Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Tree #TheGallery

When it comes to our Christmas Tree, I'm a bit of a tree-snob. I don't know why as I'm not particularly artsy or creative but I love making my tree look beautiful and perfect (in my eyes anyways!)

The kids love to put the baubles on and I let them help, but I do guide them on where to place a decoration and, I admit, if it doesn't look right, I'll take it off and put it where I think it looks good.

I don't put tinsel in my tree either. I'm not a tinsel fan. I prefer glittery baubles, snowflakes, stars and acorns. I alternate between gold and red and gold and brown. Next year I might go for silver.

We put our tree up two weeks ago. As soon as it was up, it was my cue to get the presents for everyone out of the loft and under the tree. This way, I can get them sorted and handed out.

I'm pleased with how the tree turned out. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit as soon as it goes up. Mind you, I can't wait until I can take it down again and get my living room back in order.

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