Monday, 7 October 2013

Her First Tab #MagicMoments

Last Thursday, Miss C wore her karate suit for the first time.

She looked so cute.

Miss C usually goes to a Saturday class whilst Wee Z sometimes goes to a class 3 times in the week. I decided to let her try the Thursday class as it isn't usually as busy as the Saturday class.

It was mobbed!

Miss C was taken off with the rest of the white belts and some of the less experienced yellow belts and they were to practise their punching. They were paired up and the kids took it in turns to hold the punching pads whilst the others would punch the pads.

Miss C got punched by one of the boys, accidentally of course, and she started to cry. She was really upset. Her instructor took her to the side and let her have a rest and then she went back in to practise.

She cried once more during the class but didn't come running out. She stayed and kept practising hard.

At the end of the class, the kids have to sit and close their eyes to calm down and then they bow at their instructor. This is often the time when the instructors will give out tabs or new belts. Some of the kids in Wee Z's group got tabs and then it was on to Miss C's group. Miss C was the only one to get a tab. I was really pleased for her and she was delighted!

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