Friday, 3 January 2014

Flashback Friday - Christmas Day 2013

It's been over a week now since Christmas Day and yet, I'm still exhausted from the celebrations. We spent Christmas at home, just the four of us, and we had a brilliant day.

Christmas morning, we checked the clock and it was 8:30. We were really surprised the kids were still sleeping as they were hyper when they went to bed. Husband found a ring tone on his phone that sounded like Santa's sleigh bells ringing, and played it until the kids woke up. We keep their stockings in the hall, hanging from the banister and we put a gift from us underneath them. The kids came out of their own rooms and met at the stockings and whispered, "Our stockings are full! Santa must have been!"

They came into our room and sat on our bed to open their stockings and present. Wee Z got Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Xbox 360 game and Miss C got a singing Olaf from Frozen.

After breakfast, we opened the living room door to see if Santa had been, which he had. The kids were really excited to open their presents. Wee Z likes to open a present and have a good look whilst Miss C likes to open all the presents and then choose which one she likes the look of to play with.

Wee Z got quite a few Lego Star Wars sets, books, DVDs, Xbox 360 games and his favourite mosaics picture by numbers. He also got clothes, painting stuff and sweets. Miss C was delighted with her Playmobil sets and loved her Sylvanian Families furniture sets for her house. She also got a whopping 9 Disney Animator dolls which she had lined up to admire.

Husband's family came over with more presents for the kids and us after lunch. We had some buffet finger food to eat as we were saving room for our Christmas dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant. Wee Z sneaked his Uncle up to his room where they played Harry Potter Lego on the Xbox.

We went for dinner at 4pm. I drove so Husband could have a drink. The restaurant was really busy but we weren't rushed at all. The food was amazing. I had lobster ravioli which was delicious and Husband had turkey with all the trimmings. The restaurant were very accommodating of the kids and made them pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. We left the restaurant almost two hours later, ready to slip into a food coma.

When we got home, we watched a film together and then had an early night. I was so ready for my bed. We all were. Miss C was excited to wear her new PJs. It was the perfect Christmas Day especially since I didn't have to do any cooking or washing up afterwards.

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