Friday, 15 November 2013

Flashback Friday - Meeting Bella and Pops

A week after Miss C had been born, Bella and Pops came to visit. My Sister had come up to stay a few days before they arrived and she'd been a great help to us but there's nothing that can compare to having your own Mum there when you have had a baby. They've been there and done that and are happy to do the things you really need or want done, like the ironing.

Miss C gave Bella and Pops lots of cuddles and coos but Wee Z was in his element having them there. He got to show them all of his toys and they were more enthusiastic about playing with him than his two parents who were sleep deprived. Of course, Husband and I were giving Wee Z plenty of attention but it's not the same as having your parent to yourself when there is a new baby to look after too.

One day during the visit, Bella and Pops offered to take Wee Z out for the day. He had never been away with anyone before so I was feeling a bit anxious about it. I knew he would be fine but I still made Bella call me when they arrived at their destination. They took him for a walk through the City and took him to Pizza Hut for his lunch.

Husband, my Sister and I were all asleep when they arrived home. Miss C managed to give us a few hours rest and it was great to be able to close my eyes for a few hours without having to worry (too much) about Wee Z. Bella and Pops needed a rest when they got home though!

All too soon it was time for Bella, Pops and my Sister to go home. That's the one thing I still hate about them visiting; how far away they live. They don't visit often but when they do, it's great. Maybe that's a good thing though as we appreciate the time we have together more.

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