Friday, 13 December 2013

Cooking with Kids with Great British Chefs

I love cooking and baking, especially if I can get the kids involved. Wee Z likes to help where sweet things are concerned but Miss C loves helping with any aspect of preparing a meal. Even if it's just whisking the eggs for scrambled eggs or putting chopped banana in a bowl, she loves helping with food.

Great British Chefs is website that provides food lovers, like me, with over 1500 recipes and cooking tips from some of the countries best chefs. One of my favourites is on there, Paul Ainsworth, who I loved watching on Great British Menu as well as Marcus Wareing, another Great British Menu and Masterchef favourite of mine.

Great British Chefs have recently launched a new Cooking with Kids app in association with Tesco. The app contains 105 easy-to-follow recipes which have all been designed with children in mind. The app also contains 25 "how-to" videos which show viewers how to beat eggs or how to crumb butter and flour.

We were asked to try one of their kids' recipes and we decided to go with American Pancakes. We love pancakes in our house. I use a scotch pancake recipe, which is very similar to the American Pancake recipe however, I use self raising flour instead of plain flour and some baking powder.

The recipe was easy to follow and spread out over 6 steps. Miss C helped me measure out the ingredients, crack the eggs (her favourite part!) and also helped whisk the batter to get it lovely and smooth. A quick fry in a frying pan (or crepe pan if you have one!) and they were ready.

The pancakes tasted lovely, if a bit sweeter than the ones I normally make but this recipe calls for more sugar than my own and also calls for vanilla extract. The American Pancakes are definitely more of a dessert pancake, to be topped with maple syrup and pecan nuts.

My two decided they wanted to top theirs off with golden syrup and bananas. Delicious! I had mine with some bacon. Yummy!

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