Friday, 20 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Gift

I love Christmas shopping but I am pretty rubbish at choosing gifts for people. I ask my Mum what she wants and then I go and buy it. What does my niece need? That's fine, I'll buy that. Where do you like to shop? That's great, I'll get you a voucher. It does make it a bit easier especially when the shops are busy but sometimes it feels a bit impersonal.

I'd love to be one of those people that walks into a shop and sees the perfect gift for the right person. Sometimes I can be. One year, Husband had been talking about this TV series he really wanted to see. This was before the beauty of Sky + and such. I found the DVD boxset on Amazon and ordered it for him. He was so surprised on Christmas day and he couldn't believe I'd been listening remembered.

One gift I do love to give is candles. Scented candles. I don't think you can go wrong with a scented candle.

This year I came across a new candle maker called Darceys. They sell soy wax melts made from pure soy wax. This means they don't contain paraffin or petroleum so they won't blacken walls or fabrics and good if you suffer from asthma or allergies. I also love them because they are made in Scotland.

Darceys have a great selection of scents. Monkey Farts is one of their most popular scents and it smells so much nicer than it sounds. Really fruity and summery. I also love the smell of Darceys Noir and Darceys No 5. Right now I'm burning Christmas Cabaret which smells gorgeous, kind of fruity and is making me feel very festive.

I bought a few gift sets to give to friends. This mini oil-burner with 4 Christmas melts only cost £6.50 which I thought was a bargain. I bought four to give as gifts to friends and my Secret Santa.

Another candle favourite of mine is those made by Karine from ThePinkFairyCake. Again, she uses soy wax for her candles and she makes them in to the most gorgeous cupcakes or kiln jars. My favourite is Baileys. They look good enough to eat. I'd bought a few boxes of her cupcakes in various "flavours" and popped them in gift bags for the teachers at school and nursery. The cupcakes cost around £3.00 each with 6 in a box, which I think is excellent.

What's your favourite gift to give at Christmas?

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