Tuesday, 31 December 2013

365 Project Days 356 - 365

Day 356 - Wee Z with his puzzle book and a bacon and egg baguette
Day 357 - A quick break from the rain to get some fresh air
Day 358 - Making reindeer dust and wishes
Day 359 - Christmas Day dinner - Spag bol for the lady
Day 360 - New onesie from Bella and Pops
Day 361 - All dressed up for a birthday
Day 362 - Strawberries, ice cream and meringue - Yummy!
Day 363 - A little gift from Husband
Day 364 - More new PJs

I can't believe I managed a photo a day for the full year. I probably took more than one a day but there were times when I only managed the one. More of the same next year!

Happy New Year to you all!

Me & Mine - Christmas 2013

I may be rubbish at taking regular photos of the four of us together however, the one photo I do make sure I get every year is a Christmas family photo. I've been doing it every year since Wee Z was born.

This year has absolutely flown in. I remember Christmas 2012 like it happened yesterday...but don't ask me what I did yesterday as I can never remember.

This year has had so many ups and quite a few downs.

I've loved keeping track of our adventures on my blog. I've been trying to keep fit too. I gave up running at the start of the year as it was causing me too much pain in my knees and chest. I was born with heart problems and, although I was given the all clear when I was a young girl, I've started getting breathless and having chest pains so I stick to my kettlebell work outs and my hip hop abs workout as I don't have problems doing them.

Husband has been working hard this year. He started a new job in February where he works long hours but it has meant we've been able to do a lot more in terms of changing our car and going on holidays and being able to live quite comfortably. It's been hard on him but I know he'd do anything for us even if it means surviving on a few hours sleep when he works night shift.

Wee Z has been doing brilliantly in school. He's made new friends and has stuck with some of his old friends too. He does have one best friend and we've become good friends with his parents which is always a bonus when your kids make friends. He won an award at the end of Primary 1 for excellent attainment in spelling and he continues to amaze me with just how much he knows and how his brain works. He loves puzzles and working things out. Maybe he'll be an engineer like his Daddy when he grows up. Right now he says he wants to be a Lego designer.

Miss C has been doing great at nursery. She's made some new friends but she does like to play with her Gran when she goes to nursery. She's definitely ready to start school in August of 2014. It's scary to think that my baby will be 5 this coming year. She still loves her animals and would quite happily have a room filled with animals from Build a Bear. She told me recently that she wants to be a farm girl and a hairdresser. Every day I see her more as a little girl than a toddler. Her speech is improving every day too and she seems to have great comprehension skills. I think this will do her good when she starts school. She isn't academic like Wee Z is but she can count and recognise numbers and has a good awareness of quantities.

My little family makes me so proud. We're not perfect by any means but they are perfect to me. 

I hope 2014 brings us much of the same as 2013. What it will definitely bring is me, setting up my camera and taking more family photos!

dear beautiful

Monday, 30 December 2013

What We Did Last Week #Week51

Last Sunday, it was time for Bella and Pops to go home. We waved them off, sad to see them go. In the afternoon, we went to visit friends and drop off a Christmas gift. The kids had their last swimming lessons of the year and both did really well.

On Monday, we watched The Polar Express. The kids put on their onesies and we cuddled up on the couch with movie snacks. Husband finished work at 4pm and was in holiday mode, ready for his two week break.

On Tuesday, Christmas Eve, it was a horrible day. Usually we go for a Christmas Eve walk in the park but it was too wet and windy so we took the kids to soft play to tire them out. I had to work after dinner and I left the kids making reindeer dust with Daddy. I was supposed to be working until 10pm but I was able to leave early as it was quiet. When I got home, we went to bed, ready for Santa to come.

On Wednesday, Christmas Day, we had to wake the kids up at 8:30. They opened their stockings and a gift from us on our bed. After breakfast, it was time to see if Santa had been. The kids were so excited to open their presents. After visits from family, we got ready to go out for dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant. It was fantastic and we will definitely be booking again for next Christmas.

On Thursday, I was up early for the Next sale. I got a few bits but not as much as I usually do. I went back to bed once Husband was up. In the afternoon, I started to find homes for all the new toys and books and Husband took the kids in to town to pick up his new phone. Wee Z spent some of his Christmas money on an Xbox 360 game.

On Friday, I went shopping in the morning. It was a horrible day so I was pretty glad to get home. In the afternoon, we went to a friend's house to see her baby as he turned one! We had some cake and watched the kids play with his toys. We were reminded of all the noisy baby toys the kids had and we agreed that we were quite happy to be away from that stage.

On Saturday, I had to work. After work, I came home and I did the ironing whilst Husband cooked a yummy pork dinner for us all. We had roast pork, potatoes, cauliflower in cheese sauce and Yorkshire puddings. For pudding we had meringue with strawberries and ice cream. It was yummy.

On Sunday, we went to the city centre to do some shopping. Wee Z headed to the Lego shop to spend some of his Christmas money and Miss C went to Build a Bear as she had a voucher to spend from her Grandpa. Husband treated himself to a new jacket and he treated me to some J'adore perfume which I had only smelled for the first time yesterday and it smelled really lovely. We didn't get home until tea time so we ordered some Chinese take-away.

Monday, 23 December 2013

What's the Story? - The Christmas Edition

This was our photo with Santa taken last year when we were lucky enough to be invited along to our local Xscape centre to meet him. 

This Grotto was set on the snow slopes and, apart from meeting Santa and seeing a huge snowman, the best bit of the day was getting to sledge down the hill from Santa's house. It was so much fun. 

I can't believe it has been a year since this photo was taken. I can't believe it is only two sleeps until Christmas Day!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Funny Things My Kids Say #28

On Saturday, Miss C, Bella and I took a trip to a local Santa's Grotto. We were looking forward to it as we'd heard good things about the Grotto.

When we arrived, Miss C got a cup of sweets and then we headed in to the toy testing room. There were different types of toys to play with. Miss C's favourite was the electric drums.

After the toy testing room, we went in to a barn where Rudolph was waiting to talk to Miss C. He asked her her name and if she knew what his name was. It was really fun.

Then it was on to Santa's Grotto. Miss C had a shot in his sleigh before meeting the big man himself. She was a bit shy but spoke to Santa and had her photo taken. He gave her a present and wished her a Merry Christmas.

As we were leaving the Grotto, and we met Daddy and Pops, she turned around and said, "I got a present from Santa even though I've been bad!"

Sunday, 22 December 2013

What We Did Last Week #Week50

Last Sunday, Husband took the kids for a scooter ride to the shops and back. I popped over to a friend's house for a little while. In the afternoon, the kids had their penultimate swimming lesson before the holiday break. Miss C did fantastic and her swimming teacher told me that she would be ready to move up to the next stage if she keeps going the way she is. There's still 5 lessons left before the new blocks start so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the kids. I breathed a sigh of relief that we would only have to get up early for the school run for one more week. I helped out at the nursery Christmas party. The kids had a great time and enjoyed some party food and a visit and present from Santa.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon cleaning. Miss C cleaned her toys and I cleaned all the bits of the house that don't get cleaned on a regular basis - like the tops of the skirting or the curtain poles.

On Wednesday, I went to visit my friend in the morning and we had a coffee together. After picking Miss C up from nursery, we went to Tesco to get some shopping. After school, we made some chocolate truffles. My favourite Christmas treat.

On Thursday, after picking Miss C up from nursery, I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Miss C helped by playing with her toys. After school, Gran came to visit with our presents and we enjoyed a cup of tea and some of the truffles I had made.

On Friday, after picking Miss C up from nursery, we took the car to get washed, had lunch and then I got my nails done, ready for Christmas. Wee Z was going to a his friend's house for tea. Bella and Pops arrived to spend the weekend with us and Miss C was delighted to see them.

On Saturday, Wee Z had a karate day out. They were going bowling. He had lots of fun and he won! Miss C went to see Santa. She was a bit shy at first but was happy to get a present from him - a new teddy bear. We all got our hair done and then had a Chinese takeaway with Bella and Pops. 


Saturday, 21 December 2013

365 Project Days 342 - 355

Day 342 - Making Christmas crackers
Day 343 - Walking to school with her baby
Day 344 - Snacking on the go
Day 345 - Playmobil fun
Day 346 - Do you think he's comfy?
Day 347 - Enjoying a movie
Day 348 - Playing Cluedo

Day 349 - Christmas presents under the tree
Day 350 - Cuddles with Felix
Day 351 - Having fun with her toys
Day 352 - Can you spot Felix?
Day 353 - A funny Christmas card
Day 354 - Nails done for Christmas
Day 355 - Meeting Santa with Bella

The Forest #CountryKids

There is a forest near our house
Or so Miss C calls it
She thinks because there are lots of trees
It just has to be a forest

The trees are mostly bare now
The leaves line the path below
Quite soggy, not crunchy
Like in Autumn

Miss C loves to walk through the forest
Look for squirrels and birds
Not that we see any just now
It's far too cold

We took a walk through the forest this week
A bit of change from our usual school run
Miss C stopped to look around
And do a sort of forest dance

It will be nice to see the forest in Summer again
The trees thick with bright green leaves
The park bustling with the sound of children
And the squirrels running up the trees

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 20 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Gift

I love Christmas shopping but I am pretty rubbish at choosing gifts for people. I ask my Mum what she wants and then I go and buy it. What does my niece need? That's fine, I'll buy that. Where do you like to shop? That's great, I'll get you a voucher. It does make it a bit easier especially when the shops are busy but sometimes it feels a bit impersonal.

I'd love to be one of those people that walks into a shop and sees the perfect gift for the right person. Sometimes I can be. One year, Husband had been talking about this TV series he really wanted to see. This was before the beauty of Sky + and such. I found the DVD boxset on Amazon and ordered it for him. He was so surprised on Christmas day and he couldn't believe I'd been listening remembered.

One gift I do love to give is candles. Scented candles. I don't think you can go wrong with a scented candle.

This year I came across a new candle maker called Darceys. They sell soy wax melts made from pure soy wax. This means they don't contain paraffin or petroleum so they won't blacken walls or fabrics and good if you suffer from asthma or allergies. I also love them because they are made in Scotland.

Darceys have a great selection of scents. Monkey Farts is one of their most popular scents and it smells so much nicer than it sounds. Really fruity and summery. I also love the smell of Darceys Noir and Darceys No 5. Right now I'm burning Christmas Cabaret which smells gorgeous, kind of fruity and is making me feel very festive.

I bought a few gift sets to give to friends. This mini oil-burner with 4 Christmas melts only cost £6.50 which I thought was a bargain. I bought four to give as gifts to friends and my Secret Santa.

Another candle favourite of mine is those made by Karine from ThePinkFairyCake. Again, she uses soy wax for her candles and she makes them in to the most gorgeous cupcakes or kiln jars. My favourite is Baileys. They look good enough to eat. I'd bought a few boxes of her cupcakes in various "flavours" and popped them in gift bags for the teachers at school and nursery. The cupcakes cost around £3.00 each with 6 in a box, which I think is excellent.

What's your favourite gift to give at Christmas?

Our Christmas Wish Lists

I can't believe it's only 5 more sleeps until Christmas and this is really the first Christmas posts I've written. Usually I have lots of posts written for present ideas, places to go, things to do but I have been so busy since mid-November and the days have just rolled in to one big day with little sleep and no time to stop.

I started my Christmas shopping around September time. I bought for most of the family then but I didn't start shopping for the kids until the beginning of November. I'm not sure that was a good thing as I started to panic about things being sold out or not arriving on time. Next year, I'm buying a present a month!

Wee Z has asked Santa for LEGO Star Wars. He is really into his LEGO at the moment and is loving his Star Wars advent calendar. He has decided, this week, that he is going to be a LEGO mini figure designer when he is older. That is how much the boy loves his LEGO. He also asked for a Hex Bug set and some Xbox 360 games.

Miss C has asked for Playmobil. She adores her Playmobil and she too has been loving her advent calendar. She has the Pony Farm one from Playmobil and gets super excited when she gets an animals or a person. She wasn't too impressed with the blue basket she got on the 18th though. I told her this was for the horse food to go in. We've also got her the Disney Princess Animator dolls as I think they are beautiful and she loves playing with dolls but these are much bigger and I think they are better for her age just now. She already has Rapuzel and she has a whopping nine coming to her this year because I asked friends and family to buy them for her. I just hope she likes them.

My Christmas wishlist

I've asked for the usual jammies, slippers and perfume gifts for my Christmas. I wouldn't mind if I didn't get anything though as if there is ever anything we want, we buy it, if we can. I'm secretly hoping for a pair of Christian Louboutins and I know Husband would like a Playstation 4 but neither will be under the tree this year. We have a big family holiday to save for.

What have you asked Santa for?

Flashback Friday - Her First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a family of four was a stressful one. A week before the big day, Husband was made redundant. It's never a nice thing to have to go through but it was particularly hard with Christmas just around the corner. Offices and factories were winding down for their holidays. Nowhere was taking new people on.

Thankfully, I had bought everything I needed for Christmas already. We had some savings so I knew we'd be OK for a least a few months but it didn't help that I was on maternity leave until March and we only had my maternity pay and Husband's Job Seeker's Allowance to live on. Family helped out a lot that Christmas.

We kept our spirits high for the kids. Christmas is all about them in my eyes. Seeing their faces light up when they see the Christmas tree, sparkling lights and presents is amazing.

Bella and Pops came up for Christmas that year. The kids weren't up too early on Christmas morning and after having our breakfast, we went in to the living room to open our presents. Wee Z was hyper, being two, and he ran around excitedly. Santa had brought him a tool bench and a piano and lots of puzzles.

Miss C wasn't fussed by it at all. She sat with Bella and watched Wee Z throwing paper about the room and playing a tune on his piano. We sat with her to open her presents. She had a go herself but got fed up quickly. Santa had brought her the Fisher Price buggy with the soft doll to put in the buggy. She wasn't standing yet but she loved cuddling her dolly.

We had a lovely day despite the fear of the unknown. When I look back at this photo of us, I can't believe it was only 4 years ago.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Funny Things My Kids Say #27

We arranged for Santa to send Miss C a reindeer to watch over her as she hasn't quite made the nice list this year. She needs to learn to listen to us and stop being grumpy when she's asked to do things, like tidy her room.

We explained that the reindeer was only here to stay until Christmas Eve. He would keep an eye on Miss C for Santa to make sure she was behaving. On Christmas Eve, she has to leave him under the tree for Santa and if she has been good, the reindeer will tell Santa to leave her some presents.

Miss C is very fond of the reindeer called Rudolph. She carries him around and talks to him and tells him about her day.

I can't remember what we were doing but Miss C turned to me and said, "Mummy, did this reindeer come to visit because I was naughty?" 

"Yes he did" I said.

"Does the reindeer have to go back to Santa on Christmas Eve?" 

"Yes he does" I said.

"So then, he won't be here any more?"


"Well, I'm going to be naughty again next year so he comes back then!"

Major. Parenting. Fail.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Tree #TheGallery

When it comes to our Christmas Tree, I'm a bit of a tree-snob. I don't know why as I'm not particularly artsy or creative but I love making my tree look beautiful and perfect (in my eyes anyways!)

The kids love to put the baubles on and I let them help, but I do guide them on where to place a decoration and, I admit, if it doesn't look right, I'll take it off and put it where I think it looks good.

I don't put tinsel in my tree either. I'm not a tinsel fan. I prefer glittery baubles, snowflakes, stars and acorns. I alternate between gold and red and gold and brown. Next year I might go for silver.

We put our tree up two weeks ago. As soon as it was up, it was my cue to get the presents for everyone out of the loft and under the tree. This way, I can get them sorted and handed out.

I'm pleased with how the tree turned out. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit as soon as it goes up. Mind you, I can't wait until I can take it down again and get my living room back in order.

The Carrot Cake Catastrophe - Book Review

Miss C loves animal picture books so she was very excited to receive The Carrot Cake Catastrophe from Parragon Books to review. This book is written by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Gemma Raynor.

This is a story about a rabbit called Jenny, who wants to make a special cake for her Mummy's birthday. Of course, a rabbit just has to have a carrot cake. Jenny and her Grandad prepare all the ingredients to make a carrot cake for Mummy but Grandad can't see very well when he keeps his reading glasses on so he confuses butter with soap and sugar with salt. The carrot cake doesn't turn out quite as expected!

This is a lovely story book and it is beautifully illustrated. It's an easy read and a great first reader book. Miss C loved all the pictures and saying, "that's not right!" when Grandad picked up the wrong thing to put in the cake.

I loved that the book includes the carrot cake recipe at the back and Miss C and I can't wait to try it and taste a proper carrot cake. We love to eat carrot cake in our house.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps - Book Review

The creator of Father Christmas Needs a Wee, Nicholas Allan, has brought Father Christmas back in his new book Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps and we received it to review. It is published by Red Fox in paperback.

This is such a funny and silly story that will have children giggling and laughing out loud. It even had me laughing. I also recommended it to Pops and Bella as it's the sort of story they would enjoy too.

Father Christmas is getting ready to deliver Christmas presents to all the boys and girls on Christmas Eve. Before he sets off, he needs to have his Christmas dinner. He loves to eat sprouts and has a few too many helpings of them.

As he prepares to board his sleigh, he feels a grumble in his tummy and he knows he needs to break wind. The Elves plead with him to hold his trump in as if he lets it out, he'll wake all the boys and girls.

This book is really fun to read and Wee Z loved reading it himself. It's a bit different from your traditional Christmas tale but one that everyone will laugh at.

We received Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 16 December 2013

What's the Story? #15

This is another photo from my days living in Spain. I think I must be about 4 or 5 in this photo. I'm sure it was taken outside my Mum and Dad's shop but I could be wrong. 

What I do remember of living in Spain is helping in my Mum and Dad's shop. I used to love putting the groceries on the conveyor belt, pricing them and packing them up. I didn't get to do it often, especially if the shop was busy, but I can clearly remember sitting with my Dad one night, helping him out. I can also remember the deli at the back of the shop and all the fresh meats. 

Another thing I remember from Spain was going to school there and being surrounded by Spanish children and not really knowing what they were saying. They had no idea what I was saying either. This did help me when it came to moving to Mexico about 4 years later as speaking Spanish just came naturally to me then.

I had two nasty accidents, that I can recall of, in Spain. Actually, I just remembered a third. I don't know in what order they happened but there was a badly cut foot from stepping on a piece of broken glass (and I still have a scar), a black eye and a sore nose from falling out of my bunk bed on to the tiled floor and a split head from swinging on my chair on a marble floor. 

I also remember being able to swim in the pool every day. I remember the sun and running around pretty much in the buff all the time. Not something I do these days, even if I did live abroad.

My Girl as a Snowflake #MagicMoments

Last Friday, Husband and I went to Miss C's nursery to watch her Christmas show. We already knew that Miss C was a snowflake in the show as she had told us, although at one point we also thought she was going to be an angel...I think she may have failed her audition for that part though!

I got in early and managed to get two seats for us near the front. I spotted Miss C and waved so she knew we were there. She looked so cute with her little costume on. She was sitting near her Gran so I knew she'd be on her best behaviour.

The show was lovely to watch. All the children did really well however, there was the odd nose picker and yawner which was pretty funny.

Miss C and five other snowflakes had their own little song to perform to. They came up on to the stage and Miss C was great. She did her turn perfectly and was so graceful when she had to blow her fellow snowflakes away. She remembered all her actions and words too. We were super impressed.

After the show, we went back to the nursery room and we were able to take a picture of Miss C in her costume. It was then I realised that her show would be the last nursery show I'd ever watch and that made me a bit sad.

It also made me happy because it means I have school nativities to look forward to with my little girl in.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

What We Did Last Week #Week49

Last Sunday, Husband let me have a lie in. I didn't lie for very long though as I had to get up and ready for my Dad coming to visit. The kids were excited to see their Grandpa and enjoyed showing him their bedrooms and toys. We went to swimming lessons once my Dad left and Wee Z was showing off his breaststroke again. Miss C did really well practising her swimming on her back.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery and to work for me. When I got home, Miss C and I played in the living room with her Playmobil toys. After school, Wee Z coloured in flame picture that had to be used in the school nativity.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I galloped to pick up Wee Z. She loves galloping just now and it's about the only way to get her to move quickly since she is such a slow walker. Wee Z and I practised his spellings. He told me he had been doing a test on his own with his assessment teacher and that he did manage to spell and read some very hard words but he did get some wrong too. I think the tests they do with him are to see how far he can go so they can try and work out his learning age.

On Wednesday, Miss C and I played with her Disney princess figures. Wee Z had his first performance of his school nativity and he said it went well. I missed it because I was working but thankfully they put on two shows so I can still get to see him.

On Thursday, it was my day off work and Husband and I were going to watch the school nativity. Wee Z was an inn keeper and looked great in his costume. All the kids were fantastic and we really enjoyed the show. At the end there was a raffle and we won a bottle of wine! We picked Miss C up from nursery and headed in to town to get some shopping and lunch. In the evening, I took the kids to karate and they both did great.

On Friday, it was Miss C's turn to perform in her Christmas show. The kids were so cute in their costumes. Miss C was a snowflake and she did so well remembering her actions and words. After the show, we went shopping and then I spent the afternoon cooking. Wee Z had his Elite Squad Karate class so Miss C and I cuddled up on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse. 

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning. When I got home, Wee Z asked if we could play Cluedo. Husband and Miss C played as a team. Wee Z did really well, thinking logically and working out that he'd have to ask about the suspects or weapons he hadn't yet crossed off his list. It was me that messed up in the game but I still managed to win.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Scooter Rides and Walks with Felix #CountryKids

Thankfully the rain has held off this week
It means we can walk to school and nursery
By school pick up time Miss C is feeling tired
And she has to bring something to keep her going

She almost brought Felix the cat
But we sent him home
The school run is no place for a cat

One day Miss C brought her Baby Born
Who is called Baby Annabel...
They both looked snug in their raincoats
And we enjoyed seeing some sunshine

There was a scooter ride on Thursday and Friday
Miss C hasn't been on her scooter in ages
She is so fast now
Which is good for me as I don't like to walk too slow

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 13 December 2013

Cooking with Kids with Great British Chefs

I love cooking and baking, especially if I can get the kids involved. Wee Z likes to help where sweet things are concerned but Miss C loves helping with any aspect of preparing a meal. Even if it's just whisking the eggs for scrambled eggs or putting chopped banana in a bowl, she loves helping with food.

Great British Chefs is website that provides food lovers, like me, with over 1500 recipes and cooking tips from some of the countries best chefs. One of my favourites is on there, Paul Ainsworth, who I loved watching on Great British Menu as well as Marcus Wareing, another Great British Menu and Masterchef favourite of mine.

Great British Chefs have recently launched a new Cooking with Kids app in association with Tesco. The app contains 105 easy-to-follow recipes which have all been designed with children in mind. The app also contains 25 "how-to" videos which show viewers how to beat eggs or how to crumb butter and flour.

We were asked to try one of their kids' recipes and we decided to go with American Pancakes. We love pancakes in our house. I use a scotch pancake recipe, which is very similar to the American Pancake recipe however, I use self raising flour instead of plain flour and some baking powder.

The recipe was easy to follow and spread out over 6 steps. Miss C helped me measure out the ingredients, crack the eggs (her favourite part!) and also helped whisk the batter to get it lovely and smooth. A quick fry in a frying pan (or crepe pan if you have one!) and they were ready.

The pancakes tasted lovely, if a bit sweeter than the ones I normally make but this recipe calls for more sugar than my own and also calls for vanilla extract. The American Pancakes are definitely more of a dessert pancake, to be topped with maple syrup and pecan nuts.

My two decided they wanted to top theirs off with golden syrup and bananas. Delicious! I had mine with some bacon. Yummy!

Featured post.

The Night Before Christmas - Book Review

I love the story The Night Before Christmas. The first time I read it though, it was in a Comic Relief book and it was a funny version instead of the classic tale written by Clement C. Moore.

Parragon Books have released a lovely picture book of The Night Before Christmas. It is illustrated by Henry Fisher and brings to life the traditional tale. It's a perfect book for children to read with their parents. Children will find a new Christmas story to love and parents will enjoy reading a tale from their childhood that they once shared with their own parents.

If you don't know the story of The Night Before Christmas, it's about a Daddy who hears a sound outside and notices Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky. He hears them land on the roof of his house and spies Santa leaving presents and eating cookies. The story is written as a poem with some old English words such as Twas and referring to Santa as St Nicholas. 

The book is beautifully illustrated and quite fun too. I love Santa; he's so cheerful and a bit cheeky too. Miss C loved the reindeer however she did ask where Rudolph was.

This is the perfect book for a Christmas Eve story!

We received The Night Before Christmas for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Flashback Friday - Her First Dress

When we found out we were having a girl, I was so excited to start buying lots of pink clothes. Top of my list were dresses. I couldn't wait to dress our little girl in pretty summer dresses.

This is a photo of Miss C in her first dress. It's a Disney dress, possibly a Piglet from Winnie the Pooh number, and she looked so cute in it. I think it was a tiny baby size too and it was still hanging off her.

These days Miss C doesn't really want to wear dresses unless she's going to a party and she's very particular about her dresses. I chose a beautiful salmon coloured dress from Next for her last week to wear at Christmas and she decided to go with the French inspired stripy top with red skirt attached and covered in poodles one.

I do miss those days when I could dress her just as I liked.

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