Friday, 11 October 2013

Flashback Friday - Giving Birth to our Baby Girl

It was time for me to go to the labour ward. I was about 3cms dilated and the Doctor was ready to break my waters for me. I wasn't in a lot of pain and I walked from the in-patients ward to the labour ward myself. I didn't want a wheelchair; it felt better to be up and moving around.

When we arrived on the labour ward, I was one of only a few women in labour. It was just after midnight. I was taken to my room and I was hooked up to the foetal heart rate monitor again. I hated being hooked up to the machine as it meant I couldn't be up and moving around. Husband arrived about 10 minutes after I was settled in my room. He looked tired. The midwife made him a cup of tea. I was allowed little sips of water.

The Doctor arrived to break my waters and she said she would come back a few hours later to check on my progress. I had to stay hooked up to the monitor because the baby's heartbeat kept dipping.

I was coping fine with the contraction pains until about 3am. I asked for gas and air to try. I hated the stuff when I was in labour with Wee Z however, I didn't want an epidural again. I hated the feeling of being out of it that the epidural had given me last time. I coped fine with the gas and air though. It made me feel like I was in a nightclub, partying hard. As soon as I stopped taking it, I felt normal again.

They checked me shortly after I started the gas and air and I was only 4cms dilated. It was soul-destroying to know I'd sat for 2 hours and moved just 1cm. Husband said we were in for a long night.

About 4am I met the "I can't cope" stage and asked for an epidural. I was giving in. It was too much. The midwife called for the anaesthetist but they were in theatre and would be another 30 minutes before they could come to me. A nurse started prepping me for my drip but had put the cannula in funny and my wrist started to swell up like a huge a ball. They took it out and said they'd ask the anaesthetist to put it in in the mean time. I was sitting up, clutching Husband's hand for dear life and pushing my feet off his legs when I had a contraction. My mouth was numb from biting down on the gas and air tube. The midwife offered me pethadine and I took it. Husband hadn't wanted me to incase it affected the baby but I was happy to try something else for the pain.

I lay back down and within 10 minutes I felt the urge to push. I was silent. The midwife looked at me, wondering why I had gone quiet and then realised that a baby was almost out. She hadn't prepared the bed and said, "you're supposed to tell me when you need to push!" Well, nothing could have stopped the urge to push, never mind waiting for the midwife to put her tea down and get some sheets out. Two pushes and our baby was born. The pethadine hadn't had time to kick in and the half hour of sitting up had obviously helped gravity do its job.

The midwife placed our baby on my chest and Husband announced we had a girl. We knew she was a girl anyway but there was that bit of doubt that they had gotten it wrong. We were delighted. Husband got to cut her cord which he never got to do with Wee Z and she latched on for a feed straightaway.

Miss C weighed 6lbs 14oz and was born at 4.58am, just 4 hours after my waters were broken.

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