Friday, 20 December 2013

Flashback Friday - Her First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a family of four was a stressful one. A week before the big day, Husband was made redundant. It's never a nice thing to have to go through but it was particularly hard with Christmas just around the corner. Offices and factories were winding down for their holidays. Nowhere was taking new people on.

Thankfully, I had bought everything I needed for Christmas already. We had some savings so I knew we'd be OK for a least a few months but it didn't help that I was on maternity leave until March and we only had my maternity pay and Husband's Job Seeker's Allowance to live on. Family helped out a lot that Christmas.

We kept our spirits high for the kids. Christmas is all about them in my eyes. Seeing their faces light up when they see the Christmas tree, sparkling lights and presents is amazing.

Bella and Pops came up for Christmas that year. The kids weren't up too early on Christmas morning and after having our breakfast, we went in to the living room to open our presents. Wee Z was hyper, being two, and he ran around excitedly. Santa had brought him a tool bench and a piano and lots of puzzles.

Miss C wasn't fussed by it at all. She sat with Bella and watched Wee Z throwing paper about the room and playing a tune on his piano. We sat with her to open her presents. She had a go herself but got fed up quickly. Santa had brought her the Fisher Price buggy with the soft doll to put in the buggy. She wasn't standing yet but she loved cuddling her dolly.

We had a lovely day despite the fear of the unknown. When I look back at this photo of us, I can't believe it was only 4 years ago.

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