Friday, 20 December 2013

Our Christmas Wish Lists

I can't believe it's only 5 more sleeps until Christmas and this is really the first Christmas posts I've written. Usually I have lots of posts written for present ideas, places to go, things to do but I have been so busy since mid-November and the days have just rolled in to one big day with little sleep and no time to stop.

I started my Christmas shopping around September time. I bought for most of the family then but I didn't start shopping for the kids until the beginning of November. I'm not sure that was a good thing as I started to panic about things being sold out or not arriving on time. Next year, I'm buying a present a month!

Wee Z has asked Santa for LEGO Star Wars. He is really into his LEGO at the moment and is loving his Star Wars advent calendar. He has decided, this week, that he is going to be a LEGO mini figure designer when he is older. That is how much the boy loves his LEGO. He also asked for a Hex Bug set and some Xbox 360 games.

Miss C has asked for Playmobil. She adores her Playmobil and she too has been loving her advent calendar. She has the Pony Farm one from Playmobil and gets super excited when she gets an animals or a person. She wasn't too impressed with the blue basket she got on the 18th though. I told her this was for the horse food to go in. We've also got her the Disney Princess Animator dolls as I think they are beautiful and she loves playing with dolls but these are much bigger and I think they are better for her age just now. She already has Rapuzel and she has a whopping nine coming to her this year because I asked friends and family to buy them for her. I just hope she likes them.

My Christmas wishlist

I've asked for the usual jammies, slippers and perfume gifts for my Christmas. I wouldn't mind if I didn't get anything though as if there is ever anything we want, we buy it, if we can. I'm secretly hoping for a pair of Christian Louboutins and I know Husband would like a Playstation 4 but neither will be under the tree this year. We have a big family holiday to save for.

What have you asked Santa for?

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