes before the start time to secure a good viewing spot.
  • Meet the Princesses in the Princess Pavilion - It opens around 10:30am so if you get in to the park early, start queueing from around 9:30ish. If you don't, you can expect to queue for 60 minutes to 2 hours. The Princesses do spend about 5 minutes with your child.
  • Book a meal at Cafe Mickey - The best place to meet some characters without the hassle of people pushing and shoving for autographs. Book in advance!
  • See a live show or two - We went to see Stitch Live and the kids loved it. It lasted about 15 minutes but be sure to check what language the show times are in first!
  • Take advantage of the baby-switching service. If one or more of your party are too small for a ride, Mum and Dad can take it in turns to go on the ride. The first person will have to queue but then the second person can go through the exit of the ride, hand over the baby-switch pass and get straight on the ride.
  • Catch the firework/light show when the park closes. It's on every night but get to Main Street early for a good spot.
  • Take advantage of the early openings if you are staying at one of the Disney hotels. It's well worth getting in early and getting on some of the more popular rides before the park opens to the public.
  • Use the Fast Pass service to get an allotted time to go on the more popular rides. It saves you having to queue - we never used the service though as we never had to queue for long.

Things to consider when booking Disneyland Paris:

  • Check the offers available before booking. We paid the same for 5 days/4 nights as we would have done for 3 days/2 nights.
  • Consider the Disney meal plans. We booked the Plus Plan which meant we could have lunch or dinner at certain restaurants. Some were table service, like Cafe Mickey, whilst the hotels offer buffet service. It's worth the money in the long run when you consider most main meals in a good restaurant can cost upwards of 35 Euro. We paid £28 per adult and £13 per child for our meal plans per day.
  • Check you flights before booking if you are planning to fly. We had an indirect flight which isn't clearly marked until after you've booked or, in our case, when the travel agent told us.
  • Remember to book your transfer to the park. We went with the VEA shuttle which took about 30 minutes from the Charles De Gaulle airport.
  • Pre-book any Disney character breakfasts/lunches/dinners as they get booked up pretty quickly.

    We had a brilliant time in Disneyland Paris. Wee Z wasn't as excited by the Disney characters and themes as Miss C was but he enjoyed the rides. I'd definitely go back as it looked like they were building new rides and I'd like to see some more Pixar related rides or more of the new Princesses such as Rapunzel and Merida but I think I'd take Miss C and my niece Miss Baby K. Wee Z is more geared for Legoland! 

    Flashback Friday - Coming Home

    After I gave birth to Miss C, I stayed in hospital for a day. I had really wanted out the afternoon I had given birth to her but the Doctors wanted me to stay in for a day and I'm glad I did.

    I'd asked for no visitors other than Husband and Wee Z and this meant I got to spend some time with my little girl. I felt much more confident this time round. I was also determind to feed her myself.

    Miss C was born on the Thursday and I was discharged on the Friday. Husband and Wee Z came to meet me at the hospital however, as Husband was still banned from driving, I had to drive us all home. Thankfully I wasn't at the "demented because I'm sleep deprived" stage yet.

    Bringing Miss C in to the house wasn't as strange as bringing a new born Wee Z home. We were feeling more relaxed about our second baby. The biggest challenge was going to be keeping Wee Z amused when Miss C needed feeding or changing.

    The first person to visit us at home was my Father in Law. Miss C was the first girl on Husband's side in over 50 years so they were delighted. My Mother in Law was next followed by friends.

    We settled in as a family of four and it felt just perfect.

    Thursday, 24 October 2013

    Our Week in Disneyland Paris - Day 4

    On Friday we were up early and down for breakfast early. We were in the park for 8:30am. As we were walking up Main Street, we noticed the trams and cars going passed and decided to have a ride. We were on the Fire Engine. It took us straight up to Sleeping Beauty's castle and dropped us off. We headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride for one last shot.

    After Discoveryland, it was on to Fantasyland. I was in the queue early for the Princess Pavilion and Husband took the kids on some of the rides. Peter Pan had broken down so they didn't get the chance to go on that again.

    Miss C met one of her favourite Princesses, Ariel and she was by far our favourite from the trip. She was so good with Miss C and spent ages talking to her. They talked about swimming and how fast Miss C could swim and she told her she should try and have a race with Flounder. She told Miss C to watch out for her and Prince Eric in the parade too.

    We headed into Adventureland and had a shot on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This was Wee Z's favourite ride. Then we went exploring, through the caves and through the Robinson's tree house. A lot of the outdoor play areas were closed due to the rain, even though it was sunny. Husband and I had a shot on the Indiana Jones ride and Miss C managed to meet Balou and King Louis from The Jungle Book and Chip and Dale.

    After Adventureland, we headed on to Frontierland. Miss C was too short for Thundermountain but Wee Z and I went on and, thanks to the baby-switching service, Husband was able to get on without having to queue when we came off. We went in to the Phantom Manor which Miss C laughed at all the way through. She then got to meet the Pumpkin King himself, Jack from a Nightmare Before Christmas. He was fantastic!

    We managed to finish the full park in just under 2 days and with hours to spare before the parade, we headed back to Fantasyland to go on the carousel and find the dragon. We bumped in to people we knew from back home who gave us a great tip for parade watching.

    We got a great spot for watching the parade. Miss C was so excited to see all the characters coming round the corner on their floats and all the dancers too. She shouted for Ariel when she saw her in the parade although it was a different Ariel from the one she had met earlier. She also shouted for Rapunzel when she saw her. The parade was really fantastic.

    Our dinner was booked for Cafe Mickey. Characters come round the tables during your meal to have photos with you which I knew Miss C would love. We met Tigger, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and Mickey. They took their time with us and we were able to take lots of pictures. The food was really yummy too.

    We did some shopping afterwards and I bought Miss C a gorgeous canvas of Rapunzel for her wall as well as some of the Disney Princess dolls she'd met. There wasn't much for Wee Z so we agreed to buy him Disney Infinity when we got home.

    It was late night that day but it was our last full day in Disneyland and we were leaving early the next day. We waved goodbye to Disneyland and Disney Village, feeling rather sad.

    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    Our Week in Disneyland Paris - Day 3

    On Thursday, after spending a day in the Disneyland park, we decided to spend the day at the Studio park. We did go into the Disneyland park beforehand and waited to meet a Princess in the Princess Pavilion as Miss C loved meeting Sleeping Beauty. She was hoping to meet Snow White and what a surprise she got when she met Snow White. She was really good with Miss C and took ages to talk to her and take photos with her. Miss C loved it.

    After a few rides, we headed over to the Studio park. We went to the magic carpet ride first which the kids loved, especially Wee Z, who got to fly the carpet. We then went over to Toy Story land and went on the parachute ride and the slinky dog ride. We didn't fancy the RC ride though but we did get some fun photos.

    Miss C met Goofy and Daisy Duck in the Studio park. She loved meeting the characters however, Wee Z wasn't too fussed with them. We all enjoyed the Stitch Live show and they still laugh and joke about it just now.

    The final ride of the day was the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Miss C was too short to go on it so Husband went on it with Wee Z. They had to queue for ages as there were technical problems (which seemed to happen a lot across both parks) with 7 of the lifts so only 2 were going at the time. Miss C and I walked around and had a few shots on some other rides and eventually, an hour and a half later, Husband and Wee Z appeared from the Hollywood Tower of Terror exit.

    We had dinner at Hotel New York that evening and it was yummy. I loved being able to have lots of lovely prawns and salmon with rice.

    We headed back to our hotel, the Sequoia lodge, and decided to go swimming. The pool was freezing cold so we didn't stay long. Instead we had a soak in the Jacuzzi and enjoyed the sauna and steam room.

    We fell into bed that night too. The alarm was set earlier for our last day in Disneyland.

    Body Parts #TheGallery

    I've chosen to go with faces for the Body Parts theme this week.

    This photo of Miss C was taken whilst we were waiting for her brother and her Daddy to come off the Tower of Terror ride in Disneyland. I'm not sure if her face is telling me she's bored or amused or tolerating me taking more photos of her.

    I just love how faces can be so expressive. I'm pretty good at reading people but Miss C pulls so many different faces, she can be hard to read sometimes.

    I also love this photo of Husband and Wee Z.

    They have the same eye colour and same eyebrow shape and the same smile lines. I think the similarities stop there though. Wee Z definitely looks more like me.

    Tuesday, 22 October 2013

    Our Week at Disneyland Paris - Days 1 & 2

    Last week, we boarded a plane to Paris to enjoy our first family holiday in two years at Disneyland. We were super excited. The kids were hyper.

    We arrived on Tuesday and spent what we had left of the day exploring our hotel and surroundings and having dinner. We went to bed early that night so we'd be refreshed for the early morning rise. I couldn't sleep for excitement.

    On Wednesday morning, after a yummy breakfast of coffee and fresh pastries, we walked through Disney Village to the park. We started with the Disneyland park as we could get in 2 hours early. As we got closer to the entrance, the kids got more and more excited. We stopped for photos quite a lot.

    The park was decorated for Halloween and it looked fantastic. We walked up Main Street towards Discoveryland as this was our first port of call. The kids wanted to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Because we got in early, we didn't have to wait to get on any of the rides that were open. Miss C was too small for some of the rides but that didn't stop her having fun.

    We finished Discoveryland within a few hours and headed over to my favourite land; Fantasyland. Miss C was excited to go on the Flying Dumbo ride and the Tea Cups. We met some villans there too. Miss C didn't want a picture with Gaston though as he tried to kill the beast!

    We met Sleeping Beauty at the Princess Pavillion and Mickey Mouse in his very own Meet Mickey Mouse studio.

    It rained the first day we were there but we managed to get on all the rides in Fantasyland and headed on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Adventureland. We had dinner at the Blue Lagoon restaurant which was yummy!

    We left the park after watching the amazing Lights show. It really was spectacular! I think I had a grin plastered on my face for the full show.

    We were in bed for 10pm that night. We were shattered and after not sleeping the night before, I slept all night!

    Saturday, 19 October 2013

    Hunting for Chestnuts #CountryKids

    It's that time of year again
    When things fall from the trees
    Most of the time it's golden leaves
    And there are chestnuts a plenty

    We love going on chestnut hunts
    Kicking up the leaves
    To see if we can find them
    Hiding in the ground beneath

    Gather them up in a bag
    And bring them home to Mum
    She thought about cooking them
    But we're for some conkers fun

    Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

    Friday, 18 October 2013

    Flashback Friday - Meeting a Sister

    I'd given birth to Miss C at 4:58am and I was back on the in-patients ward by 6am. Husband went home to get some sleep and I managed to catch a few hours in between feeds.

    When I had Wee Z, we were inundated with visitors to the hospital and I ended up getting really emotional and tired as I felt I needed to be awake to see them all and show off Wee Z. I think I over did it. So when we found out I was pregnant with Miss C, one of the first things we decided was that no one would be visiting us at hospital, only Husband and Wee Z. I was only going to be in for 24 hours if that and I felt that time should be used for me to bond with Miss C and get used to feeding her myself.

    Visiting times started at 9am for partners however, Wee Z was only allowed to come at the hospital visiting times from 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 8pm. Husband was going to bring him to meet his new sister at 2pm that day.

    I remember hearing him coming down the corridor. I was in one of the very last rooms, by myself. I made a point of making sure Miss C was in the cot and not in my arms and I opened the door to greet him. He was really excited as he'd come on the bus to see me.

    He came in to the room and had a good look around before spotting the phone attached to the TV. He decided he was going to make some phone calls. Wee Z was days away from turning 2 so he probably didn't fully understand what was going on. We gave him a present and explained it was from his new sister. He opened his present and was excited to get some new cars with numbers on them.

    Then I took Miss C out of her cot and let him see her. I explained who she was and he touched her head gently, had a quick look at her and then went back to his phone calls.

    It seemed he approved.

    Thursday, 17 October 2013

    Nanny Fox - Book Review

    We received Nanny Fox to review from Orion Books. Nanny Fox is written by Georgie Adams and illustrated by Selina Young.

    Nanny Fox is the story of a fox called Arnold who loves friends. He wouldn't dream of eating a chicken unlike his Ma, Pa, brother Dennis and sister Lucy. They love to eat chickens! Arnold can't go on living with his family and sees the perfect job opportunity when one of the hens asks for a babysitter for her six chicks. Arnold and the chicks become fast friends and he loves looking after them and coming to their rescue.

    This is a lovely picture book, beautifully illustrated and very nice to read. Miss C loved counting the chicks to make sure all six were still there incase Arnold decided to change his mind about eating chickens. The story reminded me of my family when my Sister decided she was going to be vegetarian and we told her she was mad as a brush giving up meat.

    Nanny Fox is a great book to encourage children that friends can be whoever you want them to be no matter how they look or where they come from.

    We received Nanny Fox for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

    Tuesday, 15 October 2013

    The Topsy-Turvies - Book Review

    We received The Topsy-Turvies to review from Orion Books. This is written by Francesca Simon of Horrid Henry fame and illustrated by Emily Bolam. This is one of many of Orion Books Early Readers books which are perfect for those children moving on from picture books to reading books independently.

    The Topsy-Turvies are a family who do everything back to front. They get up at midnight and have breakfast and put their jammies on to go out. Mum and Dad go to school and play in the park. The children eat their food with their hands and feet. One day, their neighbour wakes them in the middle of the day to ask if they could look after her little girl. The Topsy-Turvies head over to Mrs Plums house and are shocked to see she doesn't live back to front like they do. They decide to "fix" Mrs Plums' house for her and even manage to scare of a burglar with their roundabout ways.

    Wee Z was able to read this book to me with ease. He has been reading Horrid Henry books since he was four and he was excited to see Francesca Simon's name on this book. He did laugh at all the silly things The Topsy-Turvies did and was able to predict what happened on the next page before turning it so I knew he could easily comprehend what he was reading too.

    The illustrations are fun and still in colour so early readers can feel some familiarity and not feel like they are completely moving away from picture books. 

    This is a really fun book that I think early readers will enjoy however, it isn't any longer than your average picture book so I think someone younger, like Miss C, would enjoy this too.

    We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

    Monday, 14 October 2013

    What's the Story? #9

    This photo was taken at Disneyland Paris and I thought it was very apt to share this photo since we are heading to the very place this photo was taken tomorrow morning.

    That's right - tomorrow we're off to Disneyland Paris!

    I am so excited. Husband is so excited. The kids are beyond excited!

    This photo was taken about 14 years ago when my Dad took my two sisters and I to Disneyland. It was really for my youngest (half) sister, who was 4 at the time, as she had never been before. My Sister and I were lucky enough that year to go to Disneyland Paris and Disneyworld Florida. 

    My favourite part of Disneyland is the shows. I love watching the live shows and the parade. I also love meeting the characters, especially the Princesses. I like to see how close they manage to get the actors and actresses to the characters from the films. I'm hoping to meet Rapunzel and Merida!

    Husband and the kids have never been to Disneyland and I can't wait to see their faces when we arrive at the park. Miss C is most looking forward to going on the teacups and the flying Dumbo ride. Wee Z can't wait to go on the Star Wars ride and the Runaway Train. Husband can't wait to go on the Indiana Jones ride. 

    When we went 14 years ago, we had an amazing time. I'm sure we'll have an amazing time when we go too.

    Sunday, 13 October 2013

    What We Did Last Week #Week40

    Last Sunday, I woke up after too much wine the night before and felt OK. I let Husband sleep on and I gave the kids their breakfast and we watched some TV. It was a pretty lazy Sunday. After lunch, we went to the shops to get pizza for dinner and then Husband took the kids to their swimming lessons so I could get on with the ironing.

    On Monday, it was back to school and nursery. Miss C had her nursery photo and I asked for Wee Z to join her in the picture so I could have a photo of the two of them. In the afternoon, Miss C and I packed our cases so we were ready to go to Disneyland!

    On Tuesday, after nursery, Miss C and I stayed indoors as it was so cold and wet outside. We watched Doc McStuffins, Miss C's favourite show at the moment, and then we did some drawing.

    On Wednesday, it was parent's evening at school. I had to take Wee Z and Miss C with me as I didn't have anyone to look after them but they were very well behaved and sat together and read some books in the library. Wee Z is doing very well at school which I knew he would be and he seems to be settling in to his class well.

    On Thursday, Miss C and I got some shopping, had lunch and then walked to school to pick up Wee Z. We stopped at the park on the way home as it was a lovely sunny day. They had a great time as they had the park to themselves.

    On Friday, Miss C and I spent the day at home as it was so cold outside. Miss C played with her Playmobil and then we picked Wee Z up from school. Wee Z decided he wanted to write his Christmas list and has asked Santa for lots of Star Wars LEGO. We watched a movie after dinner, celebrating the fact we are now all on holiday!

    On Saturday, Miss C and I got our hair cut. We both have really long hair which I love and we only ever get a trim and some layers cut in to mine. The kids went to karate whilst I made lunch. Friends came over to visit and we enjoyed a coffee and a chat. When they left, it was time for me to crack on with my ironing. The kids spent the day playing outside.


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